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Rebecca has had a busy few days getting ready for Purim. Today, I spent about five hours in the temple kitchen helping to make hamantashen -- from scratch! I'd never made hamantashen before, just eaten them, but it wasn't hard once we got an assembly line going. I got the job of brushing on the egg wash and spooning out the different fillings. I enjoyed it, but my hands were coated in jelly and flour by the time we were done! We made apricot (yuck!), chocolate, and strawberry (yum!). Rebecca tried sneaking a few into her mouth, but we're going to sell some as part of a temple fundraiser, and the rest we're saving for the Purim carnival at the end of the month.

 photo Hamantashen.jpg
A small sample of all the hamantashen!

Speaking of which, on Saturday morning, we had another class of religious school. Our temple plans to host a big Purim carnival this year, with all sorts of fun activities and guests from other temples. We teachers have all been working hard on it, and the kids have, too -- they're going to perform the megilla play! On Saturday, we assigned roles and the kids had their first rehearsal. It all went pretty well -- two brothers are playing Haman and Mordechai, and they loved pretending to shoot each other with their toy guns. We even found a role for the super shy kid who couldn't handle being on stage -- audio technician! He was happy to sit in the wings and work the CD player. The kids enjoyed it, and everything was going so well until...

This happened. )

P.S. When I get frustrated, it's good to remember there are certainties in life.
Things I Will Never Like
1) When I make plans with someone, only to have them cancel on me later. This is probably #1 on my list of ways to piss me off. I hate when this happens.
2) People who bitch at me about things that haven't even happened! Yeah, I don't understand the thought process there, either. But there are people who think they can see the future, predict my actions, and feel entitled to yell at me about it now. Gag me.
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Excuse Rebecca while she gets some grumpiness off her chest. This is a list of things I'm sick of lately:

  1. TV spots for Savages. They show them pretty constantly on USA (where I watch old NCIS episodes) and A&E (where I watch Storage Wars).
  2. We're scheduled for inventory, which is always a headache, at work tomorrow. My managers have all been talking and stressing about it non-stop. I hate the word inventory now. But not as much as I'll soon hate back-to-school. Ugh.
  3. The smoke smell in one of my purses. I got it from my cousin. Most of the time, it's not noticeable unless you shove your face inside it. But I keep making the mistake of putting a change of clothes in it, and then my clothes end up smelling like smoke! Ugh! I'm going to flush that smell out soon.
  4. Our new stocker at work. He seems to find any excuse he can to talk to me. Within a few seconds of meeting me, he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. (Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter? No? How about the new Spider-Man movie?) Ugh. If this keeps up, I'm going to talk to the manager about it.

And now onto happier news... As of tomorrow, we'll have had Tovah for one month! One of the reasons Sara and I picked her from all the cats at the animal shelter was that she's so skinny. (The last time I was at JC & Co's, I held their cats and the difference was amazing. I couldn't feel all their bones!) We've been trying to fatten her up and have offered her bits of just about every human food we eat -- pizza, cheese, ravioli, oatmeal, fish, beef, etc. But she never really ate any of it, she just sniffed. Remember how in the Ramona books, her cat was named Picky-Picky? Yeah, that's Tovah.

Then we made the mistake of giving her a slice of turkey. I've never seen Tovah gobble up anything so fast. Now she comes running every time she hears the refrigerator open (even if she's asleep in the next room!) and meows pathetically, like she's never been fed a day in her life. It's annoying, but we've started putting bits of turkey on top of her cat food, and she finally seems to be eating more and gaining a little weight. Hallelujah!

And for no reason, here's the trailer for a recent (2010) French biopic of Serge Gainsbourg. If I could find a version with English subtitles, I'd love to see this.

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The baggers at my grocery store are terrible! I always bring two reuseable tote bags when I go grocery-shopping; I fill them up as I shop, and can almost always fit all but a few items in them. But when I check out, the cashier takes all the items out of the bags to scan them, and the bagger never fails to repackage them badly. The last two times I went, he refilled my tote bags to quarter-capacity, then packed everything else in plastic bags at the rate of one item per bag. Such wastefulness really aggrevates me. If it happens again, I'm going to say something, although I doubt it will have much effect since most of the baggers at that store are literally retarded.

By some Christmas miracle, a little of the ice must have melted off Boss Man's icy heart, because I'm off for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I haven't been off for both these days since 2007, and that hardly counted because that year, I spent Christmas wandering around London in the rain and sleeping alone in a hostel (although my cousin Laura and her family very kindly let me stay with them for the first part of my visit to London; I worry now that I wasn't as good a guest as I should've been).

Athena came over last night and watched The Kids Are All Right with Sara and me. We ended up making her watch "The Bed Intruder Song" on YouTube, and I think she was more than a little weirded out when we both started singing along in unison.

P.S. The title of this entry comes from a letter my Uncle Johnny wrote to my dad back in the late '90s. He was talking about Frank Sinatra (who I think had just passed away) and said, "In later years, Francis got sloppy, but I remember he used to hit the first D in Night anD Day. It is usually sung as Night Anday, a trifling matter that drives people to mass murder." Haha. I think his humor was a lot like Dad's.

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I managed to get to the cemetery on Memorial Day, and the Avenue of Flags was a sight to behold. (Lucky for everyone that the thunderstorm didn't come till later that evening.) Picture as many American flags as you've ever seen in one place, then imagine even more. It was hot and bright -- and I'd lost my sunglasses; just broke down yesterday and bought a new pair * -- but I walked around and took some horribly out-of-focus pictures that did absolutely no justice to the scene.

Then I headed to my mom's house for some barbeque. I still had my digital camera that I'd taken to the cemetery with me, so I decided to use their computer to upload some photos to Find a Grave and discovered that their tower has an SD reader built into it. It was the coolest thing! Hm, it just occurred to me that maybe I could use their computer to format my SD cards, since my camera has apparently lost that function. Damn, then I'd be in hog heaven. Geek heaven?

I was off for Memorial Day, which was sweet, but the downside is that I'll have worked only four days both this week and last week ('cause I called in sick last Friday). My next paycheck is going to be teeny-tiny. But at least I'll be working more hours next week, after Tracey goes on her maternity leave.

For all the distant rainclouds and rumblings of thunder lately, we've had very little actual rain. Today it was sunny when I left the apartment and sunny when I got to work, with a rainstorm inbetween (which, according to my manager, hadn't touched our strip mall at all). Talk about your scattered showers.

* Things I will never like: Riding my bike without sunglasses. It has to be very cloudy or dark for me to bike without my sunglasses on. I don't know why, but I hate the idea that other people can tell where I'm looking. My sunglasses make me feel protected, shielded. I'd rather bike in shorts than bike without them. Well, maybe.

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Mom, Ben, Adam, and I took a trip to Houston on Saturday, and unlike most trips anywhere with my family, it was actually enjoyable, even though it's a lot frickin' colder in Houston than it is here. Easily the best part was eating lunch at Star Pizza in the village. We had an appetizer of baked goat cheese with olive oil and tomato on bread, and I had pizza with mozerella, feta, and goat cheese. It was so good, when I finished, I pushed back my chair and said, "I pity everyone in the world who wasn't me while I was eating that meal." (Okay, writing about it was a mistake. I just ate dinner, but now I'm hungry again!)

After lunch, we went to the Chocolate Bar, Candylicious, and Half-Price Books. I hadn't bought anything at Half-Price in a long time, but on this visit I actually found some good stuff: a copy of Robert Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin with illustrations by Kate Greenaway (which I didn't buy, even though her pictures were awesome, because I already have that poem in at least one of my poetry anthologies, and I really only like the second half of it), and GK's Good Poems for Hard Times. I also found a copy of RLS's A Child's Garden of Verses, which I didn't buy because it wasn't a very good copy, but it reminded me of how much I want that book. Think I'll buy one online. 

After that we went to the movies and then out to dinner with Mark and Vickie. We ate at some seafood resteraunt, and even though I don't really like seafood, I did drink my first ever Shirley Temple! It was Sprite with cherry syrup -- very yummy and quite worthy of Shirley's name.

Things I will never like: The sound of dishes banging together. It's absolutely the worst sound in the world. When I wash dishes or put them in the cabinet, I always try to do it with finesse, not to make noise. My mom always did it as loudly as possible (and probably still does), to the point where I either had to leave the kitchen or grab the dishes from her and put them up myself. Words cannot describe how much I hate that noise.

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Sara and I saw Paranormal Activity over the weekend, and damn, it was scary. Though fortunately it hasn't caused me much sleeplessness. Luckily I have a big fierce dog to proctect me from any demons.

The weather has really gotten cooler this week, and it seems like everyone I know has been talking about how damn nice it is. And it is nice during the day, when the sun is out, but at night, it gets so cold that as soon as Sable and I step out for a walk, I start with, "Aren't you cold, Sable? Don't you want to go in yet?" I went bike riding this weekend, and with weather like this, it might be one of the last times I get on that bike this year. Especially after Daylight Saving Time is over. And it's not even November yet. Damn cold weather.

Things I will never like: When you wake up at night to this weird wheezy, raspy sound and you wonder, "What the hell is that noise?" Then you realize, it's the sound of you breathing.
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Right now I have another window open on the computer, where I'm typing up my list of stomachaches. I try to keep track of when I have stomachaches, whether I vomit and how much, what foods I ate, how bad it was, etc. The paper list has gotten too long for its sheet, so I'm putting it into WordPad. I had to add another entry last night. Yeah, remember that delicious dinner home-cooked by my grandma? It all went straight down the drain in the early hours of this morning. I have no idea when; all I remember is that it was barely light outside and I couldn't get the water in the bath hot enough to make the pain go away. (Hot baths are about the only thing good at relieving my stomachaches.)

My theory, for what it's worth, is that my stomach has lost the ability to send messages to my brain to tell me when I'm full. Take that dinner yesterday, for example. I never did get that nice, comfy feeling of fullness that you always get after you eat a big meal; I was waiting for it, and it never came. It's like instead of my brain telling me, stop, you're full while I'm eating, I get big ripping cramps (and more often than not, diarrhea and/or vomiting) later on. 

Things I will never like: Talking to my mom on the phone. It's the same everytime. She always asks questions while I give single-syllable answers, and the pauses are long and painful. She always yawns through her words, which I find rude, and at least once she always says, "Well, I don't really have too much to say..." Then why did she call? Sometimes she tries to make me feel guilty when I don't talk enough for her ("Well, I feel like I'm keeping you from something"). She better not be surprised when I don't answer the phone.

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I was off on Tuesday, but rather than sleep in, I woke up early to attend a local history program at the geneology library. With most events at that library, I'm the youngest person in the room by a huge margin. But on Tuesday morning there was actually one other person my age, a girl I used to be friends with in middle and elementary schools but hadn't seen in a long time. So that was a little weird. The presentation was very interesting. I learned a good deal about the history of my city, and the power point presentations and people taking notes made me feel like I was back in school, in a good way. The librarian who gave the lecture isn't from the United States, and I went crazy trying to place her accent -- sometimes it sounded French, sometimes it didn't -- until she happened to mention that she was from Belgium.

One of my co-workers has a lot of pirated DVDs, and sometimes he brings them to work and plays them on the TV in the break room. The weird thing is that I can only catch them during my breaks, and so far I've seen about ten minutes each of Gran Torino, Benjamin Button, and Taken. Gran Torino looked really bad. I imagine that if some really old mean bulldog could talk, it would have Clint Eastwood's voice. Benjamin Button made me want to see more (I got to see the scenes with Elle Fanning).

Things I Will Never Like: The dogs that live next-door to my grandma's house. My dad used to call them the "concentration camp guard dogs," which is exactly what they are. And I'm a dog person, so you know they have to really be monsters for me to hate them. Owning dogs that are very big, very vicious, and keeping them behind one puny chain-link fence in a residential neighborhood should be against the law. It's only a matter of time before the beasts break through that fence and kill us all.

I have set a goal for myself for tomorrow.


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