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We leave cold, cloudy Arkansas to return to warm, sunny Louisiana tomorrow morning. I will be happy to see Tovah and have my own room/bed again, but I'm going to miss Athena. She's been the best hostess ever, and we've had so much fun here.

On Friday, Sara and I drove down to the riverfront and saw the playground and sculpture garden. The playground was so much fun! It was multi-level, with lots of tunnels and all sorts of ropes, rocks, and walls to climb on, and I had to climb on them all! I ran around so much that I broke a sweat, and now I have big bruises on my legs and my arms are going to be sore for some time. I guess I'm getting too old for playgrounds, but I don't have the sense to quit!

 photo Pyramid2.jpg
A climbey-thing!

After that, we walked through the sculpture garden so I could catch my breath. The sculptures were all so beautiful, and the sun even made an appearance! We walked through the lobby of the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks in the fountain, which was a highlight of the trip for me because God loves ducks! We got lost on the way there and back, but downtown Little Rock is really beautiful. That evening, I dragged Athena and Sara (the Mormon and the heathen) to Shabbat services at the local Reform synagogue. The synagogue was beautiful, but so big that I felt a little intimated, and I was kinda uncomfortable with a few things they did.

 photo Airplanes.jpg
How cool is this paper-airplane sculpture we saw in the sculpture garden?

On Sunday, we went to two museums, the art museum and the black history museum (which we visited by accident because it had a confusingly similar address to the art museum) and walked through one of the cemeteries here. The cemetery was so cool, but it was so cloudy all day today and my fingers almost froze to my camera! After that, we found a nice warm pizza parlor to eat dinner in. Yum!

Pommiers près de Vétheuil, an 1878 oil-painting by Claude Monet.

This was one of the pieces we saw at the art museum. It reminded me so much of the pommier right across the street from the Lycée Européen.
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Sara and I dropped Tovah off at Mom's house last night. When we packed up her dishes, litter box, and cat tree, she got so scared that she hid under Sara's bed and spent the whole drive meowing like she was begging for her life. Maybe she thought she was going back to the pound. But once she saw that she was just going to another house where she's still the only cat, she seemed okay. Sara has put up more of a fuss than Tovah did. "My poor BABY! I miss her so MUCH!" When we dropped her off, Adam and I quoted the exchange from that episode of Star Trek where Data has to leave Spot with Warf. Hahaha!

Our trip up here was uneventful, just looong. And the stretch from northern Louisiana into southern Arkansas almost did me in. About forty miles of highway that had signs every five feet reading Speed Limit 55, Speed limit enforced by radar, and Speed Zone Ahead. Ugh! We drove from here to Little Rock, but we only had to map the route between Natchitoches and Little Rock, because we still remember the way to Natchitoches that well. It felt so good to get out of the truck after we finally found Athena and Josh's place. Athena was standing in her front lawn waving -- haha, I love her! We had dinner at the Red Lobster here (Sara insisted, of course) and watched Taken 2.

Some lol's of our trip so far...
Sara: "Look, look!" Both of us, in unison: "It's black silhouetted cowboy leaning against fencepost!"
Me: "We need a trash bag." Sara: "There's no room for a trash bag! There's barely enough room for us!"
Sara: "Wait a minute. Is this... One Direction?" Me: [singing along with You Don't Know You're Beautiful] "Yes!" (Sara refused to listen to any "Jew songs" or Les Miserables, but I did have to listen to "Merry Go 'Round" and "Begin Again" three times each! Hmph.)
Me: [ranking the best Jean Valjeans] "It goes like this. Alfie Boe, Hugh Jackman, and then, if there's any room left at the bottom, Colm Wilkinson." Athena: [gasp] "Blasphemy!"
Sara: "What sort of gun is it? I mean, what does it shoot?" Athena: "It shoots bullets, Sara." Sara: "Well, I thought maybe it shot beanbags or something." Rebecca: [dies laughing]

P.S. It's so cold up here! You know you're from the south when Arkansas is too cold for you!
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I recently provoked a jaw-drop out of one of my cowokers just by saying "what the hell." She stared at me and said, "Rebecca, that's the closest I've ever come to hearing you curse." So apparently the people I work with don't know me at all. One of them thought I was a Mormon, and now another one thinks I never curse. Ha, they couldn't be further from the truth.

And now, some photos from the cemetery that Athena and I visited in Little Rock. It was a huge cemetery, with lots of crypts and statues, a fountain, a cottage (probably no one lived there and it was just used for storage, but it was definitely a little house in the middle of the cemetery). We spent all afternoon there and still didn't see it all. You all know how much I love cemeteries, and I took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, none of them do justice to the place!

Mount Holly Cemetery )

And that's the end of my photos from Little Rock. We left the next day, and just before we left, we saw Central High School. It was the biggest, most beautiful school. I read Warriors Don't Cry, the memoir of one of the Little Rock Nine, back when I was in middle school, and it really stuck with me. And Mom could remember seeing the school on coverage on the integration crisis on the news.

This was not a good week, for various different reasons. But here's hoping that next week will be better. I wasn't crazy about this week's new NCIS episode (as much as it pains me to say that), so I never did get around to posting my notes on it. Anyway, here they are now:

Hmm... notes on 8x23 "Swan Song" )
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A few tidbits of my week so far:

~ One of my managers in the habit of telling me all about his farm, lawn, goats, etc., even though I couldn't care less. One day he was showing me the callouses on his hands and said, "Look at my hands, Rebecca. See, I have a working man's hands." I said, "Well, I think that working man wants his hands back." He glared at me for a minute, then laughed.

~ So, Osama bin Laden is finally dead. I'm just glad that he wasn't killed under the Bush Administration; I can only imagine how crudley Shrub would've celebrated. Our Rabbi directed us to a line from the Passover liturgy: when the Israelites saw the Egyptians drowning in the sea, they started to celebrate, but G-d scolded them, "How can you celebrate when my creatures are dying?"

~ Shabbat services at the temple tonight were really lovely. The Rabbi was in town, there was music, and for some reason, Maggie (she's five or six, one of the few kids in our congregation) left her seat next to her mom and spent the entire service right next to me. I'm not someone who's ever been good with kids, and at first, I was tempted to ask her what the hell she was doing. But then she kept leaning against me, holding my hand, and at one point, laid down on the pew and put her head in my lap. I felt like the grouchy old man who gets his heart melted in every Shirley Temple movie.

The Baker House and Downtown Little Rock )

I still have not bought Mom a gift for Mother's Day, and I'm not sure what to get her. Hm.

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I woke up in the early a.m. this morning with a terrible stomachache. It was the worst I'd had in a long time. Pepto-Bismal and a hot bath didn't help, and I didn't get to sleep for a few hours, until I finally made myself throw up, something I hate to do. Sara was still awake, and she snarkily told me I'd better wash out the bowl I'd thrown up in, because she wasn't going to. (I hope I can remember to be just as bitchy the next time she's sick.) I was so tired when I woke up this morning.

Anyway, onto some more about our trip to Little Rock:

The Rosemont and James Taylor )

A cold front rolled in with the rain last night, and today was almost as cold as winter! (Which translates to, Rebecca had to wear a light jacket.) I throw up my hands at this!

Only one hour to go until the Tony origins episode of NCIS (Baltimore)! Can you smell the excitement?

Later: Updated to add my notes on the new episode, which run long because honestly, I could not find one thing to dislike about this episode. Michael Weatherly knocked it out of the park!

Lots of gushing and squeeing on 8x22 "Baltimore" )
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I'm finally home after an exhausting trip and a very long car ride, but I can't complain because I got to see James Taylor in concert! I took lots of pictures, which I will be posting in increments. For now, a little recap of the beginning of our trip:

Mom told me over and over that she wanted to leave at five-thirty on Friday morning, so I set my alarm for five and was actually ready to go on time. But she got caught up watching the Royal Wedding (and so did I, to a lesser extent). Sara had been up all night, and when I got up, she said, "They're finally getting married!" I was so sleep-deprived that even with all the media hype over their wedding, it took me a minute to figure out who she meant. After I got bored of watching it, I finally walked over to Mom's house, and we left around seven.

I am usually a good packer, but somehow, I sure as hell dropped the ball for this trip. I realized after we had arrived that I had forgotten my toothbrush and hairbrush and pajama bottoms! I am still shaking my head at myself over this. What the hell, Rebecca?

One thing I learned on this trip is that my mom apparently thinks I'm a blithering idiot. When she was giving me directions to a drug store in Little Rock, she actually said, and I quote, "Okay, the name of it is Save-a-Lot. That's S-A-V-E, dash A, then L-O-T." And there were many other such instances of her explaining the hell out of things for me. I don't know if she thinks I don't have a brain in my head (even though she paid for my college education, as she likes to remind me) or if all moms are like this. Either way, it made me absolutely CRAZY!  >:(  I also drive way too slowly for her taste. Oh, the shame of having a daughter who obeys the speed limit.

Whilst in Little Rock, we got to visit with Athena! She and her boyfriend are living there right now. Although she was just in Louisiana in March, it felt like forever since I had talked to her. I think I enjoyed seeing her even more than James Taylor. :)

(P.S. Lucky me. I started my period early Friday morning, literally right as we were leaving. So on Friday, I already had a backache and stomachache and drove a lot and sat in a hard stadium seat for +2 hours. I also wasn't able to catch a nap between waking up at 5 am and leaving the James Taylor around 11 pm. I was in agony by the time we finally got out of the concert and just about collapsed in my bed at the bed-and-breakfast. Ugh.)

Photos and more to come. I think all my entries on this trip will be titled with tweaked lines from Newsies songs.


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