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Everyone in my neck of the woods has been talking about Hurricane Isaac all week. It got a little ridiculous. Isaac was a Category 1 hurricane that made landfall on the other side of the state, and yet schools and businesses across the parish were closed for two days, and I even saw a few places with boarded-up windows, which made me roll my eyes so hard. For all that worrying, we had two days of 20-30-mile wind gusts, one day of rain, and our electricity flickered a bit -- a whole lotta nothin'. But I know I'm lucky to be able to say that. Other parts of the Gulf Coast got slammed hard.

Business has been slow because of the weather, and I've worked long, slooow days all this week. Ugh! This getting up early is really starting to wear on me. But Athena will be in town this weekend for Labor Day, and I'm hoping we can together and do something fun.

25 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SEASON 10 OF NCIS! And CBS just released a teaser promo, which you can see here. Have I mentioned that the premiere date, September 25, also happens to be Yom Kippur?! Why, oh why, couldn't they have chosen September 18? Why did they have to choose the highest High Holy Day in Judaism? Ugh! I had been looking forward to watching the premiere when it aired, but I'll just have to catch it online later because I really can't miss the Kol Nidre service. I recently had this conversation with Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1...

Me: Did you know the season premiere of NCIS is airing on Yom Kippur?
Michael: [nonchalantly] Well, you won't be able to watch it.
Me: [embarrassed] Actually, I've been thinking about skipping the service.
Michael: [horrified] Rebecca! It's Yom Kippur!
Me: But... it's Season 10 of NCIS!

(Don't worry, I'm not really going to skip services. I'm not that bad of a Jew. As much as I love NCIS, I know the Kol Nidre service is more important. I'm going to keep this countdown going, anyway.)

In other Jew news, they finally finished construction on R-street downtown, so biking to services tonight, I was able to take a new route that felt infinitely easier and shorter. Shehekianu! Shortly before I left, my sunglasses broke and while trying to glue them back together, I got glue all over my hands. So I spent most of my time picking glue off my fingers rather than looking at the siddur, but I still said all the responses. Finally Paul (Sassy Jewish Grandfather #2) turned to me and said, "Rebecca, how are you doing that? Do you have the whole book memorized or something?" Haha, hardly, but I've always had a good memory for text, and I've been saying the responses for +2 years now! Shabbat Shalom, y'all!
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All hail Rebecca, who actually did something with her day off! First, I woke up way too early this morning and had coffee with Sassy Jewish #1. He's in another play, The Odd Couple this time, and I read through Acts I and II with him to help him learn his lines. He's playing Oscar (the slobby one) and only has about half his lines memorized with three weeks till opening night!

After that, Sara and I drove downtown to the park. Remember when I spent a day helping rebuild a playground that burnt down? Well, it's finally finished and open to the public! Since I'd seen some of the under-construction phase, I couldn't wait to see the finished product. The new playground is massive and so cool. Heck, I'm glad the old one burnt down because this one is even better! I played on the spinner and see-saw that I'd worked on, and it was sweet to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. After the spinner made me dizzy enough to puke, Sara and I walked over the lake and fed some stale bread to the ducks and seagulls.

Me on the spinner. Sara spun me around so hard that I flew off, and now I have bruises on my arm and hip.

Me lying across the tire swing. Like my hair?

And now, about last night's new NCIS episode. I'm still watching one old Season 8 episode for every week that we don't get a new one. Since I began writing these episode notes (my first one was for Restless), I've been under assault from fanfic plot bunnies! I've never really lacked plot bunnies, I've only lacked the time and talent to turn them into good fics. But now, this one particular bunny refuses to leave me alone, and it's for a very uncanon pairing that I would never ordinarily write -- Zibbs! Yeah, as in Ziva/Gibbs! And heaven help me, I think I might actually end up writing the story!

Observations on 9x13 "A Desperate Man" )

Go, fanfiction writers! To your keyboards! A new world of possibilities awaits you!

Random P.S. On Sara's page-a-day art calendar, I'm currently looking at Surf, Isles of Shoals, a 1913 oil painting by Childe Hassam. It's quite lovely.
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For the last few years, I seriously get so depressed on my birthday. I feel old enough already, and when I have to add one year onto that, I feel like I might as well stick one foot in the grave. Today I saw an old lady in a denim dress, with a bow in her long, solid-white hair, and it made me shudder. Ugh. I really, really hope I'll be lucky enough to age like Grandma.

So in an effort to make this birthday a more positive experience, I'm doing another Thankful Thursday. A few things I'm thankful for this week:

~ Hallelujah, my new debit card arrived! Finally!

~ This weather! It's a bit too chilly for me at night, but the days are so nice and cool. Perfect weather for sleeping with your window open and bike-riding! I've biked to work twice this week, and plan to do it again tomorrow. We don't get any fall foliage down here, but lots of my neighbors have Halloween decorations up, and I like biking around and seeing them. One of the things I love about this neighborhood.

~ I'm always grateful that I don't live with my mom anymore, but that goes triple at this time of year. When I biked over the other day, you could hear the high school marching band at practice and the football coach shouting orders through a loudspeaker on her front lawn (and probably inside her house too). Then there's the stadium lights and football traffic to deal with on game nights. I am so, so thankful that I don't have to deal with that anymore.

~ On Tuesday, after NCIS, Sara took me out to dinner for my birthday! We went to a local pizzeria that's been here forever but where we'd never been before. We had a thin-crust with mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano, and parmesan, and it was delicious. Then we went to the frozen yogurt place. Sara is addicted to the original tart flavor. I don't have a favorite flavor, but my favorite topping is marshmallow cream. Then we browsed around in the bookstore. I found greeting cards for Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah!

~ On Wednesday morning, I dropped some stuff off at the recycling truck in the grocery store parking lot. I happened to be wearing my NCIS shirt (that Sara gave me for my birthday last year), and when the guy loading the truck saw me coming, he said, "Watchya got for me, Abs?" IT MADE MY DAY!

~ Today, I woke up early enough to get breakfast from Wendy's (much more to my own amazement than anyone else's) and went out for dinner with Mom and Sara. I had sweet potato fries and a pulled pork sandwich with pecans, carmelized onions, and carrots. It was a little strange, but very good.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs, February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

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The days are getting shorter now, which is the one thing I hate about fall! I'm going to miss riding my bike to and from temple while the sun is still out. My bike-all-you can experiment is still on, although I wasn't as successful with it this week. Rainy weather and earlier evenings put a crunch in my biking time, but I'm still saving a little money on gas, which is necessary in the wake of getting Muse Watson repaired.

The High Holy Days are fast approaching. They kick off this Saturday with Selichot. This year is my first High Holy Days as an official Jew, so I'm kinda nervous about it. This has to be the busiest, most festive time of year for the Jewish people. Within the next few weeks, I'll be making pumpkin bread for the dessert oneg after Rosh Hashanah, reciting the Torah blessing in front of everyone at the Rosh Hashanah second-day service, and making devilled eggs and helping make salad for the break-the-fast meal after Yom Kippur! Plus, my birthday falls smack in the middle of the High Holy Days this year! (At least it doesn't fall on Yom Kippur. This has happened before.)

And as if I'm not busy enough, just for the heck of it, I lost my debit card! What a Sara thing to do. Yesterday I had to scrimp together four bucks in change to put gas in Muse Watson because of it, and this morning I had to bike to the bank and order a new card. I've never managed to lose a debit card before and am so disgusted with myself. Are you serious, Rebecca?

In other Jew news, we had some new faces at Torah study last Saturday, so Rabbi W had us all introduce and say a little about ourselves. As it turned out, everyone there except one person had been raised in a different faith and converted/was in the process of converting to Judaism. The only one of us who'd been raised Jewish was the rabbi! Someone said something like, "I thought I would be the odd man out, because I was raised Catholic, but you're the odd man out, Rabbi, because you were raised Jewish!" Rabbi W cracked up so hard. He has a very welcoming, open-door policy. He's even convinced two women in our congregation who took up practicing Judaism when they married their husbands decades ago and have been living as Jews all this time, to formally convert with a beit din and mikvah.

I've discovered one of my coworkers is also obsessed with NCIS, although not to the same degree that I am. Over the weekend, we drilled each other with questions about the show (he asked super-easy stuff like, "How did Kate die? Where's Ziva from?"). I kicked his butt! He obviously didn't know that Sara likes to turn on USA when they're showing NCIS reruns and say, "Rebecca can name this episode in one freeze-frame!" Well, there are only three subjects that I'll claim to be an expert on: JM Barrie, child actresses, and NCIS.

Which brings us to the most exciting news of all, of course: Season 9 of NCIS premieres ... TOMORROW!

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I've discovered the trick to drinking more water is to chug it out of a wine bottle. I bought a cheap bottle of wine for Passover, and after the wine was gone (I didn't drink any) I saved the bottle and have been refilling it with water. I've never been big on drinking water - because it's healthy for you and I'm a very unhealthy eater - but I love tossing back that bottle and pretending I'm a wino. It's funny, because I never drink alcohol. The French couldn't get me drunk once when I was in their country for seven months, and neither could the Jews when I attended two Passover seders.

And it's about to be very important to stay hydrated, because I broke into a sweat while walking Sable today. And it's not even May yet! To make it all worse, in just a few more weeks, Season 8 of NCIS will be over! I hate the thought of having to spend another loooong hot summer waiting for new episodes. I plan to read and write a lot of fanfiction so I don't go into withdrawal. In fact, I will be entering my first ever ficathon here: [ profile] ncis_ficathon. Egads, I'm so nervous. Wish me luck!

My NCIS final episodes master list. I also made one of these last year for Season 7; it's here.

Episode 8x22: Baltimore. Airdate: May 3.
After Tony's ex-partner Danny Price appears to be the P2P Killer's latest victim, he revisits his days as a detective in Baltimore, including his first encounter with Gibbs. Promo pictures here.

Episode 8x23: Swan Song. Airdate: May 10.
After new evidence reveals that the P2P killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down. Mike Franks and Trent Kort will appear, and also look for a small cameo by Jesse Stern! Promo pictures here.

Episode 8x24: Pyramid (Season 8 Finale). Airdate: May 17.
The lives of NCIS members are in jeopardy when they come face-to-face with the infamous P2P killer. And as if this weren't enough... we will find out what Gibbs has been building in his basement! Promo pictures here.

Other Stuff:
     Cast Qutoes about Swan Song. Pauley Perrette: "Easiest crying scene ever." Jesse Stern: "I've never seen an episode like swan song before." Michael Weatherly: "We've got agents getting shot, chaos, mayhem, and super intrigue." 
     Tracking the killer will be deadly for at least one of the people involved.
     TV Guide: "A politically savvy and powerful DC administrator steps into his new job driven to get things done with little concern for the consequences. The character is scheduled to have a substantive part in the end of this season, and possibly the beginning of the next."

I will not be around for the next few days, because I am leaving super-early tomorrow morning to see the bad-ass James Taylor in concert! (Haha, I can hear Sara's voice in my head right now: "Excuse me, but James Taylor did a song called Sweet Baby James. He is not a bad-ass.") I'm so excited!

P.S. What's the deal with all the excitement over the Royal Wedding? For a country that went to war to gain independence from Britain, Americans sure seem to love the British Royals. 
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Only one short, sweet hour to go until the NCIS Season 8 premiere! Sara has been has been saying for weeks that she's going to travel to Washington DC today and assassinate President Obama so the show will get preempted. Haha.

To celebrate, I decided to go all-out, so I bought pizza and am about to make peanut-butter brownies. Josh and I considered having a viewing party, but I don't like having people over and he lives out in Middle of Nowhere, LA. Also, I'm greedy and didn't want to share my food.

Text message from Josh, earlier today: "NCIS tonight, baby! Hell yeah! I will be glued to the TV."

This child actress song number pretty much sums up the mood:

(Annie's Aileen Quinn singing "Lucky Day" in The Frog Prince, 1986.)

Gotta go bake brownies now!

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Rebecca here, trying to pack all the laziness she can into her day off. I have to work this weekend and close two nights next week, and Back-to-School will start with a vengence. Oh, well. I just have to keep reminding myself that it'll be on its way out by the end of next week. And fantasizing about Season 8 of NCIS. I rewatched "Rule 51" (the Season 7 finale) with Sara recently, which was a mistake, because it did nothing but make me more impatient for the premiere.

I don't hate summer, but by this time of the year, I'm always sick of it. It's hot all the time now. Our apartment is comfortable, but it's impossibly to actually feel cool unless you're sitting right in front of the air conditioner (like I am now) or unless you spray water on your face and go bike riding to make a breeze (and that doesn't last long).

If anybody asks me what I did this summer, I'm going to say that I spent it resisting the urge to scale the fence and jump into my neighbor's pool. And it's true! But probably no one will ask me that, and it'll be a lost opportunity, just like when no one ever asked me what I was giving up for Lent, when I was all prepared to say birth control.

Come on, fall!

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I came across this bit of news on Monday while I was at work. I was so excited over it that I literally fist-pumped the air and announced it over the radio to everyone in the store. Strangely enough, no one else thought it was that cool. In a new ranking based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana claims the top spot as the country's laziest state. The article goes on to point out, "To be clear, by lazy we do not mean lacking work ethic or engagement. Rather, it is a measure of leisure time spent doing sedentary activities compared with activities that require more physical effort, such as exercising and doing yard work." It attributed part of this to the climate, because it's basically too hot and humid down here to do anything. Yeah, Rebecca's been there.

But I was off from work yesterday and actually got some stuff accomplished. I finally made an appointment to get another asthma prescription (after going to the hospital, I couldn't put it off anymore) and I went swinging in the park with a friend from work. The park swingset was nowhere near as good as the one CJ & Company have. Josh asked me if I'd gotten a ticker counting down to the Season 8 premiere of NCIS. I hadn't at the time, but of course, I've since remedied that.

I also... took the first real step to changing my name! I drove to the Louisiana Law Library downtown and picked up the paperwork. Next Step: Getting the papers "drawn up" by someone who's "privvy to how the legal system works" (the receptionist's words), notarized, and brought to the clerk of court's office.

I have to haul my butt out of bed early tomorrow to get to the doctor's. I've realized that the problem with my asthma prescriptions is that I don't need to use them often enough to use up all my refills before the script expires.
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It's dark out, but when I went to walk Sable a minute ago, I could smell a barbeque nearby, hear kids playing down the block, and see my neighbor smoking on her steps. I love summer. I went for a bike ride this afternoon, and an important thing to keep in mind when bike riding in the summer is to go through any sprinklers you see. I don't mean cut across people's lawns, but if the sprinkler is hitting the sidewalk, stand under the water.

I also went by Grandma's house and watered her garden for her. She gave me four more fresh-picked cucumbers, which was nice of her, except for the fact that I already have an entire crisper full of cucumbers from her. I'm eating them with every meal and still drowning in them! Help! 

Me to Sara this morning, after her laughing at an old lady in the grocery parking lot who seemed to have no idea why she was holding onto a shopping cart: "Stop making fun of old people!" Sara: "Why don't you just ask me to lay down and die?"

I'm currently compiling a wish list of things I want to happen in Season 8 of NCIS. It's getting quite long. Will be posted closer to the season premiere; I plan to refer back to it and check off things if/when they happen.

And for no reason:
    The oil says it's coming for my state.
    My asthma says this time I won't survive.
    My worst fears say I won't like Season 8.
    My dog says, "Well, at least I'm still alive."
My horrible parody of the excellent poem My Agent Says.

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I haven't posted in a good while, so here's a recap of what I've been up to. As you can see, it's not much.

Have you ever had a dream that left you feeling incredibly pissed-off when you woke up? I dreamt last week that Sara opened all our windows and threw all my stuff out onto the street. (Useless fact for the day: dreamt is the only word in the English language that ends in -mt. My dad had a book of useless facts, but this one I read on the back of a cereal box.) I was both furious and relieved when I woke up. It doesn't help that almost every time I wake up, no matter what time of day, she feels a need to tell me I'm lazy. Apparently sleeping at all makes me lazy.

A few days ago I finally washed the truck; we hadn't washed it since I don't remember when, so it was hard work getting all the grime off, but I actually kinda enjoyed it. It was a sunny day in Mom's driveway, with my iPod speaker playing and Sable rolling around in the grass. (Even though, for some stupid reason, I did it on the second day of my period, which is when I have the worst backaches known to man.) It turns out the truck is actually a pristine white, not dingy gray. I'm still not used to it. I even borrowed Grandma's dust-buster and cleaned out the cab.

For the past week, I've been almost completely abstaining from the NCIS reruns on USA. I got myself so hyped up over last Tuesday's new episode on CBS -- and this Tuesday's is the season finale (omg! breathe, breathe, breathe!) -- that I don't want to overdose. It feels good to take a little breather.

My damn ankles are always giving me problems, but today they're especially bad. I don't know why, maybe because I closed tonight and had to recover pods 9-6, which involves nonstop standing and bending.

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I was off today and actually got some things accomplished. Did some more genealogy research in the library. Went bike riding past some telephone poles and fences that were completely covered under blankets of blooming jasmine. Took some cemetery photos for Find a Grave. Put more air in the truck tires. And ... went shopping and bought an outfit that includes ... shorts. And in a few weeks, after I get up my nerve, I'm going to wear it.

But the best part of the day was standing out the check-out counter, and seeing Gibbs, Tony, and McGee on the cover of TV Guide, and knowing that a new episode was waiting for me at home that evening. That's what the poets call "how exquisite, what perfect bliss." Even though tonight's episode could've been better, I'm so psyched for the countdown to the season finale! I don't know how I'll make it to May 25. The show seems to have gotten very Gibbs-centric lately, and while I love Gibbs, I love the rest of the team too, and Ducky. (Need I remind anyone that God loves a duck, and God loves Ducky! Heh, "God loves a duck" is like my new "Freedom, little seal." Hmm, I think Sara is the only person who's going to understand that sentence.)
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A new NCIS episode comes on this Tuesday, and it's the first of five new episodes in a row that all lead up to the two-hour season finale! I'm so excited that I've been telling everyone I know (Grandma! Josh! Random people!) and soon I'm going to make a list of all the new episodes, their press release summaries, and tape it to our refrigerator. I hope I'll be able to watch them all and won't be stuck at work.

A teacher came into our store this evening to print some papers for a novel unit he was teaching on Wait Till Helen Comes. When I saw the book on the counter (he had the exact same copy, with the exact same cover art, as the one Sara and I had back in the '90s) I actually started exclaiming, "Oh, my God, Wait Till Helen Comes! That book scared the crap out of me!"

Inspired by a similar post my sister made, a list of notable injuries I've suffered in my life:

  1. Fell off my bike onto pinecones. I was about six and riding that pink "Puppy Luv" bike I got for Christmas 1990 or '91. (I don't remember having any bike before that, so it must've been my first.) I fell off down the corner from our house and started to stagger home, crying, but some teenage guys offered me a ride in their truck. I remember thinking that since they were wearing Catholic high school uniforms, it was probably okay, so I said yes and one of them lifted me and my bike into the flatbed. When I got home and told Mom -- an incredibly stupid thing to do, in retrospect -- she got really pissed, and I got really pissed back at her because I was all hurt and bleeding and she was just yelling about not taking rides from strangers. See #8.
  2. Got stabbed in the foot with a Batmobile toy. I was about eight. Adam and I were playing some game in his room when I jumped off his bed and landed barefoot on his damn Batmobile toy. You'd think an 8-year-old jumping on some cheap plastic toy would do more damage to the toy than the kid, right? Wrong. Maybe because I was chronically underweight as a kid (I probably weighed about forty pounds when this happened) but I didn't even dent the thing. Instead, the wing on the back of the Batmobile (Adam's toy looked a little like this, only smaller, of course, and not so bad-ass) stabbed me in the foot. I wince just writing about this, it hurt so bad. I remember crying and limping to the bathroom and trying to bandage it up by myself. I didn't tell Mom until about twenty minutes after it happened, because I was scared she'd yell at me for getting blood all over the bathroom. I couldn't even wear shoes on that foot for a week or so.
  3. Fell face-forward onto the sidewalk. I was about nine. I was at the corner down from our house (underneath a bunch of pine trees), coming home from Grandma's. Ben was a ways ahead of me, and I was running toward him, about to call him some insulting name I'd just thought of, when I tripped and fell. Sara had been running right behind me (trying to stop me from yelling at Ben) and she tripped over me and landed on top of me. I got scabs and stuff all over my face and everyone said I looked like Quasimodo.
  4. Fell off my swing. This happened numerous times, from about 1992-2000. Once I fell flat on my back and thought I was going to puke (circa 1992). Once I fell flat on my butt and it hurt to sit down for days. Once I fell and slid on my arm and had a brush burn from my elbow to armpit. Once I fell on my leg, borrowed a cane from Grandma, and limped around for a week (circa 1998). Once I landed on my hands and knees in such a way that my right middle finger slammed right into a live oak tree root -- we had a lot of those in our backyard -- so hard that it got shorter. (See #7. Now both my middle fingers are deformed.) Twice my pinky fingernail was ripped clean off. But the craziest thing is, I kept getting back up on that swing.
  5. Burned my arm on my old lamp. I was fourteen and in eighth grade, and I had that really cool blue lamp that I just loved. One night I was lying on the floor doing my homework and it fell forward onto my arm and left a perfectly circular burn. The next day at school (middle school, one of the worst I've ever attended), the kid who sat in front of me in social studies saw it and asked me who'd done it. When I said "nobody," he asked if I'd done it to myself. Writing that might make him sound concerned, but actually he was just a jackhole, like most of the kids in that school.
  6. A brush-burn on my leg, courtesy of Sable. I was walking him home from Grandma's, and for some reason I didn't have his leash and had to use a rope. At one point he pulled on it too hard, and it burned my hands and wrapped around my leg. It left this thin line almost halfway around my leg that never bled but just oozed puss for weeks and looked really gross.
  7. Bent my finger back. It was around 2004, and I was at mom's house, trying to kill a roach on the hallway floor. I sprayed a lot of Raid on it, but it wouldn't die, so I stomped on it. My foot slipped in all the Raid, I tried to put out a hand to catch myself, and my left middle finger hit the wall and got bent back really far. I honestly think I saw stars. When I told Dad, he said, "As Saddam will you, the poisonous gases need a little time to work." (God, I miss his humor.) That finger is now permanently crooked from where it hit the wall. See #4.
  8. Unleased a fountain of blood from my thumb. It was April 2006, and I was at mom's house for Spring Break. I was cutting the tag off a new pair of jeans when the scissors slipped and cut my thumb. It was a very tiny cut, but deep and right along my thumb nail, and it was truly amazing how much it bled. The blood was practically spurting out. I remember that Adam was taking a shower (as always) and when I hollered at him to get out because I needed to get to every inch of gauze we had in the bathroom, Mom yelled at me and told me to leave Adam alone. Some things never change. See #1.
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I was suffering a terrible NCIS drought for the last three days. USA didn't show any episodes all weekend, and I missed the ones that came on yesterday because I was stuck at work. There was one tonight that started at seven, and since I didn't get off until seven, I ran across the parking lot and drove home as quickly and dangerously as possible (which, for me, is not at all quick or dangerous, certainly not compared to my mom or NCIS's Ziva) to miss as little as possible.

Speaking of droughts, it rained yesterday for the first time in so long that I was tempted to run outside and dance in it! (And I probably would have, but I was at work.) Unfortunately it was brief, and when I drove home, I saw that it the rain hadn't touched my end of town at all. This after it was cloudy all day on Sunday, but all we got were a few worthless little drops, the kind the people in the Dust Bowl got when they prayed for rain.

I've been thinking lately about Sable's weird habit of rolling around on his blankets. I don't know if he does it when no one's around, but when I am around, he usually does it just after I've come home from work, fed him, or walked him. I used to think he was wrestling with the blankets, but now I think it might be his form of celebration, like that happy dance Snoopy does. When he does it outside on the grass, I suspect it's way of worshipping his one true god, the sun.


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I had another dream involving child actresses last night. (See also the one about Liz Taylor and the one about Anna Paquin & Victoire Thivisol.) In it, I'd just bought a DVD of this movie starring a really young Dakota Fanning (like, I Am Sam-era young), a Matilda-era Mara Wilson, and a modern-day Natalie Portman, who I think was playing Mara's mom. I can't remember anything about the actual movie, except that I really loved it and was so excited to have a copy.

Adam and I drove out to Iowa yesterday for the Rabbit Festival. I enjoyed the atmosphere and looking around at the booths, but I mostly just went for the carnival food. I love carnival food! (Carnival rides make me sick now, which makes me feel about as old as Grandma!) With the incredibly strong smells of boiled crawfish -- which, like coffee, I love the smell but not the taste of -- and onion rings bombarding my nose from every direction, it was really hard to limit my choices to nachos, funnel cakes, and fried oreos. Adam had a sno-cone and cotton candy. Would you believe he's curious as to what raw onions taste like, but wouldn't try a bite of delicious funnel cake? We also visited Celeste & Co. while there and met their dog Bo, who is so sweet that he reminded me of Dug from Up. Within a few minutes of meeting me, he was throwing himself in my lap and gazing up at me adoringly. The most amazing thing is that I could pull myself away from NCIS and leave the house at all that day.

The weather was nice enough while we were out yesterday, but last night was almost scary. It didn't rain much, but the wind was strong that I thought I was back in Villers-Cotterets. It practically shook the apartment building at some points, and I could hear it whooshing up and down the streets like it was alive. And angry.

Today I did my laundry at Grandma's, flipped through her TV Guide, and made a list of every NCIS episode coming on from Monday to Thursday. I put it up on our refrigerator, although I considered taping it to the corner of the TV screen. I'm so excited: tomorrow is "Judgment Day," the one where Jenny dies!!! I've been looking for that episode on YouTube since for weeks, but I've only found parts of it, so I never got the whole story on how she died. As much as I liked her and didn't want her to die, this is going to be awesome.

Tomorrow, it's back to the salt mines. There has been a lot of drama at work lately because one of my managers claims she's being disrespected. I think she's just taking her anger over her skunk-striped dye job out on us. Sara has said I'm "the definition of passive-aggressive" -- which is something I've seriously been trying to change -- but I'm nothing compared to some of my co-workers. They're having worse problems with Skunkhair than I am, because they tend to cry in the corner, roll their eyes, make sarcastic comments under their breath, and/or bitch to me when she pisses them off. I am working at honestly telling her when she pisses me off, and why.

I've also been trying to figure out how I got to be so passive-agressive in the first place. It sounds so whiny for anyone to still blame their problems on their mom when they're an adult, but I do think my mom's part of it. She's not a cruel person, but when she gets mad, she can say and do incredibly hurtful things. I don't remember ever trying to talk to her about this -- or about anything -- because it was always a given to me that she wouldn't apologize, wouldn't admit she'd done anything wrong, wouldn't change. I remembered recently that when I was a little kid, if I was doing I shouldn't, if someone said to me, even in a perfectly nice way, "Please don't do that," I would feel devastated and think they were angry with me. Is that normal? But then, is anyone? Think I'll go watch Matilda now.
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Sara says that one day she's going to call my store and ask for a shredder that can shred human remains. She never has, but on Tuesday, we got a customer that was almost as good. A normal-looking middle-aged man asked about voice recorders, and when Tim showed him what we carry, he asked if any of them could be hidden inside a bag to secretly record a conversation. When Tim said that would probably muffle the sound, he asked if we had one small enough to him to tape to his chest under his shirt. Tim got freaked-out and said that was probably illegal. I almost collapsed from laughing so hard.

I was off yesterday and had three very simple goals: go grocery shopping, do my laundry, and visit Grandma. But I accomplished only the first one. So when I got off work today, I made three more goals: go bike riding, do my laundry, and visit Grandma. But I accomplished only the second one. (The weather was so nice, and I took Sable on a long walk -- about a half-hour -- and fell asleep very suddenly after we got home.) I'll have to visit Grandma tomorrow, which means it will have taken me three days to accomplish the three very simple goals that I set on Wednesday. I know it's the fault of my poor time-management skills and messed-up sleeping schedule USA for constantly showing NCIS reruns that I can't tear myself away from! I recently found out that Josh, one of my co-workers, has the same debilitating condition of inability to do anything when NCIS is on. A new episode came on last Tuesday at seven, and when I told him that I didn't get off till seven, he offered to call me and hold his phone to the TV so I could hear what I was missing.

The newest song on my iPod (or at least the newest one that I'll admit to*) is a Spanish-language song called "De Que Vas." This is very unusual for me, because I've never been interested in non-French foreign anything. I found translated lyrics, so I have a rough idea of what's being sung, but I don't really care about the lyrics, just the hella catchy melody.

* Just kidding. I'm not ashamed of my taste in music. Other recent additions to my iPod include I'm Still Standing, Elton John; I Would Die for You, Prince; Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen; Fearless, Taylor Swift; and Children of the Revolution, U2.

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Everyone involved had a great time this weekend. Saturday afternoon, I went to the movies and saw Alice in Wonderland with Adam and a bunch of cousins. So it wasn't as good as I'd hoped -- I've seen better from Depp/Burton/Bonham-Carter -- we still had a fun time, and I enjoyed the food almost as much as the movie. Buttery popcorn and a pickle so loudly crunchy that I almost couldn't hear the movie over my chewing. Delicious.

Sunday, I watched most of a fabulous NCIS marathon (That show is like goat cheese! I never get tired of it!) and of course, the Oscars. Mom had invited Sara and me to her house to watch them, but surprise, that didn't work out. So we bought some pizzas, invited Athena over, sat on the couch, and made mean/sarcastic comments to each other. Sara: "Gabby Sidibe is really fat. How did they -- I mean, did they have to build a special seat for her? Or take the armrests off her seat? Or what?" By some accident, I saw a good number of big films this year (Coraline, Crazy Heart, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, The Lovely Bones, Star Trek, Up), so I enjoyed the ceremony, even though #1) I was pissed that Sandra Bullock won instead of Meryl Streep, #2) it wasn't a big year for young actresses (Miley Cyrus is 17 now, my cut-off age, so it's her last year in Young Actresses at the Oscars) and #3) I almost had a damn panic attack when I saw a clip of Marathon Man in the horror films montage! Oh, the horror. I can't believe the Academy would show a clip of that movie -- especially that clip -- without some sort of warning. Like, "Warning: If you're asthmatic and have a severe phobia of the dentist, watching the following clip could very well cause you to hyperventilate and die!"

And today? We're trudging through a gray, rainy Monday. I stayed up too late for the Oscars, so now I'm exhausted, and Sable and I plan to spend our evening lying around watching NCIS.

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When I was about 10, this was one of my favorite songs, and I used to hum it to myself whenever I felt stressed or upset about something (even though I didn't really understand what it was about at the time). What I had to be stressed or upset about at that age, I don't remember. But anyway, I loved it. Today, February 20th, would've been my dad's birthday.

It felt like springtime on this February morning
In a courtyard birds were singing your praise
I'm still recalling things you said to make me feel all right
I carry them with me today

It's only recently, by googling the lyrics, that I've been able to understand what she's singing in the second verse.

I wonder why I feel so high
Though I am not above the sorrow
Heavy-hearted till you call my name
And it felt like church bells
Or the whistle of a train on a summer evening
I run to meet you barefoot barely breathing

(I know, the shit we like as kids. My taste in middle school was even worse.)

The weather was so perfect today, cool and sunny, and I had one of the most glorious bike rides ever. I didn't have any specific route in mind, so I just meandered all over my neighborhood and downtown. You know you've hit your stride when you can ride your bike for a solid hour and a half (or maybe two hours, I wasn't keeping track of the time) without stopping, loving every minute of it, listening to the same song over and over on your iPod. I hit the acapella version of "Amazing Grace" a few minutes in, and although I love all the songs on my iPod, none of them sounded very good after that, so I just kept going back to it. I probably listened to it at least twenty times, but I wasn't keeping track of that, either. I didn't want that song, or that bike ride, to end, but when I finally did, I didn't feel tired at all, just energized, rejuvanated, alive.

Sara, yesterday, about me and NCIS: "It's really weird, because she's never been this obsessed with a TV show before."

P.S. My amazing new LJ profile! 

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NCIS is taking over my life. I've watched it on and off for the past several months, but I've only recently realized what an awesome show it is, and now I never miss an episode. The other day I was out riding my bike and agonizing over whether to come home and watch NCIS -- I mean, what if it was a Kate episode? Then I would've cut the whole bike ride short for nothing! -- and finally I got Sara to text me and tell me whether it was a Kate or Ziva episode. (It was Ziva, and I came home.) The best proof of this show's greatness is that both my 12-year-old cousin and 80-year-old grandmother also like it, but they, like me, don't watch any episodes with Kate, only Ziva.

So you can imagine how shocked I was earlier this evening, when Sara and I watched The Watcher in the Woods, this '80s movie that scared the shit out of us when we were kids, and realized for the first time that the dad in it is none other than NCIS's own Ducky! He was +20 years younger, with considerably more hair, but I still can't believe I didn't recognize him sooner. Ducky is one of my favorite characters on that show. After all, God loves a duck, and God loves Ducky. Who doesn't?

There are some things that we do during the day and never think twice about, but when we do them at night, they can be a completely different experience. I went grocery shopping late in the evening one day this week, and the store was so empty that I walked down several aisles without encountering anyone -- just the products on the shelves, and the music coming from the ceiling. It was just like a scene from a zombie movie: humanity vanished, but signs of human life still remaining. Definitely the coolest and creepiest trip to the grocery store that I've had in a while.


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