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I've recently discovered that my swanky new smartphone comes with unexpected drawbacks. It's making me lazier than ever before! (Which, I know, no one thought possible.) But when I can read fanfiction, browse Facebook, watch Youtube, and more videos in bed... well, what motivation do I have for ever getting out of bed? This phone has made me late for work more than once, so I'm trying to learn some self-control.

I woke up early enough to go bike-riding today (which I haven't done in too long) but it was too darn cold! Ugh! So, instead, I'm posting my notes on this week's new NCIS! I couldn't find one thing not to like about this one! It was such a nice change to have an episode focused on Ducky and Palmer.

God loves Ducky and 10x16 "Detour" )

It's hard to believe that tomorrow, we'll already be in March! Especially when we're hoping to move at the end of April! Yikes.
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Things at work that are pissing Rebecca off...

Last week, we got a shipment of chocolates and live roses to sell for Valentine's Day. The chocolates sold quickly enough, but the overpriced rose bouquets didn't really move. And guess what? As of today, the roses are still sitting on the counter! My manager marked them down and is hoping someone will buy them, even though they're all drooping, dying, and more black than red. Oh, well. I don't mind this quite so much because I enjoy the smell of dying roses. (Is that weird? Yeah, probably.)

The higher-ups are making us hold a meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming possible changes. (Call Rebecca cynical, but she's convinced that nothing will actually change.) I didn't mind... until they announced when it would be held: this Sunday evening, during the Oscars!!! I just about socked my manager when he announced that. I look forward to the Oscars every year! Ugh! But I'm hoping I'll still get to see most/some of the show and pre-shows.

We've always had an assortment of good, bad, and random movies in our breakroom. Lately the one that always seems to be on is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I just want to put a brick through the TV every time I walk back there and find it on. There are no words for how much I've come to hate that movie. An hour and a half of nothing but Steve Martin looking annoyed! Just awful. I actually visited its IMDb, expecting it to be full of fellow haters, but apparently and inexplicably, it's a fairly well-liked movie. UGH. I just don't understand the appeal of it. Or of Vance-centric NCIS episodes. Which brings me to...

Notes on 10x15 "Hereafter" )

In other NCIS news, I think my latest fanfiction turned out well.
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During last night's new NCIS, I crocheted on my plarn while watching it and compiled my notes today. As much as I love the big dramatic arcs, I also love the simpler case-of-the-week episodes like last night's. And my second plarn mat is coming along so much faster than my first one!

Notes on 10x14 "Canary" )

I literally just volunteered to be a pinch-hit writer over at [ profile] purimgifts. I don't know how I missed signing up for this, as I think it's an exchange I would've enjoyed. Oh, well, maybe next year. I hope I get an assignment to do a pinch-hit!

Currently looking at: Still Life with Apples and Pitcher, an 1872 oil-painting by Camille Pissarro.
Currently thinking about: What to do with Briana this weekend. There are four different Mardi Gras parades around town this weekend! Surely she would want to go to one, right?
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I tried something a little different with my NCIS notes this week. Usually, I scribble them furiously while watching the episode on TV, but last night, I just sat back and really watched the episode. Tonight I watched it again online and wrote my notes. I might start doing this all the time.

Anyway, onto my notes for the new episode. Abby-centric stuff isn't really my thing, but I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would.

10x13 "Hit and Run," the young Abby episode )
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The mall is not my favorite place to go, but by tomorrow, I'll have been there three times in four days. I went back there this morning to get service transferred onto my new phone. My old one had gotten into the habit of dying inexplicably in the middle of calls -- so frustrating -- so I switched over to a new (to me) iPhone! I'm still as poor as ever, but I was lucky to get this one used for free from a friend.

It's a first-generation iPhone, which was released in 2007, and the guys at the AT&T reacted like they were looking at a dinosaur, but it so by far the swankiest piece of technology I've ever owned. I'm still getting used to just how much features it has (a full Internet browser, weather forecasts, maps, and more) and it's kinda intimidating having so much information right at my fingertips. I hope I don't become too dependent on it.

And now, onto tonight's new NCIS! It was a great episode, but my notes run a little short this week because I need to go to bed!

10x12 "Shiva" )

Hard to believe Season 10 is already halfway over!
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I haven't posted in a while because I've been kinda busy. Lately I feel like my phone has been exploding with calls and texts, mostly from the Jews, and mostly asking me for favors. Can I help Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1 practice his lines for his latest play? Can I bring/make something for the dinner after services this Friday? Can I baby-sit again? Can I spend the night at the hospital with a sick lady from my congregation? Holy Moses! I'm tempted to smash my phone if it goes off one more time, and considering how many problems it's been giving me lately, that wouldn't be a huge loss. I need a new one, but I'd rather gouge my eyes out than sign another contract with AT&T.

Like a fool, I said yes to more of those questions than I should have, which is why I spent last night on a reclining chair in the hospital. First of all, I hate hospitals. They're very uncomfortable places for me; they make me think of Dad and Grandma and shots. Secondly, the lady I was staying with was very elderly, confused, and uncomfortable, so it was a pretty stressful night for both of us, and I wasn't able to get a lot of sleep before I had to go to work this morning. Ugh! I also bumped into my mom, which was weird. I was half-awake and had a conversation with her around 3am that I don't really remember now.

I honestly don't understand why they asked me to stay with this lady. (Actually, I do; it was because Sassy Jewish Grandparents #1 volunteered me for it. I'll take care of them later.) I barely even know her, and I'm not the most patient person. I guess it's the same question that got me roped in teaching Hebrew school -- "If not the least qualified person for the job, then who?" Oh, well, I know I shouldn't complain. It's over for me now, but the sick lady is still stuck in the hospital and could be for some time.

I missed seeing yesterday's new NCIS live since I was at the hospital, but I watched it online tonight. What a packed episode!

Notes on 10x11 "Shabbat Shalom," the first NCIS of 2013! )

I'm going to cry tears of joy over getting to sleep in my own bed tonight.
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I made my once-a-year trek into Target yesterday (okay, I'm exaggerating - but not much) and hallelujah, I'm finally done with my Christmas shopping! My only reservation is that my gift for Mom seems kinda... cheap, but she's never been an easy person to buy for. Adam and Sara at least don't ask for the same stuff for nearly every birthday and Christmas. I was so tired when I got home that I conked out and slept right through yesterday's new NCIS episode. The weird thing is, I dremt that I got up and went into the living room to watch it (I have a lot of very literal dreams - they get annoying) and what was happening on the show happened to be the fanfic I'm currently writing.

Today Sara and I went out to lunch with Mom and got a little cup of the trail mix Athena went crazy for. Her family is going up to Little Rock this weekend to visit her, and I was planning to send it with them as her Christmas present. Then, lo and behold, I discovered that they're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning! So I will be getting out of bed very early to drop it off with them before they leave. Ugh! Athena so owes me for this.

Tonight I spent the evening at Mom's house, making bacon & eggs, wrapping my Christmas gifts, and watching Star Trek. We saw the episode The Most Toys, and it was darn good. I kept shouting things at the TV: "You messed with the wrong sentient android, buster!" "Data is not an it!" "Go, Data! Kick his ass!" I've tried watching episodes online, but I can't really watch it by myself because 1) I don't have anyone to explain it to me, and 2) I don't have anyone to make comments like, "Is Data the sweet invention of a scientist's dream? Or is he really as sentient as he seems?" And now, onto my NCIS notes.

Notes on 10x10 "You Better Watch Out" )

Six days more
Another day, another destiny
This never-ending road to the movie
This film will surely be sublime, I'll go and see it fifty times
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Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted a free pizza party at Mr. Gatti's yesterday evening, and y'all know I can't say no to free food, so I took Briana. We actually both had a fun time. We each got a free buffet and drinks; I ate all the pizza, dessert pizza, breadsticks, mac and cheese, and cucumber slices I could hold, and I tried a new kind of pizza with barbecue sauce, chicken, and onions (it was yummy).

BBBS was also giving all the kids five dollars worth of tokens to play in Gatti-Land. I thought Briana might not want to do it, because she's older than a lot of kids in the program, but she said, "You're never too old for Gatti-Land!" so we went there after we stuffed ourselves. We played basketball and a few other games with another really nice Big & Little Sister; the girl to Briana's school, and she and her sister had been matched together for four years -- wow. Briana won way more tickets than I ever did and spent them on candy and a heart-shaped tube of glittery lip-gloss.

So I missed seeing yesterday's new NCIS episode "live," but I stayed too late and watched it online as soon as I got home from Gatti's. My notes run a little long because I honestly don't think I could find one thing to dislike about this episode! It was priceless!

A list of things to love about 10x09 "The Devil's Trifecta" )

Happy 5th night of Hanukkah! Sara has been trying to direct my present-opening so that I get open one present a night. So far I've gotten new ponytail-holders and new lights for my bike (both things I needed) and a CD of Hanukkah songs!

P.S. I think I finally finished the mat of plarn I've been crocheting! Which is hard to believe after working on it for six months. I do most of my crocheting while watching movies/TV, and Sara just said: "God forbid you sit here for one minute without eating or plarning or eating your plarn or plarning your food!" Ha!
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Is there anything harder than getting out of bed on a cold, wet morning when you have a soft, warm cat curled up right next to you? No, there isn't. I was so tempted to call in with a "Tovah is too cute and the weather is too bad to come to work" day!

And now, my review for tonight's new NCIS episode:

Notes on 10x08 "Gone" )

In other news, I might not celebrate Christmas anymore, but I still love certain Christmas movies. The original 1947 Miracle on 34th Street has always been one of my favorites, and tomorrow, Sara and I are going to see it in the movie theater! "You were right, Mommy! Mr. Kringle is Santa Claus!"

9 DAYS LEFT until Rebecca has to be the lay leader! Oh noes!
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Sara and I spent yesterday afternoon at Mom's house, playing video games and eating Thanksgiving dinner. She had so much food -- turkey, rice dressing, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, apple pie, cheesecake, and cookie cake! I ate too much, and after a meal like that, I really didn't want to go into work that evening. We were there a little late setting up for Black Friday. I have to be there dark and early tomorrow morning -- ugh!

They're a bit late, but below are my notes on this week's new NCIS. Rebecca wasn't thrilled.

Notes on 10x07 "Shell Shock: Part 2" )

Instead of the expected turkey or cornucopia, Mom had fall leaves put on the cookie cake. Someone got to it before I could photograph it, so here's wishing y'all a happy 'ksgiving! I am off to enjoy the evening with CJ & Company.

On the art calendar, I'm looking at Still Life with Ginger Jar and Eggplants, an 1894 oil painting by Paul Cezanne.
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Well, that was a disappointment. I had so been looking forward to tonight's new NCIS (we didn't get one last week, because of the election) but man, this episode really pushed all of my dislike buttons.

An angry review of 10x06 "Shell Shock: Part 1" )

In other news, there's very little to report on the real-life front, except that the weather has suddenly turned very cold (blegh!), and I have less than a month left before my turn to be the lay leader at services! Holy Moses, what a scary thought! I need to really knuckle down.
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I somehow managed to catch a cold over the weekend, so for the last few days, I've been sick and sniffling. Yesterday I blew my nose so hard, I saw actually stars. So I've been trying to drink and sleep more to get over it. I also bought some cold medicine and (finally) got my asthma medication refilled. A cold front blew in on Friday night -- I remember because I was shivering in the Chinese restaurant parking lot -- so I've also been wheezing more lately. Ugh! I hate being sick, and I'm SO not ready for cold weather yet. But at least I seem to be feeling better today than I did yesterday.

On Monday morning, I had to wake up early to drive to the animal shelter (which is waaay out in the middle of nowhere!) with the stray cat who showed up at our apartment. I'm praying that she gets adopted into a good home, because I really cannot stand the thought of her being euthanized. She was so calm and sweet.

Fortunately, today I got a little pick-me-up -- a new episode of NCIS featuring everybody's favorite father, Jackson Gibbs!

Notes on episode 10x05 "The Namesake" )
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How much I love new NCIS episodes is how much I imagine Tovah hates them. Because whenever I watch one, I sit in the rocking chair in front of the TV. We usually sit on the couch when watching TV, and NCIS is pretty much the only time I sit in that chair, which Tovah has claimed as her own. Tonight, as soon as the episode was over and I got up, she immediately hopped in the chair, laid down, and glared at me. Aww.

Anyway, my notes are below. Borin's episodes are always fun!

Notes on 10x04 "Lost at Sea" )

Currently smelling: My lovely new pumpkin-scented candle.
Currently thinking about: What to do with "Briana" this weekend.
Currently reading: The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead, by Paul Elwork.
Currently looking at: Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, an 1887 oil painting.
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Rebecca was involved in a head-on collision on her bike today. En route to the library, I went a bit too fast around a turn where the sidewalk was bordered by high hedges, so I couldn't see what was coming. Well, it turned out to be a guy on his speeder. We both had our headphones in and couldn't even hear each other. I saw him a few seconds before he saw me, but I still had no time to turn or brake. He fell over into the hedges, but we were both okay.

The fall weather here has been so nice and cool. I biked home from the library with a good new read in my basket, cooked myself some green bean casserole for dinner, and sat down in Tovah's chair to watch a new NCIS. Last week's Recovery left a bad taste in my mouth, but tonight's episode was darn good!

Rebecca loves Ducky and 10x03 "Phoenix!" )
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Sara and I had a little early birthday celebration for me yesterday. The weather was perfect, and we were both off and able to sleep in -- hallelujah! She treated me to burritos for lunch, and I baked brownies. We packed it all up, drove to the temple, and ate outside in the courtyard, underneath the beautiful sukkah! Sara also gave me a beautiful silver mezuzah as a birthday present.

At my birthday lunch under the sukkah -- fun times!

From there, we walked (yes, walked! but it wasn't far and the weather was so nice and cool) to the downtown art gallery. There was an exhibition there by Bennett Sewell, who makes incredible sculptures of animals (mostly dogs) out of regular household items, like a space heater, utensils, light bulbs, etc. It was a very cool show and a very great day.

And tonight, there were two more things to be excited about: Liam Neeson on Inside the Actors Studio (the first decent guest they'd had in some time) and a new NCIS! I wasn't loving this one, though.

A mostly unhappy recap of 10x02 "Recovery" )
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Well, yesterday was the day we'd all been waiting for! It was both the Season 10 premiere of NCIS, and the beginning of Yom Kippur! Evening services began one hour after the premiere did, so I was able to watch about the first forty minutes of it live before I had to run. The episode was very solid, and I can't describe how excited I was finally sitting down to watch it after waiting for so long. And I can't describe how powerful and moving it felt, right after, to see the Torah scrolls removed from the ark (our temple has two, which, together with Rabbi Z, represented a beit din) and hear the words of the Kol Nidre and the blast of the shoffar.

I did make a sincere effort to fast today, but I got very dizzy and faint in the afternoon, so I caved and ate a PB&J. Our congregational break-the-fast dinner after concluding services was SO delicious, and I ate till I thought I would burst! Strange how quickly you can go from feeling starved to stuffed.

And now, my notes on the Season 10 premiere. I usually don't like Glasberg's episodes, but this one pleasantly surprised me. It was a great way to kick off the new season!

The wait is over! Notes for 10x01 "Extreme Prejudice" )

Cheers to Season 10!


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