Feb. 21st, 2013

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Things at work that are pissing Rebecca off...

Last week, we got a shipment of chocolates and live roses to sell for Valentine's Day. The chocolates sold quickly enough, but the overpriced rose bouquets didn't really move. And guess what? As of today, the roses are still sitting on the counter! My manager marked them down and is hoping someone will buy them, even though they're all drooping, dying, and more black than red. Oh, well. I don't mind this quite so much because I enjoy the smell of dying roses. (Is that weird? Yeah, probably.)

The higher-ups are making us hold a meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming possible changes. (Call Rebecca cynical, but she's convinced that nothing will actually change.) I didn't mind... until they announced when it would be held: this Sunday evening, during the Oscars!!! I just about socked my manager when he announced that. I look forward to the Oscars every year! Ugh! But I'm hoping I'll still get to see most/some of the show and pre-shows.

We've always had an assortment of good, bad, and random movies in our breakroom. Lately the one that always seems to be on is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I just want to put a brick through the TV every time I walk back there and find it on. There are no words for how much I've come to hate that movie. An hour and a half of nothing but Steve Martin looking annoyed! Just awful. I actually visited its IMDb, expecting it to be full of fellow haters, but apparently and inexplicably, it's a fairly well-liked movie. UGH. I just don't understand the appeal of it. Or of Vance-centric NCIS episodes. Which brings me to...

Notes on 10x15 "Hereafter" )

In other NCIS news, I think my latest fanfiction turned out well.


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