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A stomachache chased me out of bed early this morning. Ugh. I was off yesterday and had the bright idea to go canoeing with Adam in a local state park. It took forever for us to find the park, then another forever to find the boat rentals. Then the boats turned out not to be canoes at all but flat-bottom boats that were much harder to navigate. Still, we had fun and I took some photos (in awful bright direct sunlight).

Lots of tricky Cypress trees for us to navigate between. I barely tapped a big Cypress knee with my paddle, and the whole thing collapsed.

Adam didn't know Cypress knees were called that -- sigh.

I had never seen so much Spanish moss in one place in my life!

My Coke commercial pose. See how RED my face is?! And that's with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat on! Ugh! Rebecca just can't win.

We got up close and personal with this beautiful deer...

...and fortunately, not with any of these!

It was
broiling! Adam and I bought sno-cones (ahhhh) on the way back, and I was so sweaty and gross that I had to take a shower as soon as I got home. I will never go back to that park in the heat of summer again, but I might go back for a hike or a picnic in the fall. I'd love to find the spot on the riverbank where this skinny little girl once had a ball climbing on the tree roots.

Holy Moses, look at how skinny I was! I wonder if those tree roots would still support me?
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Sara and I went back to Blue Bayou yesterday. This trip went much better than our last one -- there was no rain, so we arrived earlier (even though traffic over the Mississippi River bridge was a crawl) and stayed later. We even ate lunch at the park, which we've never done before. The park has added some new stuff, but a lot of it is still exactly the same as when we were kids. It's like it's in a time-warp! We went on two new rides, the Azuka and the Voodoo, that were both really scary and fun. I swallowed too much water -- somehow this always happens to me, no matter how hard I try to keep my mouth closed -- and felt sick later, but I still ate dinner at Pluckers. Sara read Divergent to me in the truck, and it's really good so far.

A few other bits of recent news:

~ We just hired a new girl at work. I've been training her a lot. The funny thing is, she and I happen to wear identical necklace chains, only hers has a big silver cross pendant and mine has a big silver Star of David.

~ I bought a new digital camera to replace the one that fell down the stairs. I hadn't meant to buy one so soon -- the pet deposit and adoption fee for Tovah were only one-time, but they were hefty -- but I found an insane deal at work that I just couldn't pass up. It's a pretty swanky camera for me. I'm loving the wide lens, high zoom, and auto focus.

~ I've been listening to the soundtrack of Les Miserables since I heard Aunt Connie and Athena's cover of The Confrontation. I really like Who Am I, Valjean's Confession, and When Tomorrow Comes, which gives me goosebumps almost every time. It probably wasn't intended to be a Jewish song -- or maybe it was, since it does reference Micah 4:03 -- but it sure comes off as one to me. Substitute meshiach for tomorrow, and it could've been written by the Orthodox.

Tovah is curled up in my lap as I type this. :)
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Athena was in town this weekend, and tonight Sara and I took her out to dinner at a new wing restaurant. Buffalo wings  with celery sticks and blue cheese sauce is one of my favorite meals, but unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed with the new place. But afterwards, we drove over to JC & Co's house for some fruit pizza (a sugar cookie crust, sweet cream cheese, topped with blueberries and strawberries). It was so good, I could've eaten the whole thing! We put candles on it and sang Happy Birthday to Athena. The conversation while we were over there was priceless. I almost died when Athena and Aunt Connie sang a duet of "Confrontation" from Les Miserables.

Aunt Connie has been crocheting a big blanket, and while we were over, I tried working on it, and she gave me a spool of yarn, a smaller needle, and some crochet tips. I learned how to make double loops and (most amazingly) straight edges. I was surprised at how much easier it is to crochet with actual yarn instead of plarn, and a smaller hook helped, too. Maybe if I start now, I can have a scarf finished in time for Hanukkah! Who wants it?

Things I did this weekend:
  • Went to Torah study with Rabbi W. He brought his dog with him (the cutest little Tibetan terrier) and he was a big hit with everyone at the temple. Sassy Jewish Grandparents #1 brought their granddaughters -- i.e., their real ones, not me -- to temple on Friday, so our pew got taken over by a Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book!
  • Hung up new curtains in my room. I love how much cooler and darker they make it in there. Before, my windows let in a lot of light that woke me up early. Now, in Rebecca's room, it's night 24/7!
  • Went bike-riding with my uncle. Their neighborhood has more Virgin Mary lawn statues than you've ever seen. I counted about ten of them just in the radius of a few blocks.
  • Watched coverage of Queen Elizabeth's royal flotilla down the River Thames for her Diamond Jubilee.
  • Ate the first fresh, home-grown cucumbers of the summer. This is the first summer in a loooong time that Sara and I won't be getting any tomatoes or cucumbers from Grandma's garden. Fortunately, our aunt is saving a few from her garden for us.
  • Had Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1 tell me he was proud of me. :)
On the art calendar, I'm looking at Flower Garden and Bungalow, Bermuda, an 1899 watercolor painting by Winslow Homer. It's so tropical-looking, I wish I could step right into it.
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Sara and I were both off yesterday, so we drove downtown to the art gallery. There's an exhibit there called Reflections on Water in American Painting -- tons of different paintings of seascapes by American artists. We enjoyed looking at all of them. This was one of my favorites:

Children Playing on the Beach, an 1890 oil-painting by Edward Percy Moran. Isn't it pretty?

Then we drove over to the lake to feed stale bread the ducks. And of course, I had to take photos.

We attracted ducks, pigeons, geese, seagulls, and more. It kinda turned into a feeding frenzy.

Ugh, those geese were awful! They were very loud and aggressive. This one charged at me, and like an idiot, I decided to take a photo instead of running away. God hates geese!

Then we went for a walk along the lake. I climbed down to the shoreline to walk on these rocks. I took my shoes off, which turned out to be a very bad idea because the rocks were sharp, the pavement was scorching, and the grass was prickly! I also got sand all over my jeans.

The water was cool, though.

Then we meandered back over to the fountain...

...where I found this little butterfly necklace that someone lost.

Ahhh, summer! I hope to get out and do more activities and fun stuff this summer than I did last year. Wish me luck!
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I figure that maybe if I make a post sending summer on its way, cool weather will get here sooner. Please? To recap a few things, this summer Rebecca got wet... in a mikvah in Baton Rouge, at Blue Bayou waterpark in Baton Rouge, at a much smaller local waterpark, bike-riding in the rain, and washing her car. Which reminds me, I've got to get the oil changed on that thing.

This summer, Rebecca heard wunderbar... in X-Men: First Class (Kevin Bacon's character says it near the beginning) and in Kiss Me, Kate (Mr. G was in a local production, and it's the title of a beautiful song the two main characters sing; "What a bright and shining star / Like our love is wunderbar"). Wunderbar is the German word for wonderful. I also participated in my first ficathon and officially converted to Judaism!

Summer for thee, grant I may be
When Summer days are flown!
Thy music still, when Whipporwill
And Oriole—are done!

(The image is from my trip to the Jewish section of the cemetery with Sara. The poem is from my Emily Dickinson calendar.)

27 DAYS LEFT until the Season 9 premiere of NCIS!
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Sara and I made a little day-trip to Baton Rouge today -- or more specifically, to Blue Bayou water park! (She is too good for the little local one I went to with Adam and Eva. Not that I blame her. It's fun, but it's just a puddle compared to Blue Bayou.) Neither of us had been to Blue Bayou in a very long time, and it was cool seeing all the old sights and a few new ones. We didn't get to stay for as long as we wanted because a thunderstorm blew in, but we still had fun.

Hurricane Bay, the wave pool, was always my favorite attraction -- there's no line to wait in! -- and we spent most of our time there. The swells in the deep end were really high and fun to swim in.

The racer slide was so scary and cool! I kept closing my eyes, and for a second I honestly thought I'd flown right off it and was sailing through the air.

Mad Moccasin, the evil black snake slide, was not fun. When we were kids, we went to Blue Bayou every summer, and this ride looked so scary that my older brother was the only one who ever went on it. I decided it was high time to conquer those childhood fears! And I decided as I was going down that I would not be going on this one again. The tubes were so tightly-coiled and the turns so sharp that I got super dizzy, and when it finally spit me out, I hit the water and went under so hard that one of the lifeguards had to come get me out. Very embarrassing.

After that, we went tubing on the Atchafalaya Run, the lazy river, to recover. You just float along and relax. Sara thought this one was so boring when we were kids, but this time she enjoyed it. Is this one of the signs that we're getting old?

After that, we drove over to LSU and had dinner at our favorite college restaurant, Pluckers. They have the most delicious nachos I've ever tasted. I so wish we had one here. In return for me doing all the driving, Sara read to me from Blood Red Road, and it is so good. It was just released last month, but she got an advanced proof edition from her job. Ridley Scott optioned the move rights, so I'm already considering which young actress I would cast in which role.

Keep your fingers crossed that Rebecca will be going back to Baton Rouge very soon to meet with the beit din and officially become a Jew!

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Hallelujah, I finally have a working phone again, and we're finally through with inventory at work! Inventory isn't too bad, just boring and long. Tonight I didn't get home until after eleven - blegh! The bad news is that with inventory over, back-to-school is right around the corner. It's very depressing, because I didn't think I'd be at this job for yet another back-to-school season, but here I am.

I made the mistake of watching our copy of The Others recently. I really admire that movie for well-executed it is, and how it's still so compelling even when you know how it ends. So many horror movies seem to think that blood + gore = scary, but The Others takes a much more civilized, sophisticated approach, and it creeps me out to no end. Even though I know exactly what happens, it still scares the bejeesus out of me every time. Now I'm all jumpy whenever I take Sable for a walk at night.

You can tell summer's here by Rebecca's hands. I have a little nick on one finger, left by a splinter I got while helping Grandma move into her new house. I have a blister on one hand from swinging in the park with Josh. And I have a mosquito bite on my palm that refuses to stop itching! I only take Sable on short walks now, because it's so hot, but I somehow manage to get several mosquito bites fast.

I had a dream the other night that a Messianic Jew was trying to convert me, and I woke up pissed off to no end. I should've told him to reevaluate if he was really Jewish, as Judaism - doesn't - prosletyze!

And guess what it's time for again? That's right:
72 DAYS LEFT until the Season 9 premiere of NCIS!

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After years of abuse, my cell phone has decided it's had enough. I dropped it at work yesterday and just about killed it. I'm not really surprised, because it's very old -- I think I got it in 2007, which is ancient in cell phone years and probably a record for me -- and I'm kinda rough with it. It's still working (barely) and hopefully I'll have a new one soon. Sara's cell phone died at the beginning of June, and for whatever reason, she still hasn't gotten a new one. Today her boss called me to get hold of her. I throw up my hands at this!

Tony and Barbara (Jewish Grandparents #2) took me out to dinner after temple services this evening. Our temple is reform, but they're very conservative. If not for the fact that they drive to services, I might even peg them for orthodox. They literally started spitting the appetizer out into their napkins in horror when they realized there were bacon bits in the spinach-and-artichoke dip. I had a hamburger and a Shirley Temple -- yum.

Several folks at our temple converted to Judaism, including them. In fact, they used to have a grotto of the Virgin Mary in their yard, and Barbara was a Catholic Sunday school teacher for years -- you can't make up stuff like that. Over dinner, she told me a long story about how she and Tony converted. (She talked so much that she barely got to eat her catfish, and I felt kinda bad for her.) Then she asked me how I found my way to Judaism. Unfortunately, my story was not as interesting or as eloquently-told. But they seemed impressed by it. Barbara also wanted to discuss where I could have my mikvah, which I wasn't really comfortable with, but at least she didn't try to set me up with her grandson.

Barbara & Tony. This is an old (bad) picture of them that I took at Passover.

I'm going to be working on the 4th, but I do have some fun things planned for this weekend. Tomorrow, Grandma is having a little move-in party at her new house, and I'm looking forward to it, as much as I hate the fact that she's moving. (My cousin Matthew sent me a message on Facebook: "Are you helping Grandma move this weekend?" Me: "No, I'm going to barricade all her doors so she can't move out of that house!") Mom invited me and Sara to dinner at her house on Sunday, so we'll see if that actually happens. And did I mention that Athena's in town for the weekend? Hooray!

I hope you all have a Happy 4th of July Weekend! And remember: Just own the night, like the 4th of July...

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After work today, Sara and I went for a walk in the cemetery, then I rode my bike over to Grandma's to pick tomatoes for her. (That's what I love about summer. The days are long enough to pack a lot into them.) Grandma seems to have given up on watering and/or picking from her garden since she's about to move, so I spent about five minutes just sitting on the grass picking all the cherry tomatoes in reach. The bellpepper and cucumber plants both looked so withered and sad, and as I was watering them, it occurred to me that by this time next month, Grandma will probably be completely moved out of that house. She's lived there for 47 years! It doesn't seem possible.

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while. They're not great, because I used the GE rather than the Kodak. (The Kodak has better picture quality, but the GE has way more storage space and its batteries last longer.) I took them over the last month or so. They make me think of the June words of my Emily Dickinson calendar:

A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer's morn -
A flask of Dew - a Bee or two -
A Breeze - a caper in the trees -
And I'm a Rose!

Louisiana Flowers and Fresh Produce of Rebecca's Neighborhood (Lots of Photos) )

I took a few good photos in the cemetery today, but I will share those later. (Update: Well, I only ever got around to posting one, but you can see it here.)
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According to the Google homepage, today is apparently the first day of summer. Edit: I clicked on the Google doodle, and the first day of summer is actually tomorrow, June 21 (the Summer Solstice). Well, way to massively mislead people there, Google. Anyway, this is a bit about how Rebecca spent it.

I overslept this morning, and as soon as I finally woke up, the electricity in our apartment sputtered and died. No air conditioner, no fans, no refrigerator, etc. -- ugh! I called our electricity company but never got through to an actual person, and the power came back on after about thirty minutes anyway. And that might not seem like a long time, but it's been so hot lately that our apartment warmed up fast.

After that, I left to run some errands on my bike. And even though it's been drought-dry for the past two months, of course it suddenly decided to start raining while Rebecca is on her bike. (And I don't mean a little sprinkle but a heavy rain.) I didn't mind getting wet, but fool that I am, I left The Postmistress (a book my mom lent me, and it's not bad, even though it's taking me forever to read) outside and it got soaked! At least it seems to be drying well. It tooker longer than I had thought to get my errands done - my own fault for oversleeping - and I had to really haul butt to get to work on time.

I didn't have my parapluie française (which I bought on a rainy day in Villers-Cotterets) while I was bike riding, but it didn't matter, because when I got home and tried to open it, the handle broke in two. I guess the Louisiana weather was too much for it.

But the day wasn't all bad. Muse Watson used to leak whenever it rained (which I know he didn't do before the crash), but I think stopped him up. One of my more annoying coworkers quit over the weekend, and to celebrate him being gone, my awesome manager bought the entire closing crew candy and soda. When I verified the deposit amount for him and caught a mistake he made, he said something like, "Wow, you Jews really are good at counting money, aren't you?" Haha. He cracks me up.

So, summer has officially arrived, people. (Although here in southern Louisiana, we've been having summertime temperatures since at least April.) Enjoy yours.

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Hallelujah, a Little Caesar's Pizza finally opened in our strip mall! They were supposed to open forever ago, and for the last few weeks, our store has been fielding calls from people asking, "Is Little Caesar's open yet? When do they open?" How are we supposed to know? But today, they finally opened. Can you say cheap delicious pizza? But pizza from the gas station is still cheaper and slightly yummier, so I'll probably still be going there sometimes.

At our copy center earlier this week, I happened to find an e-mail a customer had printed praising Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. It was called "Congress gets an American president for a day," in reference to his last visit to DC, implying he's more American than Obama. Anyway, there was a list of everyone the e-mail had been sent to, and probably half of them were people I knew from the temple! This cracked me up so much.

Sara and I washed Sharon (her truck) and Muse Watson (my car) this week -- although for me, it was mostly an excuse to play in the sprinkler. Muse Watson wasn't too grimy, but Sharon was. I should've taken before and after pictures of her. We listened to Sara's iPod while we were washing them, and she did interpretive dance to Celine Dion and Disney songs. She's so crazy. Then we drove to the sno-cone stand -- yum. :)

It's hot as blazes down here, of course, and we're thinking of making a trip to Holly Beach and/or Blue Bayou at one point. Holly Beach is closer and cheaper, and even though it apparently has no amenities, a trip there would probably be worth it just to go swimming. (After all, what kind of summer has no swimming in it?) And I love swimming in the ocean. I could drift for hours. And I need to do some location-scouting for a mikvah. But no, Holly Beach wouldn't work.

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Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and I had considered watching a scary movie - we have two of my favorites, The Others and The Sixth Sense - but instead I rode my bike to the Redbox after shabbat services and checked out The King's Speech. It was damn good, and it had two child actresses. It also made me feel damn guilty for making fun of Athena's stutter when we were kids. Even though I didn't tease her too much, and she usually laughed about it.

At services, by the way, Maggie brought a pencil pouch packed with shaped rubber bands. (Also known as rubber bandz or silly bands or a variety of other names - they're all the rage for kids these days, or at least they were until this loser started wearing them!) They were all pink and all sparkly, and she spent the whole service putting them on me like bracelets. This is what my wrist looked like by the time the service was over:

(And you'll all be happy to know that it's very difficult to take a picture of your own wrist.)

My aunt put a bid on a house this week. I still haven't really accepted that she and Grandma are moving. Ugh. Grandma has lived in her house since 1964. That house is my childhood. But the house that they're considering moving into has central air-conditioning and a dishwasher and bathtubs with showers! Would you believe that my 81-year-old Cajun grandma has never before lived in a house with all three of those things? (Of course, she grew up sleeping a moss-stuffed mattress and using an outhouse for a bathroom.)

Today I finally screwed up my courage and did two things that I have been putting off for well over a month. Blegh. I cannot tell yet how/if either of them will pan out, and no, you can't ask me what they were. Tomorrow, I hope to get a third such thing done and give Sable a bath. (Although that isn't something that I've been putting off. His fleas are getting worse, so I've been bathing him more often.) I saw my first TV trailer for X-Men: First Class today. Less than a month until it comes out! Keep your fingers crossed that it'll live up.

Grandma gave me some cucumbers when I was at her house today, and I rode my bike through a sprinkler on my way to services yesterday. I think summer is here.

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After years of constantly losing them, finding them, losing them, and finding them again, I seem to have finally lost my glasses. As in, for good. I still can't really believe it, because after being lost, dropped, sat on, stepped on, etc. for so long, I thought those glasses could survive anything. I've been wearing my contacts almost exclusively, so it's not a huge deal. The only time I really miss them is when I walk Sable before bed, because I don't want to bother putting them in just for that, but I'm a wuss and don't like going outside at night without being able to see well.

Eva's birthday was yesterday; she turned 13. I did some calculating and figured out that by the time she turns 20, my aunt and uncle will have had at least one teenage daughter for almost twenty. Solid. Years.

I finally finished reading Shutter Island and watched the movie, but I still haven't started Mockingjay (the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy, just released last week) yet. I think Sara and I are each waiting for the other one to buy a copy. And Athena is waiting for either of us to buy it. But for some reason, I'm not as anxious to read this one as I was with the second book, Catching Fire. Maybe because it's the last book and I don't want it to be over. Or maybe because the bad-fanfiction ending of Harry Potter scarred me for life. *shudder*

I'm so glad fall is (almost) here. Fall is the best season for bike riding, and I hope to enjoy as much of it as I can before winter sets in, because winter is the fucking worst season for it. To quote my calendar of Emily Dickinson poetry (I used to absolutely hate her stuff, but for some reason, she's grown on me in recent years):
     And thus, without a Wing
     Or service of a Keel
     Our Summer made her light escape
     Into the Beautiful

Best of all, fall means the Season 8 premiere of NCIS is closer! than! ever!

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Rebecca here, trying to pack all the laziness she can into her day off. I have to work this weekend and close two nights next week, and Back-to-School will start with a vengence. Oh, well. I just have to keep reminding myself that it'll be on its way out by the end of next week. And fantasizing about Season 8 of NCIS. I rewatched "Rule 51" (the Season 7 finale) with Sara recently, which was a mistake, because it did nothing but make me more impatient for the premiere.

I don't hate summer, but by this time of the year, I'm always sick of it. It's hot all the time now. Our apartment is comfortable, but it's impossibly to actually feel cool unless you're sitting right in front of the air conditioner (like I am now) or unless you spray water on your face and go bike riding to make a breeze (and that doesn't last long).

If anybody asks me what I did this summer, I'm going to say that I spent it resisting the urge to scale the fence and jump into my neighbor's pool. And it's true! But probably no one will ask me that, and it'll be a lost opportunity, just like when no one ever asked me what I was giving up for Lent, when I was all prepared to say birth control.

Come on, fall!

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Rebecca had a great two days off. On Monday night, Adam, Eva, and I saw Toy Story 3. It was Pixar, so of course it was good, but I was surprised by how many reviews I've read saying that everyone in audience cried. I was certainly moved and touched by it, but I came nowhere close to crying. But then, Rebecca has a heart of stone. We dropped Eva off at her house, and Uncle John gave us some milk that was supposedly hand-milked straight out of a cow. It didn't really taste any different.

Yesterday, Mom, Adam, and I actually made it into Texas. I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, something I hadn't done since 2003, so I'd forgotten how fun and exhausting it is. There was a very strong eastern current, so swimming in any other direction was really hard, even with an inner tube. Mine got blown away at one point and I went swimming after it yelling, "Wilson! Wilso-on!" I also got another sunburn. It wasn't the worst one ever (you can see that here) but it's more noticeable because I didn't wear a hat or sunglasses this time, so it hit me right in the face. ("Not in the face! That's how I make my livin'!") Today one of my mangers told me I looked like a crawfish. Haha.

After that, we took the ferry to Galveston and drove through it to Kemah. The wind was so strong on the ferry, and Adam's hair looked very scary. It was blowing straight out from his head like it was trying to rip itself out. The architecture in the older part of Galveston was stunning. I can't believe I never noticed it all the times I've been there before. I saw a Catholic church and cemetery that made my jaw drop. Kemah was okay. There was a boardwalk, some carnival rides, and cool little shops. I went into a candy shop, and on a bag-your-own bin of sour gummi worms (the one candy Rebecca has a spiritual connection to!) was a warning label that read, and I swear I'm not making this up, "May Have a Laxative Effect." I should've taken a picture of that. Yeah, no shit, warning label. Rebecca's already learned that lesson well. But hey, if it happens enough for them to stick a warning label on it, at least it's not just me.

Today it was back to the salt mines, and boy, were they salty. I was supposed to be at work at 11:00, but I overslept until ... (*drumroll*) 10:48. I got ready in such a hurry that I put my contacts in inside out and spent the first half-hour at work blinking and rubbing my eyes until I was finally able to get to the bathroom and put them in right. Boss Man was a jerk, but I'm more pissed at the alarm in my phone for randomly not working.

P.S. If you haven't already (and I hope they don't mind me posting this) be sure to congratulate my friends [ profile] snuffy_chan and [ profile] morningloryblue. They are now a homeowner and a mother-to-be, respectively. Rebecca, meanwhile, is still writing fanfiction.

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It's dark out, but when I went to walk Sable a minute ago, I could smell a barbeque nearby, hear kids playing down the block, and see my neighbor smoking on her steps. I love summer. I went for a bike ride this afternoon, and an important thing to keep in mind when bike riding in the summer is to go through any sprinklers you see. I don't mean cut across people's lawns, but if the sprinkler is hitting the sidewalk, stand under the water.

I also went by Grandma's house and watered her garden for her. She gave me four more fresh-picked cucumbers, which was nice of her, except for the fact that I already have an entire crisper full of cucumbers from her. I'm eating them with every meal and still drowning in them! Help! 

Me to Sara this morning, after her laughing at an old lady in the grocery parking lot who seemed to have no idea why she was holding onto a shopping cart: "Stop making fun of old people!" Sara: "Why don't you just ask me to lay down and die?"

I'm currently compiling a wish list of things I want to happen in Season 8 of NCIS. It's getting quite long. Will be posted closer to the season premiere; I plan to refer back to it and check off things if/when they happen.

And for no reason:
    The oil says it's coming for my state.
    My asthma says this time I won't survive.
    My worst fears say I won't like Season 8.
    My dog says, "Well, at least I'm still alive."
My horrible parody of the excellent poem My Agent Says.

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My arms and legs are sunburnt the color of a boiled lobster -- don't believe me? click here! -- but still, the canoeing was so much fun! We (three canoes = Athena and me; Adam and Uncle John; Eva and some kid from their church) arrived at Ouiska Chitto around ten on Saturday morning and canoed about nine miles in about six hours. It was overcast and drizzling when we started, so we didn't put on -- or even pack -- any sunscreen. Then the sun said, "So they think they can escape from me, huh? Well, I'll show them!" and came out from behind the clouds with a vengence. It was so bright reflecting off the water and the white sandbars that I probably would've gone blind without my sunglasses and Harry Potter baseball cap. I also wore a t-shirt and my oldest pair of capris over my swimsuit, so only my upper arms and lower legs got burnt. (Athena wore a tank top, and it hit her back, neck, and shoulders. Adam, Eva, and Uncle John, meanwhile, just got nice tans. Damn them.) The water was as cold as the sun was hot, and while the first part of the river was crowded with loud drunks, as soon as we hit the halfway marker, it became very quiet and peaceful -- just us and birds and turtles.

Now for some minor drama. When I went to work this afternoon, I found that someone had written bitch! across the label on my locker in the break room. (Everybody's locker has a label with their name on it.) I immediately peeled off the label, threw it away, cut a zip-tie off an empty locker (all the lockers not in use are sealed shut with zip-ties) and moved all my stuff into that one. After mulling over what else to do, I reported it to my manager; he seemed concerned, but I doubt there's anything to be done when we don't know who wrote it, although I strongly suspect it was this one jackass stocker and told him so. (Him being my manager, not the jackass stocker in question. Although I'm tempted to confront him about it if he ever acts like a jackass again. Which he will.)

I'm trying not to let it bother me, but what really pisses me off is that there are a number of people at our store who are bigger bitches than I am. So why did it get written across my locker? Hmph.

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The best of summer is...

A) Me yesterday, sitting on the grass with my dog, enjoying a cold pink lemonade sno-cone and a hot frito pie from the sno-cone stand. One of my goals for this summer is to try as many flavors of sno-cones as I can, except for the ones I obviously won't like, like hot tamale and wedding cake. (Bleh!) The pink lemonade one was very good, "not too sweet, not to sour," as they say in The Sound of Music.

B) Me earlier today, riding my bike in the cool of evening, after watching an awesome old episode of NCIS, to some big blackberry bushes conveniently located half a mile from my apartment (according to Google maps). The blackberries were so big and juicy and delicious, and much sweeter than mulberries, although I like those too. But picking season is pretty much over for the mulberry trees.

Oh, and some news from the world of young actresses (heh, I say this to my sister pretty frequently, like, "News from the world of young actresses: Elle Fanning is now taller than Dakota!" and she tells me news from the world of names) is that Isabelle Fuhrman didn't get nominated for an MTV movie award! *sad*

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I almost went beserk on Monday morning when I'd thought I'd lost my iPod (which I've had for about two years now). I left it in the bathroom at work on Sunday evening, so I was at the store the minute we opened on Monday to search for it... only to discover that it wasn't where I was so sure I'd left it. I ranted and raved for a while, thinking a customer had stolen it, and then I discovered that one of my co-workers had picked it up, put it in his pocket, and took it home. Wtf? He said he meant to put it in our lost and found but it was so light he forgot he had it in his pocket.

I went to McDonald's for breakfast on Monday morning. Has anyone else seen those Jack in the Box commercials about how they serve breakfast all day and McDonald's doesn't? I really hope that will prompt McDonald's to start serving breakfast all day because I love their breakfast menu so much, but I can almost never wake up early enough to get to it. I could eat their hotcake platter every damn day. (And every time I'd probably say, "Do you want the pecan waffles with lots and lots of syrup and butter?" a la Corrina, Corrina.)

Yesterday I finally took Eva to the water park! I was so worried that it would rain. It did drizzle a little on the drive there, and when we first got there, it was so cloudy and windy that I got cold when I wasn't in the water. But then the sun came out, and even stayed out for long enough for me to get a sunburn! It actually felt good, because it's been raining so damn much here. (It rained most today, in point of fact.) The water park was small, with only two slides, but we had fun. At one point I was trying to pull Eva out of the current pool, which had a pretty strong current in it, and started singing the Baywatch theme song.

After the water park, we went to McDonald's for lunch and then we saw the new Harry Potter movie. It worked out perfectly, because as soon as we left the water park, very dark clouds started rolling in, but the thunderstorm didn't start until we were inside the movie theater, and it was all over by the time we got out.

I'd write more about the movie, but I have a dog to walk and dishes to wash and things to clean. But I will say that this weekend, Mom, Adam, and I are going to Houston, and I'm going to the cemetery there to find Roger's grave. This time there is no hesitation, no dread about going to Houston at all, just excitement because I'm finally going to find his grave. I'm can't fucking wait. Alas, foolish Rebecca!

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When I walked outside today, it was like walking into an oven. The heat was a physical thing. Literally, you could touch it. I rode my bike to and from work, and usually I pedal through at least a few cool breezes, but not today -- just block after block of hot air. I think there's something holy about the way it makes everything shimmer.

I had dinner at Grandma's house today and saw Athena and Olivia while I was there. Olivia hadn't seen Sable in a while and was very surprised at how old he'd gotten. ("How old is he? Is he going blind?") I didn't mind because she's family and she was asking politely and all, but what does piss me off is when I'm walking Sable and nosy strangers will say things like, "What's the matter with your dog? What happened to his hair?" Hello! He's 91 in dog years! We'll just see what you look like when you're 91! Nobody would ever go up to some old person and ask what happened to their hair, so why is it okay to do it to a dog?

I'll be getting a new manager soon at work. She looks a little like Kate Gosselin. Here's hoping she doesn't act like her too.

Pickle-sickles are too weird. And they made my mouth burn.


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