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Things at work that are pissing Rebecca off...

Last week, we got a shipment of chocolates and live roses to sell for Valentine's Day. The chocolates sold quickly enough, but the overpriced rose bouquets didn't really move. And guess what? As of today, the roses are still sitting on the counter! My manager marked them down and is hoping someone will buy them, even though they're all drooping, dying, and more black than red. Oh, well. I don't mind this quite so much because I enjoy the smell of dying roses. (Is that weird? Yeah, probably.)

The higher-ups are making us hold a meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming possible changes. (Call Rebecca cynical, but she's convinced that nothing will actually change.) I didn't mind... until they announced when it would be held: this Sunday evening, during the Oscars!!! I just about socked my manager when he announced that. I look forward to the Oscars every year! Ugh! But I'm hoping I'll still get to see most/some of the show and pre-shows.

We've always had an assortment of good, bad, and random movies in our breakroom. Lately the one that always seems to be on is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I just want to put a brick through the TV every time I walk back there and find it on. There are no words for how much I've come to hate that movie. An hour and a half of nothing but Steve Martin looking annoyed! Just awful. I actually visited its IMDb, expecting it to be full of fellow haters, but apparently and inexplicably, it's a fairly well-liked movie. UGH. I just don't understand the appeal of it. Or of Vance-centric NCIS episodes. Which brings me to...

Notes on 10x15 "Hereafter" )

In other NCIS news, I think my latest fanfiction turned out well.
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I had to wake up at 3:30 this morning to open for Black Friday. And instead of taking a nap when I got home, I've been putting up our tree. Something always seems to go wrong when I do this (see here). This year, it needs new lights.

Today, November 23, I would've had Sable for 16 years. (This day last year is back here.) I can't believe he's been gone for eight months already. I still really miss that dog. I have one of my favorite photos of him on the refrigerator, and with words from Sara's magnetic poetry set, I wrote on it, "Take warmth, feel better." That is my prayer for Sable -- that wherever he is now, he is warm. He is better. He is not old and feeble and hobbling to get around, but young and strong and practically leaping over the back fence again.

Off to Shabbat services at the temple now.
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I haven't blogged in a while because I've been so busy working. We did inventory over the weekend, and the only good thing I can say about that is we all got free pizza and cookies. I had to close on Saturday night and come in early on Sunday morning to do recounts behind the inventory crew. Ugh! I even climbed up into topstock, which I'd never done before. It was kinda cool and scary (topstock is high and the ladder is wobbly) but man, were my legs sore afterward!

In my spare time, I've been writing fanfiction and doing a little genealogy research. I finally added Grandma's death date to my family trees for her and Grandpa Charlie's families -- which was very depressing. I also added some relatives to Find a Grave and updated pages for some who were already on the site.

It's been pouring down rain here this week. We had such a heavy thunderstorm a few days ago that our power went out for a little while, and the thunder claps were perfectly timed on Friday evening, when we were reading a line from our siddur at services, "At Mount Sinai, amid peals of thunder..." Sassy Jewish Grandfather #2 was the lay leader and I was so proud of him. One lady in our congregation brought latkes for all of us to eat afterwards, and we ran out to our cars in groups huddled under shared umbrellas. I love lying in my bed with Tovah, listening to her purr and the rain fall. It's the coziest feeling in the world.

In other news, I finally did something I've been thinking about (As an aside, why does Rebecca have to think about things for ages before she does them? Is anyone else like this?) and applied with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I will post more about that later, since it deserves its own post. I'm going to meet my new little sister ... tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll admit, I'm kinda nervous about it; I figure it will be bumpy at first, then rewarding, kinda like teaching Sunday School was.

P.S. CBS just released the premiere date for Season 10 of NCIS! I had expected it to be September 18, based on previous premiere dates, but it's actually going to be September 25. So, let the countdown begin: 76 DAYS UNTIL SEASON 10 OF NCIS!
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Excuse Rebecca while she gets some grumpiness off her chest. This is a list of things I'm sick of lately:

  1. TV spots for Savages. They show them pretty constantly on USA (where I watch old NCIS episodes) and A&E (where I watch Storage Wars).
  2. We're scheduled for inventory, which is always a headache, at work tomorrow. My managers have all been talking and stressing about it non-stop. I hate the word inventory now. But not as much as I'll soon hate back-to-school. Ugh.
  3. The smoke smell in one of my purses. I got it from my cousin. Most of the time, it's not noticeable unless you shove your face inside it. But I keep making the mistake of putting a change of clothes in it, and then my clothes end up smelling like smoke! Ugh! I'm going to flush that smell out soon.
  4. Our new stocker at work. He seems to find any excuse he can to talk to me. Within a few seconds of meeting me, he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. (Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter? No? How about the new Spider-Man movie?) Ugh. If this keeps up, I'm going to talk to the manager about it.

And now onto happier news... As of tomorrow, we'll have had Tovah for one month! One of the reasons Sara and I picked her from all the cats at the animal shelter was that she's so skinny. (The last time I was at JC & Co's, I held their cats and the difference was amazing. I couldn't feel all their bones!) We've been trying to fatten her up and have offered her bits of just about every human food we eat -- pizza, cheese, ravioli, oatmeal, fish, beef, etc. But she never really ate any of it, she just sniffed. Remember how in the Ramona books, her cat was named Picky-Picky? Yeah, that's Tovah.

Then we made the mistake of giving her a slice of turkey. I've never seen Tovah gobble up anything so fast. Now she comes running every time she hears the refrigerator open (even if she's asleep in the next room!) and meows pathetically, like she's never been fed a day in her life. It's annoying, but we've started putting bits of turkey on top of her cat food, and she finally seems to be eating more and gaining a little weight. Hallelujah!

And for no reason, here's the trailer for a recent (2010) French biopic of Serge Gainsbourg. If I could find a version with English subtitles, I'd love to see this.

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Hallelujah, Rebecca survived Black Friday weekend! Friday and Saturday were both looong, hectic days, one of my coworkers quit, we didn't get pizza for lunch (like I thought we would), I forgot to buy the one sale item I'd wanted, the weather was wet and cold, and Sable pissed on the floor! Ugh!

To unwind from it all, I've been writing fanfiction and even broke out my old keyboard again. (I haven't done that in a while.) I had wanted to learn the T'Filah, a line we sing at services, but I couldn't find any music for it, so I tried to piece it together by ear. The Hebrew is complicated, but the melody is so pretty, and it's only one line, so I think I came up with something semi-recognizeable.

Today I did my laundry, and I just got home from visiting Grandma, which I've haven't done since she got out of the hospital. (And I didn't even see her on Thanksgiving. I know, I'm a terrible granddaughter.) She's lost weight and isn't doing too well. It was more than a little depressing to see. In some ways, my fifteen-year-old dog is in better health than she is. Sable can at least move around and usually get up and down the stairs by himself. Grandma can't even stand up without help.

My aunt: [about my cousin losing her job] "Well, they say when God closes a door, He opens a window." [Bitchy sarcastic aside: Thank you, Fraulein Maria.]
Me: "Yeah, so we can have something to jump out of."
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What a Monday it's been. I woke up at six this morning with a terrible asthma attack. My albuterol inhaler recently got lost ran out, and I had ordered a refill, but by the time I got to the pharmacy yesterday, it was closed. So, I had nothing. Worst of all, I had one of the God-awful Christmas songs they play at work stuck in my head! So I put on my Sound of Music CD and read Davita's Harp until I dozed off again two painfully wheezy hours later. (I'm still amazed I was actually able to go back to sleep at all, considering how bad my breathing was.)

Then I had to get back up at nine to get ready for work. At least I wasn't wheezing anymore when I woke up. One of my co-workers was sick -- although she actually came in and tried to work before she almost puked, which I admire -- so we were short-handed, and the insanity hasn't slowed down since Black Friday. We were so busy that it took me forever just to get to my locker and root around for 86 cents to buy a Snickers bar (I had forgotten to pack a snack to eat). Since I had no inhaler, I took a full dose of asthma medication last night, which gave me a headache for most of the afternoon.

When that was finally over, I went to the pharmacy and picked my inhaler, which fortunately was only $30. One of my medications is $30 and one is $80, but I can never remember which is which. Then I went by the Dollar Store and spent my last bit of cash on Draino, Cheeto's, and one can of French-fried onions to eat raw make more green bean casserole with. (It was my last bit of cash because I forgot my paycheck to take to the bank!) For some reason, it didn't turn out as well as the ones I made for Thanksgiving, and even though I meant to make it go for two meals, I just finished eating the whole thing. Oh, well.

And did I mention that we didn't see the sun once all day today? Nothing but depressingly gray, overcast skies. Bleh!

But, two little pick-me-ups that made a bad day so much better. Weird how messages like this sometimes come just when we need them.

  • E-mail from Mr. G: "In Boston right now and it's so cold! Hope I get to c u Friday, been too long."
  • Text message from Athena: "I miss u! Hope we can get together next time I'm in town, I'll b home soon.
P.S. Oh, and one more pick-me-up for the day: NCIS's Cote de Pablo on the cover of Prevention:

 HOT DAMN! Isn't she gorgeous? I'm drooling.

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This question popped up in the Games section of my child actress message board: “What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home?” For me, it's Voormezele, Belgium, the little town where George Llewelyn Davies is buried. Back in 2007, I spent a weekend there, looking for his grave. According to this website, it's 4,883 miles from where I am now.

At work today, Boss Man told me I'm “slipping.” (Boss Man is my code name for him in this journal, but I don't like using it. Bruce Springsteen he is not.) I was very tempted to say scream back at him, “Oh, yeah? Well, you work at your job, collect your pay, and think you're gliding down the highway, but in fact, you're slip-sliding away!” Haha.

I finished Mockingjay a few hours ago. Neither Sara nor I ever bought it, so our mom lent us her copy. (As an aside, when she came over to drop it off, she said, “Did you not hear me knocking?” when I opened the door. No, I didn't hear you knocking. That's why I got up and opened the door.) Somehow, I'm feeling let-down. It just wasn't as good as the first two, and I'm glad neither of us actually spent money on it. Sigh... Tonight's new NCIS episode was a disappointment, too.

Notes on 8x06 "Cracked." )

Sara says that if I don't get my hair cut soon, I'm going to look like one of those Pentecostal women. And if I don't start laying again, she's going to stew me up for supper (something she learned from her hero, Greasy Sae).
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A cat has moved into our stairwell. He is gray and very lean, and we're calling him Graycat until Sara comes up with a real name (which I'm sure is only a matter of time). He's very friendly, and he and Sable actually get along, which is a nice surprise because the vast majority of cats Sable encounters are either moody bitches who'd just as soon scratch his eyes out as look at him, or wimpy bitches who scratch his eyes out to hide how scared they are of him. Anyway, Graycat is nice to have around, although he's probably mad at me right now because I picked him up while wearing my iPod and he got tangled in the headphones.

A really bitchy customer came into our store today. He was a middle-aged man pushing himself around in the store rascal, looking for a printing calculator and being really rude to the stocker and tech guy who tried to help him. One of them actually warned me, "Watch out for that guy in the rascal, he's a douche." (Sidenote: Whenever I see lazy bums like him using the rascal, I'm always tempted to tell them, "Excuse me, but that's for old and disabled customers, and you're not old or disabled. You're just fat." Yeah, I'm a bitch, I know.)

The cool part of the story is that when the guy finally came to my register to check out, he called me baby. Which, most of you know, I hate. I was about to tell him my usual response -- "I don't see any crying infants around, so I don't know who you're addressing as baby" -- but I just gave him my best Bette Davis deathglare, and the man started stammering and apologizing. Fuck yes.

It made me feel like Gibbs when he caught Palmer sitting in his chair, and Palmer like to have shit his pants. Don't you love how Rebecca can relate everything back to NCIS? I spent the rest of the day humming this song.

Tomorrow I'll be borrowing Grandma's 50-year-old cake pans (no lie) and baking my birthday cake! I really hope it turns out well. I'm also making my favorite punch -- ginger ale with lime sherbert -- which Sara says is "something Mormons would drink because they can't have liquor." The hell?

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I stayed out until almost ten tonight, bike riding barefoot around the neighborhood. I can only imagine what the people who saw me thought. But there's something so refreshing about riding a bike at night. I hadn't gone on a bike ride in so long before today. Or written in this journal. Bad, bad Rebecca.

While bike riding, I went by Mom's house and actually walked around in the backyard, which might not sound like a big deal, but it's something I haven't done in years. (Okay, it hasn't been that long. Maybe a year.) But it sure didn't leave me with a taste to do it again any time soon. It boggles my mind to think how much I spent there as a kid.

I had to work all this weekend, and a lot of things went wrong. But at least that made the time go by faster. It's not about to get better, because I have to work again next weekend (we're doing store inventory then, so every single employee will be there) and after that, it'll be about time for Back-to-School. Shoot me now. Wait, don't, I have to stay alive to see Season 8 of NCIS. But I am off tomorrow and Tuesday, and if all goes as planned, I'll be seeing Toy Story 3 tomorrow and going to Texas on Tuesday.

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This is why you should never be nice to customers, boys and girls. Because as soon as you are, you'll get a customer like the one Rebecca had Friday night. A man who was at least old enough to be my father first looked as obviously as possible at my left hand, then asked me if I'd like to go to dinner with him. When I told my manager (who has never taken anything seriously in his entire life) about it later, he said that I should've taken him up on it, because if the guy was "about to croak," then I could marry him and inherit all his money, and at the very least I'd get a free dinner out of it.

Sara and I have kicked our comforter to the floor, because it's gotten too hot to even think about sleeping under it, and now Sable thinks it's another bed for him. He's in hog heaven.
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Just when did MLK's birthday go from a national day of service to a day to buy office supplies? Outside of Black Friday and Back-to-School, the store on Monday afternoon was as busy as I'd ever seen it. Most businesses were closed, and you'd think people wouldn't want to go shopping for their businesses on a holiday, but apparently that's just what they want.

It was made worse by the fact that I took a singulair pill on Monday morning (because I'd run out of my allergy pills) and had a terrible pounding headache for most of the afternoon and evening. I've finally figured out what caused all those headaches I had nearly every day during middle school, high school, and the first half of college. I don't know why it took me so long, since they say in the commercials that headaches are a side effect of singulair. It does a lot for my asthma, but if those headaches are the cost, then I don't think I can take it regularly. It was so bad on Monday, I don't understand how I ever lived with headaches like that on a daily basis for years.

The weather warmed up yesterday, and it's so nice and balmy now that we've turned on the air conditioner. Spring is on its way in, and I think this year I might get a pair of scissors and cut the ligustrum blossoms off the bushes. They look and smell so nice, but they also make me wheeze like nothing else.
I suffered through the painfully awkward and unfunny Critics Choice Awards on Friday night (Kristen Chenoweth sucks! But Saoirse won! Hooray for the only highlight!), but as a reward, the Golden Globes on Sunday night were very funny and enjoyable (Ricky Gervais is awesome!), and Athena came over to watch them with me and Sara. Maybe we can do it again for the Oscars.
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Long time no update. Again.

Last Tuesday night, I worked a close and forgot my keys in my locker at work. Everybody else had already left by the time I realized it, including the manager on duty (and I'm pretty sure that any other manager wouldn't have left until after the associates). I had to use the plastic key in my wallet, which isn't even supposed to start the ignition, to drive home, and then stay at Mom's house until Sara woke up and unlocked our door. It actually wasn't that bad. Mom found this old comforter in a closet that was so warm and thick, and I loved it so much that she let me keep it. She said it was the comforter for my bed when we lived in Tarpartment, but I don't really remember. I also had a conversation with Ben, and he lent me two old movies (The Lady from Shanghai and My Man Godfrey). I had to go back to work the next day for my keys, and what makes it worse is that just a few weeks ago, I forgot my cell phone in my locker and had to go back for that, too! And before you can ask, "Wow, Rebecca, are you really that careless and forgetful?" Yes. Yes, I am.

My Thanksgiving dinners went well, both the one at work on Monday and the real one at Grandma's house on Thanksgiving. People liked my green bean casserole and pecan pie muffins, and I liked the green glop and pecan pie. Seriously, I could eat that stuff every damn day. But I'll whine and say that it did annoy me just a tad when I shelled the pecans and baked the muffins, and Sara got more compliments on the rolls she defrosted. My family will be lucky if they get my muffins again at Christmas.

Black Friday sucked. I had to be at work at seven that morning, and I stayed up too late the night before, even though I was lying in bed at a reasonable hour. (Lately every night has become a battle to fall asleep. Although that comforter is helping.) People who shop on Black Friday, especially those who get up early enough for the doorbusters, are sick and soulless. They are the entire reason for how empty, meaningless, and consumer-driven Christmastime, and our culture in general, have become. I saw the decline of humanity in the face of every customer I had that day. I am not kidding.
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Friday: Shitty. Eight-hour shift at work, and I had not worked that long a shift in a while, and my legs protested. Starting to really hate one of my managers, who thinks she's better than everyone else in the store and expects all of us to bow down to her. But I've decided to stop making snide comments under my breath and address it professionally at the next store meeting.

Today: Awesome. Birthday party for me at Grandma's house. Good food and fun times. Sara blew out all my candles in one breath and the cake pans lasted longer than Charlie. But marred when Adam brought some of my birthday cake back to Mom's house for her and Ben. (If they want some, why the fuck didn't they walk over and get some?) Borrowed Grandma's copy of All About Eve and watched it with Sara. Can see why people still talk about Bette Davis. "I've killed people for less, using my eyes alone!"

Tomorrow: Going to see a Moliere play with Grandma. (His humor is lost on Americans, but French and Cajun people dig him.) Possibly going to the funfair at Eva's school.

Oh, and last night I found this rare short film with Victoire Thivisol on YouTube. It's high-quality for YouTube, and Victoire is so grown-up it nearly kills me. Her character's costume and hairstyle aren't flattering, but those old, wise eyes are just the same as they were in Ponette.

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Summer is on its way out now, though it's still plenty hot and will be for a good while. Our store hasn't quite reached the full-pitched insane fervor of Back-to-School, but we're getting there. I had a nasty encounter with this mom buying school supplies on Friday. The pinpad happened to have frozen that morning, in the middle of ringing up a $600 tech service. I had turned it away from the customers, but this woman reaches over, turns it around, and freaks out because she thinks we're charging her $600. I said something like, "Your total is blah-blah, that pinpad is broken, please don't touch it," and then she really hit the ceiling. She started complaining to everyone but me (her kids, my co-worker, the manager) about how I had "fussed at" her, and inbetween she glared at me, and I know she expected me to apologize. But I didn't say anything, so she said, "I hope you like your job," and left. What was that supposed to mean?

Yesterday evening I went to Grandma's house and pulled up most of her old brown tomato plants. Then we ate dinner and watched Elvis. I was supposed to go over today and pull up the rest of them, but I'm a lazy bitch. Instead I went to Mom's house and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Adam. I hadn't seen that movie since it was released. I think it's the best movie of the series so far. The us-versus-them mentality between the students and the ministry was well-done, and it made for a lot of action and excitement. HPB, by contrast, was more exposition, explaining about Voldemort's past and everything, which got a little boring. (But it's not the movie's fault; it usually falls to the second-to-last installment of a series to set things up for the big finale.) In OotP, you knew exactly who the bad guys were: Umbridge, the Ministry, Voldemort. But in HBP, things got murky, and the bad guys came down to the ever-ambiguous Snape, who may or may not be evil, and the Horcruxes, which are no more than inanimate objects.

On a closing note, Eva's birthday is at the end of the month. I'm planning to make her another YouTube video, but I'm not sure what song to use. I had been thinking about "Just a Little Girl," but now I wonder if it's not too bad-ass for a 12-year-old. Suggestions, please?

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The new girl at work, the one I complained about in my last entry, is gone for good. I practically jumped for joy when my manager told me she was leaving. Words can't say how creepy she was or how uncomfortable she made me. She followed me around, told me all her personal business and asked me about mine (I never answered), and told other employees that we were best friends. The hell? I barely even knew her for a month. I am so glad she's gone.

I had an awesome day yesterday. There was a neighborhood-wide garage sale, and Sable and I walked around the blocks and looked at some of them. Then I rode my bike over to Grandma's house, brought her back the salsa I stole when she was in Alabama last week, and visited with a lot of relatives. Then Aunt Carla treated me and Athena to a movie (Star Trek) and pizza. I don't usually like popcorn movies, and I've never watched the original Star Trek (only TNG), but I enjoyed it. Spock was awesome! His rhythmic speech patterns and lack of emotions reminded me of Data.

Later that evening Athena came over to our apartment and we all watched Return to Oz, which she hadn't seen since she was a little kid. That's one movie I will never get tired of watching. Every time I see it, I'm amazed at how good it is and how good Fairuza Balk is in it. Especially the scenes in Kansas, before Dorothy goes back to Oz -- everything is so well-shot, and the scenes in the hospital are so suspenseful, and the way Fairuza moves her hands -- it's like poetry.

Today I had planned to go to the library and look up some obituaries for Find-a-Grave, but it's raining awfully hard right now and our street has turned into a dangerous river. I feel like Piglet when he was stranded in his treehouse during the flood. "Help, P-P-P-P-Piglet, me!"

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Grandma gave me even more pecans, so I made a batch of pecan pie muffins all for me. That sounds very greedy, I know, but I made so many to give to other people at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it felt really good to make a batch just for me.

I watched The Golden Globes with Sara on Sunday night, although I'm not sure why. I think I had seen maybe two of the movies or TV shows that were nominated in any of the categories. I don't go to the movies often anymore, and when I do go, I certainly don't see the sort of movies that win awards. And I never watched much TV, and spending seven months in France away from all American TV virtually killed off what little interest I had left. I still enjoyed watching the ceremony, but for me, it was mostly about who wore what. And I can't wait to see the Oscars! I didn't get to see one second of them when I was in France last year, and I watched them in 2007 but felt guilty the whole time because I knew I should have been doing my French homework instead. I still remember that it was on Laubriet's god-awful analysis of Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu. How I hated it.

Yesterday I had a customer who was easily the meanest, rudest customer I have ever had at any job, ever. She yelled at me about everything that wasn't my fault, then complained to my manager about how rude and unhelpful I was. Fortunately, rather than make me apologize or some shit like that, my manager just felt sorry for me for having to deal with her, and after she left, everybody in the front end gathered around to talk about what a bitch she is. It was honestly unbelievable. But in a way, it's nice to get a super mean customer every now and then, because it makes you appreciate all the nice customers.

Yesterday I had tomato soup for the first time, and it was pretty good. Tonight Sara is making us spaghetti in her new crockpot, I'm going to try some as soon as I get off.


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