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On Monday, I came home from work to find that our power had gone out and that Tovah had shit on the floor. Ugh! So I cleaned that up and decided to take her over to Mom's house, because it was heating up fast in here. Easier said than done. I tried to carry her out to the car, but every time I got near the door, she twisted and squirmed and jumped away like I was carrying her to the gallows. It took me several unsuccessful tries before I gave up on that.

Then I had bright idea to attach Sable's old leash to her collar, which was even worse. Poor Tovah had never been on a leash before, and she freaked the hell out and pulled so hard on it that I thought she would choke herself. It was scary. So I took the leash off and got down the big plastic storage bin where we keep our spare sheets and blankets. I dumped those out, shoved Tovah inside, and put the lid back on at an angle, so it was still partially open. I expected her to freak out again, but she was actually pretty calm.

She was calm when I let her out inside Mom's house, too. When we first brought her home here, she freaked out, but she didn't this time, I think because I was there with her. She walked around exploring and sniffing at things and I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with Adam until Entergy called and told me our power was back on, then I packed her up again and headed home. What a traumatic evening for my poor Tovah!

Being stranded at Mom's house for so long, I wasn't able to work on my fanfiction put together any lesson plans for the temple religious school, like I had planned to do that evening. So I stayed up too late doing that and almost missed the meeting with the other religious school teachers on Tuesday! I'm really not sure how this year will play out, but I'm going to try to remain positive and give it my all, no matter what happens. God help me. Literally, because God knows how much I suck at this and don't want to do it. But I keep thinking of these words by Hillel, a Jewish leader, which were in the siddur at camp:

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, when?

As for today, I'm off work and just tried to be as lazy (and rewatch old NCIS episodes) as I could before I get thrown back into the insanity of work tomorrow. I have a feeling the next few days will be very stressful.

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Can anybody guess what Rebecca woke up to this morning? A strange tapping sound at my window. For a second, I thought that someone was trying to break in. Then I got up, pulled back the curtain, and saw this:

That's Miss Tovah sitting on my bay window, staring down a little bird on the windowsill outside. I'm guessing that the bird couldn't see Tovah, or maybe just wasn't scared of her. They stayed like this for the longest time! Right now, though, it's pouring down rain -- again! -- and Tovah is in my lap. And now, a recap of the past few days:

On Friday, I was so sick that I had to call in to work (something I almost never do). I woke up very early that morning with a stomachache, so I took so Pepto-Bismal, only to barf it up. A few hours later, I tried some crackers, but I barfed those up, too. A few hours later, I tried some food that I actually kept down. Then I decided to bike to temple on a near-empty stomach. I didn't feel faint at all, just so tired that I almost fell asleep during services and while bike-riding home. Ugh!

On Saturday afternoon, I visited the mall with the girl I was matched with through Big Brothers Big Sisters. We just walked, talked, and browsed around in all the stores. We've only just met, so things are still kinda awkward between us, but I think "Briana" (not her real name) is starting to come out of her shell, and I hope for good things. We made plans to go to the skating rink this week, and we're both looking forward to it.

On Saturday evening, I did my laundry and watched a child actress movie at Mom's house. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane was the only child-actress movie available through NetFlix Instant that I hadn't already seen. It left me wondering what people smoked in the 70's.

Today, I hope to get some cleaning done. I'll be working a lot this week (ugh!) but next week is my vacation! I leave for summer camp one week from today! I'm kinda nervous because I've never been there before, but I know several people who have and they all say great things about it.

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What a weekend! I was off work, but I feel like I hardly slowed down at all. I spent Saturday evening with some friends from temple, Cheryl and her little girl, Maggie. We went out and all ate breakfast foods for dinner, then browsed in a lovely store that was all decked out for the holidays. Seriously, I should've taken a picture of all the decorations and lights and toys. It was like Christmas exploded in there! I didn't buy anything, even though I saw some cute ornaments. (Our tree has been a little bare since I got rid of our religious ornaments. I might buy some Hanukkah ones online - if I can find any.)

After that, we went for a drive along the lake to look at Christmas lights. A lot of the swanky houses on the lakeshore had very impressive displays, including one of Santa Claus in a pirogue pulled by alligators. My favorite were the Live Oak trees draped with Spanish moss and encrusted with little white lights - so pretty. One house even had a real live Santa on the curb giving out free candy canes. There was a Christmas parade downtown that we didn't go to, but after the parade, there were fireworks. We watched them from the opposite, infinitely less crowded side of the lake. Maggie said something like, "Fireworks are like somebody threw a lot of glitter in the air!"

I didn't get home late, but I was up very late that night. Some weeks ago, a lady at the temple asked me to teach a Hebrew school on Sunday morning, and like the fool that I am, I said yes. Do not ask how Rebecca, one of the least qualified people at the temple, got this job; I have no idea. And of course, I left everything to the last minute the night before (my bad habits never change!) so on Saturday night, I gave myself a crash course in Hebrew and tried to develop a lesson plan from scratch. Did I mention that the Hebrew students are 6- to 10-year-olds?! I have even less experience with both that language and that age group than I did with teaching French high school students to speak English, and you all remember how mightily I sucked at that.

Anyway, come Sunday morning, I arrived at the temple looking awful and blearly-eyed, and I'm sure everyone thought I hadn't slept at all (which was practically the case). Fortunately, the lesson wasn't so bad. We - me and another, infinitely better teacher - taught the Hebrew months to the older kids and the Hebrew alphabet to the younger ones. Our class wasn't an easy one to teach; we had some students who could read Hebrew better than me (which isn't saying much) and some who didn't know alef from bet. Debbie Friedman's alef-bet song was a big help with them. It was stuck in my head all day! It occured to me later it all counted as talmud torah: the mitzvah of Jewish learning/teaching, the most important mitzvot.

I had meant to run some errands after Hebrew school, but instead I conked out as soon as I got home. So the errands had to wait until this morning, and they were much more frenzied than I would've liked. They involved several failed attempts to make a Christmas tree ornament (for my grandma) out of a dreidel. Hooked screws from the hardware store didn't work because I would've had to use a hammer, and the dreidel was so small that I was sure a hammer would smash it. Super glue from the dollar store didn't work, because even though the glue was strong enough to take paint off the dreidel (and my skin off my fingers, it felt like) it didn't affix the string to the dreidel. Finally I used silver dress trim from the fabric store. It's not very nice-looking, but it was the only thing that worked!

Then I drove by Grandma's house to give it to her. It went much better than my last visit with her. She sat up, came to the table with help from my aunts, ate a meal, had a conversation with me, and (best of all) understood what I said in French and answered me back in French. She is still my bad-ass Cajun grandma. Hooray!

And just to prove that all my Hebrew cramming didn't go to waste, I'll sign off this entry with my Hebrew name:

שָׁלוֹם  -  רִבְקָה   בר   יַעֲקֹב   (Shalom - Rivka bat Yakov)

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On top of losing my debit card and getting ready for the High Holy Days, here's what else has happened this week...

Monday: I met Sassy Jewish Grandparents #1 at the coffee shop. They're helping me learn the Torah blessing that I have to say on Rosh Hashanah. I don't think the real problem will be learning the Hebrew as much as getting up on the bema and saying it in front of the whole congregation. Also, I have to find something nice to wear, since apparently my ratty old jeans, t-shirt, and AB shoes are not appropriate bema attire.

Tuesday: While putting some things up in Grandma's old garage, just for the heck of it, I stepped on an upturned, rusty nail! Ugh! Fortunately, it came under the arch of my foot and didn't break the skin, but my foot has still been sore as heck! That evening, of course, was the NCIS Season 9 premiere! Hooray! (My notes are at the bottom.)

Wednesday: I drove right past my mom's house on my way home, only to remember after I got home that I needed to use her printer to print up some forms for a job interview. So I biked back to her house in the dark, only to discover when I arrived that their printer isn't working. So I biked back home, only to realize that the homecoming pep rally at my old high school (which lies inbetween us) was just letting out! So not only was it dark, but the sidewalks were jammed with football players, cheerleaders, and a few of Rebecca's old high school teachers (some of whom I wouldn't mind running over on my bike). I also managed to bike right through a big pile of dog crap, and that stuff is a bitch to clean off your wheels. On the plus side, I scored some free stuff on Wednesday.

Thursday: This morning I was almost late for a job interview for yet another job that I almost certainly won't get. Le sigh.

Friday: Despite trying to bike all I can to save on gas money, I might have to take up driving to temple for a while. My Jewish grandparents cautioned me against biking there after one member of our congregation found the words You Dirty Jew written on his car in the temple parking lot. Scary, huh? When I told Sara about it, she immediately said, "Ha! And you promised to cast your lot in with them come what may!"

Looking forward to cooking pumpkin bread with Grandma this weekend.

P.S. And just because I always have to have a countdown going, TWO WEEKS LEFT until Rebecca's birthday! Funny that no one has asked me what I want yet. Hmph. And now...

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Hallelujah, a Little Caesar's Pizza finally opened in our strip mall! They were supposed to open forever ago, and for the last few weeks, our store has been fielding calls from people asking, "Is Little Caesar's open yet? When do they open?" How are we supposed to know? But today, they finally opened. Can you say cheap delicious pizza? But pizza from the gas station is still cheaper and slightly yummier, so I'll probably still be going there sometimes.

At our copy center earlier this week, I happened to find an e-mail a customer had printed praising Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. It was called "Congress gets an American president for a day," in reference to his last visit to DC, implying he's more American than Obama. Anyway, there was a list of everyone the e-mail had been sent to, and probably half of them were people I knew from the temple! This cracked me up so much.

Sara and I washed Sharon (her truck) and Muse Watson (my car) this week -- although for me, it was mostly an excuse to play in the sprinkler. Muse Watson wasn't too grimy, but Sharon was. I should've taken before and after pictures of her. We listened to Sara's iPod while we were washing them, and she did interpretive dance to Celine Dion and Disney songs. She's so crazy. Then we drove to the sno-cone stand -- yum. :)

It's hot as blazes down here, of course, and we're thinking of making a trip to Holly Beach and/or Blue Bayou at one point. Holly Beach is closer and cheaper, and even though it apparently has no amenities, a trip there would probably be worth it just to go swimming. (After all, what kind of summer has no swimming in it?) And I love swimming in the ocean. I could drift for hours. And I need to do some location-scouting for a mikvah. But no, Holly Beach wouldn't work.

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So, Rebecca's actually had a pretty good week so far. Sunday was an Eat-Spaghetti-at-Grandma's day, which are all the more meaningful since there are a limited number of spaghetti dinners left at that house. Afterwards, I took Josh over to JC & Company's to swing on their swings. (And guys? He loved your swingset.) The swinging was fun while it lasted, but before long, it made so nauseous that I almost barfed up Grandma's spaghetti! Ugh. I must be getting old, because I used to swing for hours on end. I could practically hear my other Jewish grandfather saying, "Look at me, huh? Like a rock. We can go up, we can down, we can go side-to-side..." Just before I left, Eva wanted to find out if she could give me a piggyback ride. Guess what? She could. Can I get a WITNESS!

Look at us two crazy chicks (and notice all Maggie's rubber bands still on my wrist). I promise I wasn't choking Eva, although it might look like it here. It was a difficult photo to take because we were both laughing so hard.

On Monday, I met Jewish Grandfather #1 for coffee. We hadn't done that in a while. He is really the sweetest, funniest guy. He's a theater buff who's currently acting in a local production of "Kiss Me, Kate," and he showed me a song number he does about how quoting Shakespeare can impress girls. (The one who sets them all ravin' / Is the bard of Stratford-on-Avon!) Smack in the middle of us having coffee, I got a call about a potential job. It almost certainly won't pan out, but that might be a good thing, because the application I filled out asked the most disturbing questions ever. A sample:

Do you strongly agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, or strongly disagree with the following:
    ~ If a customer is rude to you, it is acceptable to react violently.
    ~ If you have a disagreement with a coworker, you should physically threaten him/her.
    ~ It is okay to come to work under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal, non-prescription drugs.

Um, seriously, wtf?

On Tuesday, I went straight from work to a graduation reception for a young woman that my grandma used to babysit for. She is very nice - and she was almost equally upset to hear Grandma's moving - and so is her family, but the whole thing was very "Southern charm debutante gala," so I felt a little out-of-place. (There were women my mom's age politely wondering why I wasn't doing anything with my degree. Ugh.) But I do think I'm much better and mingling and making small talk than I used to be. Thank you, Jews.

After that, of course, was the Season 8 Finale of NCIS (Pyramid)! Honestly, I'm still making up my mind about it. I was surprised that both EJ and Ray lived to see the end of the season, and neither one of them is blatantly evil. (Although EJ is definitely up to something.) All in all, though, this wasn't the most well-planned finale arc. At all.

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I have a number of fanfic ideas on the back burner, but I'm waiting until I get my prompts from [ profile] ncis_ficathon before I publish anything. I hope I don't get anything too off-the-wall.

Sara elbowed me in the arm earlier, and now it's sore as a bitch.
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A few tidbits of my week so far:

~ One of my managers in the habit of telling me all about his farm, lawn, goats, etc., even though I couldn't care less. One day he was showing me the callouses on his hands and said, "Look at my hands, Rebecca. See, I have a working man's hands." I said, "Well, I think that working man wants his hands back." He glared at me for a minute, then laughed.

~ So, Osama bin Laden is finally dead. I'm just glad that he wasn't killed under the Bush Administration; I can only imagine how crudley Shrub would've celebrated. Our Rabbi directed us to a line from the Passover liturgy: when the Israelites saw the Egyptians drowning in the sea, they started to celebrate, but G-d scolded them, "How can you celebrate when my creatures are dying?"

~ Shabbat services at the temple tonight were really lovely. The Rabbi was in town, there was music, and for some reason, Maggie (she's five or six, one of the few kids in our congregation) left her seat next to her mom and spent the entire service right next to me. I'm not someone who's ever been good with kids, and at first, I was tempted to ask her what the hell she was doing. But then she kept leaning against me, holding my hand, and at one point, laid down on the pew and put her head in my lap. I felt like the grouchy old man who gets his heart melted in every Shirley Temple movie.

The Baker House and Downtown Little Rock )

I still have not bought Mom a gift for Mother's Day, and I'm not sure what to get her. Hm.

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Today was the second day of... Rebecca's vacation! I have been accruing vacation time at work for some time now, but I didn't want to use it until I had my own vehicle. I'm not sure why, since I won't really be going anywhere. This will be more of a staycation than a vacation, but I'm not complaining because it feels so good to know that I won't even have to think about work for another week! I haven't been up to much, but here's a recap of the first two days:

Yesterday morning I biked to the temple for Torah study and kibbutzed with the rabbi afterwards, about converting. He said I was "new-ish to Jewish." Haha. I was sweating like a Baptist preacher, paranoid that they wouldn't let me in, but the rabbi said he could have me converted by fall of this year! (Holy Moly! Fall suddenly feels really soon!) But I'm looking forward to it and hope to make it happen. On the bike ride home from temple, I saw my mom working in her front yard and ended up having lunch at her house. (She made red beans & rice and apple muffins that couldn't compare to Grandma's. But then, no one can.) I can't quite account for this; Torah study must have left me in a very good mood.

We had to move our clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time last night, but I still woke up early and biked back to temple to help out with the annual corned beef sandwich sale. It's a very big deal, and everyone turns out to help put the meals together. It's a quarter-pound corned beef sandwich, a bag of chips, a pickle, and a cookie. I and a few other people had the job of bagging pickles in the kitchen. We bagged over 1700 pickles! Can you imagine what torture it was for pickle-loving Rebecca, who wanted to eat every pickle she saw but only got about five? But the temple ordered pizza for us -- since we were there bagging pickles for six hours! -- so I can't complain.

And tomorrow morning I'll be going back to the temple once more to put the finish touches on assembling the sandwiches. I'm not even sure what that entails, but it will be my fourth consecutive day there (since I went to Shabbat services on Friday night) and I'm beginning to think I should just move in, change my name to Rebecca Cohen, and be done with it.

Tonight I finally gave an old patchy dog I know a bath. He is not happy.

P.S. I feel like Robert Frost in "After Apple-Picking" (the only poem I can not only recite, but perform) except in my case, it's "After Pickle-Bagging." I was so exhausted when I got home that as soon as I walked Sable, I crashed on our couch.

"There were seventeen hundred spears to cut, shake the juice from, bag up, but never eat!"
(I tried to tweak the entire poem, but this was the only line I could do.

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How is it that January dragged on forever, while February seems to have flown right by? Of course February is the shortest month, but still, it hardly seems possible that next week will already be March! For some reason, this depresses me.

I have felt so run-down and exhausted this week (Sara has a cold and is trying her best to give it to me), but I did do a few things. Mom invited Sara and me to dinner, and even though I'm not a fan when she tries to pretend we're a normal family, free food is free food, so I accepted. Only later did I realize that she had invited us over at seven on Tuesday, which was when the new episode of NCIS came on! I caught the last few minutes (of Kill Screen - my notes are at the bottom) and watched it online later. On Wednesday, I finally met my Jewish grandfather for coffee (even though I don't drink coffee) and introduced him to Sara. He had never met any of my family before, I think because I was worried they'd embarrass me and/or frighten him away.

Our landlord repainted our stairwell this week, and even though we've been leaving the window open, it still reeks of paint. Sable and Graycat are staying away from the stairs until the smell dies down. We're trying to leave the door open too, but it's so windy that it just blows shut again. But I do like that the weather's so warm and windy now. Spring is finally on its way in. If only I could summon up the energy to go bike riding.

I'm looking forward to being off and getting some rest this weekend. Sara and I have a date with Athena to watch the Oscars on Sunday night, and I'm so psyched!

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I haven't blogged in a while because there hasn't been much worth blogging about. I seem to have fallen into a rut this week. I had a failed job interview on Wednesday morning, and on Tuesday morning, Sable shit all over the floor. I cleaned it up, and to combat the lingering smell, I threw open all our windows and that night, I sauteed an onion for dinner. (I actually made some more of Marlene's stuffing; it's still delicious, especially with lots of butter. Dammit, now I'm hungry.)

On Thursday, I drove to Texas to see my sassy Jewish grandfather in a play. Why is it that after almost nine years of being a licensed driver, I still get nervous when I have to merge onto the interstate? (Probably because I don't drive on the interstate that much.) The trip to Texas was especially nerve-wracking because I'd never taken my new car on the interstate before and didn't know what to expect. But the trip went smoothly, even though the car doesn't seem to get as good gas mileage as the truck. The sunset over the trees was really beautiful.

On Tuesday night, there was a new episode of NCIS, but I never got around to posting my review on it, so here it is now. It was a kinda blah episode that matched my mood.

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Any guesses as to what Rebecca has in her kitchen cabinet right now? Eight cans of green beans, three cans of cream of mushroom soup, two jumbo-sized cans of French-fried onions, a small mountain of pecans waiting to be shelled, a make-your-own gingerbread house kit, and... a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I still crack up when the sarcastic college daughter says that line in Home Alone.

This week feels so packed already, and it's only Wednesday. On Sunday, I went swinging in the park with Josh and Eva. We had a little Thanksgiving dinner at work on Monday – my coworkers brought a lot of delicious stuff, including a ham, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and pecan pie – and there was a loaded episode of NCIS (Enemies Domestic - my notes are at the bottom of this entry) on Tuesday. Tonight I'm going to buckle down and make green bean casserole for dinner at Grandma's tomorrow. Grandma and I both bought enough for me to make two servings, hence the overstuffed cabinets. I guess it's a good thing I love green bean casserole, because I might be eating it for a while. If only I could stop eating all the French-fried onions raw!

All the commercials for Black Friday sales scare me, but none so much as Target's. It's as if that company sincerely wants their employees to be trampled to death by rapid customers at four in the morning. This year they've taken out a banner ad on YouTube that makes me want to run away and hide every time I visit that site. *shudders*

The work schedules for next week were printed today, and I was looking at a copy and said off-handedly, “Oh, good, I'll be able to go to the Hanukkah services.” Then I look up to find one of my coworkers staring at me like I had five heads. This is a girl who had never heard of Nancy Drew, Clark Gable, Gone With the Wind, or a number of other things that have been referenced at work, so I wasn't really surprised. Hanukkah probably sounded like a disease to her. In the course of trying to explain it (which I failed), she said, “But isn't Jewish, like, a race? Or is it like... Catholic?”

Homer: Come on, Apu, it's a Civil War reenactment! We need Indians to shoot!
Apu: I do not know which part of that sentence to correct first.

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My sleeping schedule has been so messed-up lately that I think it might have gone around the clock back to normal. I took a nap yesterday afternoon after I got home from work (think I had a dream about NCIS) and woke up again around seven to go to the movies with Sara and Adam. We saw Paranormal Activity 2, and it was better than the first one – a really fun, scary popcorn movie. But we didn't get back until after eleven, and I went to sleep again around one.

Cut to today, when I woke up at seven to go on a long, exhausting trip through deep-southern Cajun Country with Grandma et. al. It was a little awkward visiting really distant relatives that I'd never met before – including Aunt Debbie, who had the thickest Cajun accent I've ever heard and was even more gung-ho about feeding her guests than Grandma, and Uncle Roland, who was so old that he almost looked like a corpse but who also walked perfectly without needing a cane (!) – but I'm glad I went. I ate gumbo and finally saw my great-grandparents' graves. Abbeville, the place where my grandma grew up, is a really beautiful little town. We were big-city folk down there, no exaggeration.

After we got home from that, I just had time to take a twenty-minute nap before riding my bike to the Shabbat evening service. I almost didn't go because I was so tired, but I'm so glad I did. Not only was there a rabbi and a dinner afterward, but our little temple was also visited by a camera crew from the History Channel! They were there filming a piece to be called You Don't Know Dixie, that will try to debunk stereotypes about race, religion, and culture in the South. How cool is that? I love the History Channel! (Update: Screencaps from our segment in You Don't Know Dixie are here!)

I won't be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but good luck to all my friends who are!

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Things I did today: washed Sable's beds, did my laundry, washed the dishes, gave Sable a bath, vacuumed, made the bed, folded Sara's clothes, and wrote out checks for the bills. So my weekend wasn't a complete waste after all, and now our apartment is sparkling clean! Sable was mad at me because he hates being clean, but I gave him some old pork and rice to make it up to him. Right now he's rolling around on his nice clean afghans.

Sable woke me up early this morning to take him on a walk, but it was so surprisingly cool and pleasant outside that I didn't mind. We walked almost two blocks, further than Sable's gone in a good while. But I was so tired from waking up early that I fell asleep on Grandma's couch when I went over this afternoon to eat spaghetti. I don't remember my dream, but I jolted awake from it ready to scream, "Don't hit the delete key!" Weird.

Sara and I watched High School Musical 2 on Disney last night. If you haven't seen those movies, you seriously should. They're so hilariously bad they're good, like that old Adam West Batman movie. Sara alternated between pointing at the screen and laughing or staring in transfixed horror. I just laughed. The downside is, she got one of the musical numbers stuck in her head and won't stop singing it!

The strangest thing happened at work on Friday. In the middle of the day, for no apparent reason, I started shaking uncontrollably. I wasn't in a noticeable way, just little tremors in my arms and chest that I couldn't stop. I think my heart started beating faster too, but I'm still not sure if that was my imagination or not. It happened to start right before my lunch hour, so I tried to quell it by eating a really huge lunch. That did seem to make it stop; maybe because my body was so busy digesting that it was too tired to keep shaking.

I called my aunt on Friday and got news on my cousin's first week at private school. Since I was raised Catholic, I never considered how insanely weird the religion must seem if you've never been exposed to it. Eva didn't understand why all the other kids called the man in black father (surely they're not all one family?) or why he threw water on them (she glared at him when he threw it on her! Heh, she's awesome!) or why they all suddenly started mumbling. Really, I'm impressed she wasn't more freaked out than she was.

I am so glad that Back-to-School is over.

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I almost went beserk on Monday morning when I'd thought I'd lost my iPod (which I've had for about two years now). I left it in the bathroom at work on Sunday evening, so I was at the store the minute we opened on Monday to search for it... only to discover that it wasn't where I was so sure I'd left it. I ranted and raved for a while, thinking a customer had stolen it, and then I discovered that one of my co-workers had picked it up, put it in his pocket, and took it home. Wtf? He said he meant to put it in our lost and found but it was so light he forgot he had it in his pocket.

I went to McDonald's for breakfast on Monday morning. Has anyone else seen those Jack in the Box commercials about how they serve breakfast all day and McDonald's doesn't? I really hope that will prompt McDonald's to start serving breakfast all day because I love their breakfast menu so much, but I can almost never wake up early enough to get to it. I could eat their hotcake platter every damn day. (And every time I'd probably say, "Do you want the pecan waffles with lots and lots of syrup and butter?" a la Corrina, Corrina.)

Yesterday I finally took Eva to the water park! I was so worried that it would rain. It did drizzle a little on the drive there, and when we first got there, it was so cloudy and windy that I got cold when I wasn't in the water. But then the sun came out, and even stayed out for long enough for me to get a sunburn! It actually felt good, because it's been raining so damn much here. (It rained most today, in point of fact.) The water park was small, with only two slides, but we had fun. At one point I was trying to pull Eva out of the current pool, which had a pretty strong current in it, and started singing the Baywatch theme song.

After the water park, we went to McDonald's for lunch and then we saw the new Harry Potter movie. It worked out perfectly, because as soon as we left the water park, very dark clouds started rolling in, but the thunderstorm didn't start until we were inside the movie theater, and it was all over by the time we got out.

I'd write more about the movie, but I have a dog to walk and dishes to wash and things to clean. But I will say that this weekend, Mom, Adam, and I are going to Houston, and I'm going to the cemetery there to find Roger's grave. This time there is no hesitation, no dread about going to Houston at all, just excitement because I'm finally going to find his grave. I'm can't fucking wait. Alas, foolish Rebecca!

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The new girl at work, the one I complained about in my last entry, is gone for good. I practically jumped for joy when my manager told me she was leaving. Words can't say how creepy she was or how uncomfortable she made me. She followed me around, told me all her personal business and asked me about mine (I never answered), and told other employees that we were best friends. The hell? I barely even knew her for a month. I am so glad she's gone.

I had an awesome day yesterday. There was a neighborhood-wide garage sale, and Sable and I walked around the blocks and looked at some of them. Then I rode my bike over to Grandma's house, brought her back the salsa I stole when she was in Alabama last week, and visited with a lot of relatives. Then Aunt Carla treated me and Athena to a movie (Star Trek) and pizza. I don't usually like popcorn movies, and I've never watched the original Star Trek (only TNG), but I enjoyed it. Spock was awesome! His rhythmic speech patterns and lack of emotions reminded me of Data.

Later that evening Athena came over to our apartment and we all watched Return to Oz, which she hadn't seen since she was a little kid. That's one movie I will never get tired of watching. Every time I see it, I'm amazed at how good it is and how good Fairuza Balk is in it. Especially the scenes in Kansas, before Dorothy goes back to Oz -- everything is so well-shot, and the scenes in the hospital are so suspenseful, and the way Fairuza moves her hands -- it's like poetry.

Today I had planned to go to the library and look up some obituaries for Find-a-Grave, but it's raining awfully hard right now and our street has turned into a dangerous river. I feel like Piglet when he was stranded in his treehouse during the flood. "Help, P-P-P-P-Piglet, me!"

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(Last year, if I remember correctly, I was thankful that my classes for the next day got cancelled.)

I've been meaning to post for a while, but I've had a busy week.

On Sunday, we finally got a couch! My aunt and uncle in a neighboring town had a couch that belonged to the aunt who died in 2004. They decided they no longer wanted it, so on Sunday afternoon, my uncle drove me out to their house and we loaded it into his truck. We drove back to my apartment, and my uncle and older brother managed to get it up the stairs and inside. I am so happy to have a real couch again! It is infinitely better than the "ghetto couch" that I made out of blankets and a sleeping bag. The only downside is that my aunt and uncle let their cats lie all over it, so it was covered in cat hair, which makes Rebecca wheeze. I washed the cushion covers and pillows, and I've been vacuuming it almost every day.

On Monday, I worked a ten-hour day. Not fun at all. I was supposed to work only nine hours, but I got confused about my schedule and stayed an extra hour. I didn't even realize until I got home and Sara asked me why I was so late getting off. Felt very stupid. None of my managers noticed because they expected me to know my own schedule. Sara says this means my store is poorly-run, but whatever. My store is more organized than hers.

On Tuesday, I worked nine hours and started baking as soon as I got home. I made two dozen pecan muffins for Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, I went to my aunt's house and helped her make Green Glopone of my very favorite holiday dishes/deserts. It's green Jell-O with marshmallows, whipped cream, and cottage cheese. I've eaten a big bowl of it almost every year for as long as I can remember, but I'd never made it myself before.

Thanksgiving was very fun this year. I spent it at Grandma's house, as always, and as always, there was a lot of relatives (Grandma, Carla, Celeste, Connie + Girls, Patrick + Family) and a lot of foods (turkey, rice dressing, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, pumpkin pie). So Rebecca is a lucky girl – she had a lot of food to eat and a lot of people to share it with. Everybody liked her pecan pie muffins, and Obama won the election.

And Sable got a big bowl of turkey bones. :)
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Lately I've been flipping through the "Make & Do" volume of our old Childcraft Library. I just love our Childcraft books, especially that one. (Although my favorite has always been the "Poems & Rhymes" volume, which I can't find! Dammit!) The illustrations in it are so awesomely retro, like something you would see in a Dick and Jane book. But looking through made me realize how little I actually make and/or do. My goal for the summer -- no, it's not too late to make a summer goal, even though June is almost over -- is to do something about that.

I'm still collecting aluminum cans. Last week I took mine and Grandma's to the recycling place and got thirteen dollars for them. On Sunday I visited CJ & Company, and Uncle John explained his entire process of marble-engraving to me and showed me pictures from his alligator hunts. Yesterday I finally figured out how to get pictures onto the computer from my digital camera (HOORAY!), so I was able to post a lot of cemeteries photos on Find-a-Grave. Today Edith Piaf, the less feral of our two kittens, very briefly let me pet her. I wonder if maybe Gertrude, the hissier, scratchier kitten, is pissed because we only gave her one name. Last night I had another dream involving Shylock and Jessica from The Merchant of Venice. I think that of the four versions I've seen of that play -- the 2004 movie with Al Pacino as Shylock, a 1970s movie by the BBC, a play performed by theater students at LSU, and a French play performed in Paris -- the best one was the LSU play.

If you want to make Rebecca laugh, all you have to do is say one of the following things to her, courtesy of the 1965 Cinderella.
"Where does your father sleep?" "In Heaven."
"Fol-de-rol and fiddle-dee-dee!"
"Oh, la!"
"I have never felt this way before!"

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I got home from work today to find that a bag of Cheeto’s had magically appeared in the cabinet. Mom bought them, but for a few seconds, I swear I was convinced that I’d gotten them there purely by wishing, because ever since I ate two bags in two days last weekend, pretty much my only thought has been, Damnnit I want some more Cheeto’s. They might be replacing Lay’s as my unhealthy obsessive snack addiction.

My current job is not exactly what Lofton had described to me. They don’t seem to be looking for a new manager, or even another permanent worker. I might keep it through next week, might not. The store keeps pretty bizarre hours; apparently they’re only open five hours a day, four days a week. But they get so little business that it probably doesn’t pay to stay open any longer. Otherwise it’s an okay job. There are few customers, but they’re surprisingly polite; I think every person I checked out today said mam, ‘preciate it, and have a good one. And I don’t know what radio station my boss listens to, but it plays some damn good music. Today I heard Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl), Runnin’ on Empty, and Night Moves, all of which I love. My boss also has a pet Yorkie she brings to work with her.

Word-for-word conversation between me and a female sheriff who knocked on the door this morning while I was eating breakfast...
Her: Does John C----- live here?
Me (looking for a tactful answer): Uh, not anymore.
Her: Okay, did he move?
Me: Um, are you looking for him specifically?
Her: Yes.
Pause, as I try to think of reasons why a sheriff might possibly be looking for Dad. I come up with nothing.
Me: What in the world are you looking for him for?
Her: I have a jury subpoena for him.
Me: A what?
Her: A jury subpoena.
Another pause, as I try to figure out what a jury subpoena is. I guess I don’t watch enough Law & Order, because I didn’t know.
Me: Well, he died in 2004.
Her (no doubt wondering why I just didn’t say that in the first place): Okay, that’s all I needed to know.

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Sara said once that I’m the cheapest person she knows. I prefer the word thrifty. Today I went by Goodwill and Wal-Mart and got a new pair of AB shoes, two nice button-down shirts, a nice pair of slacks, and Samantha’s Surprise (to add to my stack of American Girl books), all for just under $25. Last week I went by Kroger’s and bought something else I seriously needed – allergy pills. I couldn’t find any non-drowsy ones, so I have to take these right before I go to bed, because they really knock me out. But now I can go five minutes without sneezing, blowing my nose, or rubbing my eyes. I don’t know why I didn’t buy them sooner.

Sara, Athena, and I ate dinner together at Bennigan’s last Friday. I had the buffalo chicken and blue cheese sauce, and it was good, but it would be a lot better if it weren’t so spicy. I tasted too much of the heat and not enough of the meat, to paraphrase Hank Hill. Grandma had given us $20 to eat out somewhere. And then she made a big pot of spaghetti the next day. Sometimes I wonder if her every waking thought involves feeding people.

I made another batch of Marlene’s stuffing for dinner tonight. Still not tired of it. Things on the job front remain pretty much the same.

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At first I was disappointed that I probably won't be doing any travelling during the February vacation, but now I'm content with it. The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I walked to the park, sat on a bench, and watched some French kids playing a strange game involving a ball, a frisbee, and what looked like a giant yo-yo. It was sunny and almost hot. So I left the park and kept walking, past the houses and over the train tracks, until I was at the edge of the forest that surrounds the town. Just in front of the forest, beside the French equivalent of the highway, there was an enormous life-size crucifix. I mentioned it to Marlene today, and she said that displays like that aren't uncommon in France.

The good weather continued today, and Marlene and I went to the post office together to get the $10 that Grandma mailed me exchanged into €. The elderly man behind us overheard us talking in English and introduced himself. He was French, but he spoke English perfectly, so well that I couldn't believe it wasn't his first language. After we left the post office he treated us to drinks at a local bar. We talked about the difficulties we've had living in a foreign country, and he told us about his second home in Anchorage, Alaska, where it's dark for months on end during the winter. After that Marlene and I walked to the hotel, and she made reservations for her parents, who are coming to visit her in March. We came back through a path in the forest. One day during this vacation, I hope to pack a lunch, hop on the bike Nathalie gave us, and spend the whole day riding through the forest. I also want to take a tour of François I's château and attend Mass in the thirteenth-century church. Sarah is using the vacation time to learn German from Marlene. Why she wants to learn German I don't know, because she makes many mistakes in English and even more in French, and I think trying to learn another language will just make her more confused, not less. But Marlene said she was a good student.

Since I arrived in Villers-Cotterêts, I've heard this town put down an amazingly times, both by the other assistants and the French people who live here. This town is so small. There's nothing to do here. Everything is closed by 8 pm. As I standing in front of the crucifix on Monday, I struck  by the beautiful view of the hills and the forest, and I thought about those complaints, and about what it means to happy. For a long time I thought that happiness was something that was given to you, that it depended on the things and people around you. But it's occurred to me that happiness is something we have to look for, and it depends on us and our own ability to find and recognize it. In Ponette, one of my favorite movies, Ponette says of her late mother, "She told me to learn to be happy." This made me think about Dad. He never graduated from college, but he was so smart, and he could have had a much better job than he did. But I still laugh when I remember when he told me the meaning of his license plate number (X27 TFJ, which meant he was Agent X27 of the Texans For Justice, for those of you who never heard the joke). I know this sounds cheesy, but I think real happiness comes from things like that, finding the humor, joy, or beauty of everyday moments. And I'm writing this down because I feel like I have traveled somewhere recently, not in France but inside myself, and I don't want to forget that place or how to get there.


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