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So, Rebecca's actually had a pretty good week so far. Sunday was an Eat-Spaghetti-at-Grandma's day, which are all the more meaningful since there are a limited number of spaghetti dinners left at that house. Afterwards, I took Josh over to JC & Company's to swing on their swings. (And guys? He loved your swingset.) The swinging was fun while it lasted, but before long, it made so nauseous that I almost barfed up Grandma's spaghetti! Ugh. I must be getting old, because I used to swing for hours on end. I could practically hear my other Jewish grandfather saying, "Look at me, huh? Like a rock. We can go up, we can down, we can go side-to-side..." Just before I left, Eva wanted to find out if she could give me a piggyback ride. Guess what? She could. Can I get a WITNESS!

Look at us two crazy chicks (and notice all Maggie's rubber bands still on my wrist). I promise I wasn't choking Eva, although it might look like it here. It was a difficult photo to take because we were both laughing so hard.

On Monday, I met Jewish Grandfather #1 for coffee. We hadn't done that in a while. He is really the sweetest, funniest guy. He's a theater buff who's currently acting in a local production of "Kiss Me, Kate," and he showed me a song number he does about how quoting Shakespeare can impress girls. (The one who sets them all ravin' / Is the bard of Stratford-on-Avon!) Smack in the middle of us having coffee, I got a call about a potential job. It almost certainly won't pan out, but that might be a good thing, because the application I filled out asked the most disturbing questions ever. A sample:

Do you strongly agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, or strongly disagree with the following:
    ~ If a customer is rude to you, it is acceptable to react violently.
    ~ If you have a disagreement with a coworker, you should physically threaten him/her.
    ~ It is okay to come to work under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal, non-prescription drugs.

Um, seriously, wtf?

On Tuesday, I went straight from work to a graduation reception for a young woman that my grandma used to babysit for. She is very nice - and she was almost equally upset to hear Grandma's moving - and so is her family, but the whole thing was very "Southern charm debutante gala," so I felt a little out-of-place. (There were women my mom's age politely wondering why I wasn't doing anything with my degree. Ugh.) But I do think I'm much better and mingling and making small talk than I used to be. Thank you, Jews.

After that, of course, was the Season 8 Finale of NCIS (Pyramid)! Honestly, I'm still making up my mind about it. I was surprised that both EJ and Ray lived to see the end of the season, and neither one of them is blatantly evil. (Although EJ is definitely up to something.) All in all, though, this wasn't the most well-planned finale arc. At all.

Reasons why Rebecca hates Gary Glasberg and other notes on 8x24 "Pyramid" )

I have a number of fanfic ideas on the back burner, but I'm waiting until I get my prompts from [ profile] ncis_ficathon before I publish anything. I hope I don't get anything too off-the-wall.

Sara elbowed me in the arm earlier, and now it's sore as a bitch.
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I recently provoked a jaw-drop out of one of my cowokers just by saying "what the hell." She stared at me and said, "Rebecca, that's the closest I've ever come to hearing you curse." So apparently the people I work with don't know me at all. One of them thought I was a Mormon, and now another one thinks I never curse. Ha, they couldn't be further from the truth.

And now, some photos from the cemetery that Athena and I visited in Little Rock. It was a huge cemetery, with lots of crypts and statues, a fountain, a cottage (probably no one lived there and it was just used for storage, but it was definitely a little house in the middle of the cemetery). We spent all afternoon there and still didn't see it all. You all know how much I love cemeteries, and I took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, none of them do justice to the place!

Mount Holly Cemetery )

And that's the end of my photos from Little Rock. We left the next day, and just before we left, we saw Central High School. It was the biggest, most beautiful school. I read Warriors Don't Cry, the memoir of one of the Little Rock Nine, back when I was in middle school, and it really stuck with me. And Mom could remember seeing the school on coverage on the integration crisis on the news.

This was not a good week, for various different reasons. But here's hoping that next week will be better. I wasn't crazy about this week's new NCIS episode (as much as it pains me to say that), so I never did get around to posting my notes on it. Anyway, here they are now:

Hmm... notes on 8x23 "Swan Song" )
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I woke up in the early a.m. this morning with a terrible stomachache. It was the worst I'd had in a long time. Pepto-Bismal and a hot bath didn't help, and I didn't get to sleep for a few hours, until I finally made myself throw up, something I hate to do. Sara was still awake, and she snarkily told me I'd better wash out the bowl I'd thrown up in, because she wasn't going to. (I hope I can remember to be just as bitchy the next time she's sick.) I was so tired when I woke up this morning.

Anyway, onto some more about our trip to Little Rock:

The Rosemont and James Taylor )

A cold front rolled in with the rain last night, and today was almost as cold as winter! (Which translates to, Rebecca had to wear a light jacket.) I throw up my hands at this!

Only one hour to go until the Tony origins episode of NCIS (Baltimore)! Can you smell the excitement?

Later: Updated to add my notes on the new episode, which run long because honestly, I could not find one thing to dislike about this episode. Michael Weatherly knocked it out of the park!

Lots of gushing and squeeing on 8x22 "Baltimore" )
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I've discovered the trick to drinking more water is to chug it out of a wine bottle. I bought a cheap bottle of wine for Passover, and after the wine was gone (I didn't drink any) I saved the bottle and have been refilling it with water. I've never been big on drinking water - because it's healthy for you and I'm a very unhealthy eater - but I love tossing back that bottle and pretending I'm a wino. It's funny, because I never drink alcohol. The French couldn't get me drunk once when I was in their country for seven months, and neither could the Jews when I attended two Passover seders.

And it's about to be very important to stay hydrated, because I broke into a sweat while walking Sable today. And it's not even May yet! To make it all worse, in just a few more weeks, Season 8 of NCIS will be over! I hate the thought of having to spend another loooong hot summer waiting for new episodes. I plan to read and write a lot of fanfiction so I don't go into withdrawal. In fact, I will be entering my first ever ficathon here: [ profile] ncis_ficathon. Egads, I'm so nervous. Wish me luck!

My NCIS final episodes master list. I also made one of these last year for Season 7; it's here.

Episode 8x22: Baltimore. Airdate: May 3.
After Tony's ex-partner Danny Price appears to be the P2P Killer's latest victim, he revisits his days as a detective in Baltimore, including his first encounter with Gibbs. Promo pictures here.

Episode 8x23: Swan Song. Airdate: May 10.
After new evidence reveals that the P2P killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down. Mike Franks and Trent Kort will appear, and also look for a small cameo by Jesse Stern! Promo pictures here.

Episode 8x24: Pyramid (Season 8 Finale). Airdate: May 17.
The lives of NCIS members are in jeopardy when they come face-to-face with the infamous P2P killer. And as if this weren't enough... we will find out what Gibbs has been building in his basement! Promo pictures here.

Other Stuff:
     Cast Qutoes about Swan Song. Pauley Perrette: "Easiest crying scene ever." Jesse Stern: "I've never seen an episode like swan song before." Michael Weatherly: "We've got agents getting shot, chaos, mayhem, and super intrigue." 
     Tracking the killer will be deadly for at least one of the people involved.
     TV Guide: "A politically savvy and powerful DC administrator steps into his new job driven to get things done with little concern for the consequences. The character is scheduled to have a substantive part in the end of this season, and possibly the beginning of the next."

I will not be around for the next few days, because I am leaving super-early tomorrow morning to see the bad-ass James Taylor in concert! (Haha, I can hear Sara's voice in my head right now: "Excuse me, but James Taylor did a song called Sweet Baby James. He is not a bad-ass.") I'm so excited!

P.S. What's the deal with all the excitement over the Royal Wedding? For a country that went to war to gain independence from Britain, Americans sure seem to love the British Royals. 
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Two such great NCIS episodes in a row -- what a time to be alive! I really love what EJ is bringing to this show. And once again, my episode notes run ridiculously long.

Rebecca's notes for 8x21 "Dead Reflection" )

The bad news is that after this, we have only THREE new episodes left of Season 8! Hard to believe, isn't it?
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On Tuesday evening, I attended my first meeting of the women's group our temple. I was a little blown away by how much work these women put into running the temple, fundraising, planning dinners and events, organizing the religious classes, sending food to members who sick or grieving, etc. They are a force to be reckoned with! I was so impressed.
I have to say, maybe because it was my first meeting, but I felt very out-of-place. First of all, the meeting was held at one lady's house in Swanky Subdivision Land. Honestly, it was probably one of the nicest houses I've ever been in. I kept wanting to say, "No, you don't understand! I love junk food and collect cans and shop at Goodwill!" Also, every other woman there was old enough to be my mother (or grandmother) and I had nothing to contribute when they talked about their husbands, kids, grandkids, and gardens. But they were all so sweet to me that I feel I have to go back for the next meeting. Mrs. Cohen, who sat next to me, said she was "adopting" me and appointing herself as my "meddling Jewish mother." (Haha! Cohen, just what my last name always gets misheard as!)

Still, it was hard. How can just visiting a house in the town where I've lived for so long feel more foreign going to than France?

The other downside is that the meetings seem to be held on Tuesday evenings, so I missed seeing NCIS "live." I watched this week's episode (Two-Faced - my notes are at the bottom, and they're long as heck!) online twice, and it just blew my mind. You can find excellent (better) summaries here by [ profile] kew121 and here by [ profile] littlesammy.

On Wednesday and Friday mornings, I had two job interviews. The interesting thing is that they were both positions I didn't apply for; the employers had seen my resume online and called me in. This has never happened before, and I'd like to think it's a good sign, but I also don't want to get my hopes up. Today I went straight to temple from work, and from there, straight to Grandma's house for a dinner of sloppy joes and cake. Yum.

I'm typing up some fanficiton in another window right now. Strange that in 2010, I wrote twelve stories in six months, while this is only my fourth story of 2011. I suppose I must have more of a life this year than I did then. Who'd have thought?

But I still don't have too much of a life to talk forever about NCIS! My essay-length notes on 8x20 "Two-Faced" )
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I was a bit hesitant about tonight's new NCIS after last week's ugh-inducer (Out of the Frying Pan), but I shouldn't have been. Fornell episodes are always a treat, and there were several fun team moments in this one. It was also nice not having Vance around to butt heads with Gibbs again.

Hooray for 8x19 "Tell-All!" )
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Rebecca had her first Purim celebration this weekend. It was held at the temple in Lafayette, and folks from the temples here and in New Iberia all drove there for it. (What does it say about Jews in Acadiana that people had to come from three different cities to get a decent Purim crowd?) I was in a van with two grown-ups and six kids, ranging in age from five to twelve. For the most part, they were a sweet, well-behaved bunch, but we were on the road for +2 hours, so naturally there was some bickering and whining.

Purim is a costume holiday, and before my disastrous trip to New Orleans, I had to brainstorm something to wear. Somebody suggested I wear my old Catholic high school uniform, but A) I no longer have it because I literally burned it after I graduated, B) I couldn't fit into it if I did, and C) I don't think it's an appropriate costume for a Jewish holiday! I would've been a great Katniss Everdeen before I cut my hair. Then finally an idea came to me: the French stereotype! I found a striped shirt and red scarf but no beret so instead I wore the Paris cap I bought the first time I went to France. I thought it was a good costume, but... no one knew what I was supposed to be. Zut alors! Maybe next year I'll go as Queen Esther. All the little girls dressed there were dressed as her, as well as my sassy Jewish grandmother.

So my costume wasn't a hit, but I still had fun. The kids put on a play of the megilla, and we all made hamantashen and had lunch together. I took some pictures, but my camera must have been on the fritz that day because they all came out horribly. Here's one of the few good ones:

This is Ryan, one of the kids I rode to Lafayette with, and the hamantashen he decorated with a pyramid of mini-marshmallows held together by frosting. I'm not sure what his costume is; some sort of bedouin sheik, maybe? He played King Achashverosh in the megilla play. The crowd booed whenever Haman's name was said, and said "gesundheit" after Achashverosh's name. Haha.

Yesterday was my first day back at work after my vacation. That was NO fun, although I did crack up when I told Josh I'd gone to a Purim festival, and he did the biggest double-take ever and said, "Wait, what? A porn festival? You?" If I didn't know any better, I'd say Josh had his mind in the gutter. :)

And today was our first new NCIS episode in three weeks! Just to make this already long post a little longer, here are my episode notes on it.

Rebecca wasn't feeling 8x18 "Out of the Frying Pan" )
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February had exactly four weeks (28 days) in it this year, so both February 1 and March 1 fell on Tuesdays. And they both had new NCIS episodes! It's a great way to kick off a new month. February had been bleak, depressing moments (like February usually does) but I hope that March will bring us some warm spring weather and some juicy new NCIS stuff. It looks while we're finally into this season's finale arc, and I'm so curious to see how it will play out. Everyone in the fandom has really been looking forward to tonight's episode, because it was directed by Michael Weatherly! He did a great job and I hope he'll direct again in the future.

Long notes on 8x17 "One Last Score" )
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How is it that January dragged on forever, while February seems to have flown right by? Of course February is the shortest month, but still, it hardly seems possible that next week will already be March! For some reason, this depresses me.

I have felt so run-down and exhausted this week (Sara has a cold and is trying her best to give it to me), but I did do a few things. Mom invited Sara and me to dinner, and even though I'm not a fan when she tries to pretend we're a normal family, free food is free food, so I accepted. Only later did I realize that she had invited us over at seven on Tuesday, which was when the new episode of NCIS came on! I caught the last few minutes (of Kill Screen - my notes are at the bottom) and watched it online later. On Wednesday, I finally met my Jewish grandfather for coffee (even though I don't drink coffee) and introduced him to Sara. He had never met any of my family before, I think because I was worried they'd embarrass me and/or frighten him away.

Our landlord repainted our stairwell this week, and even though we've been leaving the window open, it still reeks of paint. Sable and Graycat are staying away from the stairs until the smell dies down. We're trying to leave the door open too, but it's so windy that it just blows shut again. But I do like that the weather's so warm and windy now. Spring is finally on its way in. If only I could summon up the energy to go bike riding.

I'm looking forward to being off and getting some rest this weekend. Sara and I have a date with Athena to watch the Oscars on Sunday night, and I'm so psyched!

Notes on 8x16 "Kill Screen." It was darn good! )
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Seriously, I'm working on a fanfic right now that just doesn't seem to end. Oh, well. Tonight's new episode was so good!

Review for 8x15 "Defiance" )
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There aren't enough words to describe how much I hated tonight's new NCIS episode. Seriously, I could barely even stomach writing my review for it. You might want to just skip this one altogether.

A big stinking pile of ugh for 8x14 "A Man Walks into a Bar" )

Well, at least now it's over and I can pretend it never aired. And immediately start lowering my hopes whenever I see Glasberg listed as an episode writer.
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We kicked off February with a new episode of NCIS! Rebecca is staying cold and busy here, but she still found time to write a review for tonight's episode. It had its highs and lows.

A mixed bag of nuts on 8x13 "Freedom" )
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I haven't blogged in a while because there hasn't been much worth blogging about. I seem to have fallen into a rut this week. I had a failed job interview on Wednesday morning, and on Tuesday morning, Sable shit all over the floor. I cleaned it up, and to combat the lingering smell, I threw open all our windows and that night, I sauteed an onion for dinner. (I actually made some more of Marlene's stuffing; it's still delicious, especially with lots of butter. Dammit, now I'm hungry.)

On Thursday, I drove to Texas to see my sassy Jewish grandfather in a play. Why is it that after almost nine years of being a licensed driver, I still get nervous when I have to merge onto the interstate? (Probably because I don't drive on the interstate that much.) The trip to Texas was especially nerve-wracking because I'd never taken my new car on the interstate before and didn't know what to expect. But the trip went smoothly, even though the car doesn't seem to get as good gas mileage as the truck. The sunset over the trees was really beautiful.

On Tuesday night, there was a new episode of NCIS, but I never got around to posting my review on it, so here it is now. It was a kinda blah episode that matched my mood.

Rebecca loves Ducky but not 8x12 "Recruited" )
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There was new episode of NCIS tonight -- finally! It was the first new episode of 2011, and it was a great one! What better way to kick off the new year?

Notes for 8x11 "Ships in the Night" )
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I just called my poor 81-year-old grandma at midnight and woke her up because I accidentally dialed her instead of my brother. (He's #3 on my speeddial, she's #2.) D'oh!

I somehow let myself get talked into spending the night at my mom's house, something I haven't done since 2008. I came over this evening to watch To Kill a Mockingbird with Adam (he'd rented it from Netflix; excellent young actress performance) and ended up helping set up their Christmas village and tree. I was not a fan. Now I'm typing this up on their computer, which is so damn swanky I'm tempted to steal it every time I come over here, before going to bed. I took a sleeping pill before I left my apartment, and that damn thing works fast.

I'm off tomorrow/today, and we're celebrating Sara's birthday and maybe going used car shopping. I'm also determined to start looking for a new job.

Of course, before I left my apartment, I watched tonight's new NCIS episode and typed up my notes on it. Here they are:

Notes on 8x10 "False Witness," this season's Christmas episode )
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Any guesses as to what Rebecca has in her kitchen cabinet right now? Eight cans of green beans, three cans of cream of mushroom soup, two jumbo-sized cans of French-fried onions, a small mountain of pecans waiting to be shelled, a make-your-own gingerbread house kit, and... a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I still crack up when the sarcastic college daughter says that line in Home Alone.

This week feels so packed already, and it's only Wednesday. On Sunday, I went swinging in the park with Josh and Eva. We had a little Thanksgiving dinner at work on Monday – my coworkers brought a lot of delicious stuff, including a ham, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and pecan pie – and there was a loaded episode of NCIS (Enemies Domestic - my notes are at the bottom of this entry) on Tuesday. Tonight I'm going to buckle down and make green bean casserole for dinner at Grandma's tomorrow. Grandma and I both bought enough for me to make two servings, hence the overstuffed cabinets. I guess it's a good thing I love green bean casserole, because I might be eating it for a while. If only I could stop eating all the French-fried onions raw!

All the commercials for Black Friday sales scare me, but none so much as Target's. It's as if that company sincerely wants their employees to be trampled to death by rapid customers at four in the morning. This year they've taken out a banner ad on YouTube that makes me want to run away and hide every time I visit that site. *shudders*

The work schedules for next week were printed today, and I was looking at a copy and said off-handedly, “Oh, good, I'll be able to go to the Hanukkah services.” Then I look up to find one of my coworkers staring at me like I had five heads. This is a girl who had never heard of Nancy Drew, Clark Gable, Gone With the Wind, or a number of other things that have been referenced at work, so I wasn't really surprised. Hanukkah probably sounded like a disease to her. In the course of trying to explain it (which I failed), she said, “But isn't Jewish, like, a race? Or is it like... Catholic?”

Homer: Come on, Apu, it's a Civil War reenactment! We need Indians to shoot!
Apu: I do not know which part of that sentence to correct first.

Oy! Notes on 8x09 "Enemies Domestic" )
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I was kinda nervous about tonight's new episode of NCIS. I've been excited about the return of Eli David (the Ziva stuff is always juicy!) but also terrified that the writers would make a mess out of it. And it did have some disappointing bits, but for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Reeeally long notes on 8x08 "Enemies Foreign" )
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So, tonight's new NCIS saw the return of DiNozzo Sr. (And next week's episode -- Enemies Foreign -- has Eli David! Damn, I hope the writers don't mess that one up.) Anyway, I had mixed feelings about this one. There were a lot of little moments that I loved, but the episode as a whole didn't do too much for me. I really didn't like how awkward and uncomfortable Tony was for much of it, and how the rest of the team found that so funny. *sigh* My notes are beneath the cut.

Notes on episode 8x07 "Broken Arrow" )
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This question popped up in the Games section of my child actress message board: “What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home?” For me, it's Voormezele, Belgium, the little town where George Llewelyn Davies is buried. Back in 2007, I spent a weekend there, looking for his grave. According to this website, it's 4,883 miles from where I am now.

At work today, Boss Man told me I'm “slipping.” (Boss Man is my code name for him in this journal, but I don't like using it. Bruce Springsteen he is not.) I was very tempted to say scream back at him, “Oh, yeah? Well, you work at your job, collect your pay, and think you're gliding down the highway, but in fact, you're slip-sliding away!” Haha.

I finished Mockingjay a few hours ago. Neither Sara nor I ever bought it, so our mom lent us her copy. (As an aside, when she came over to drop it off, she said, “Did you not hear me knocking?” when I opened the door. No, I didn't hear you knocking. That's why I got up and opened the door.) Somehow, I'm feeling let-down. It just wasn't as good as the first two, and I'm glad neither of us actually spent money on it. Sigh... Tonight's new NCIS episode was a disappointment, too.

Notes on 8x06 "Cracked." )

Sara says that if I don't get my hair cut soon, I'm going to look like one of those Pentecostal women. And if I don't start laying again, she's going to stew me up for supper (something she learned from her hero, Greasy Sae).


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