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On Thursday night, I accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of an aspirin for a headache and slept for twelve hours. But I'm glad I got some rest in then, because I feel like I've barely slowed down all weekend! But it was fun, so I can't complain. On Friday night, I did my laundry, crocheted, and watched Star Trek at Mom's house. I finished my second plarn mat! It took me about two months to crochet, and its final measurements were 26" x 84". (My first one took about six months and its measurements were 22" x 76".)

Saturday was a full day. That afternoon, I walked the mall again with Briana; we hit a few bumps that I might need to contact our case worker about. Then I drove by Sassy Jewish Grandfather #2's house to drop off some hamantashen. He just had surgery and won't be able to come to temple for a while. I was happy to bring them to him, but I didn't have the best directions to his house and finding it was kinda stressful. Then Sara and I went over to CJ & Co's to visit Athena.

But Sunday was really the big day - PURIM! The Purim carnival that we'd working on for so long was finally upon us! Making noise on Purim is a mitzvot, and Maggie couldn't believe we were letting her get away with making noise in the temple sanctuary. All the kids loved booing Haman and banging those groggers during the Megillah reading. After the Megillah, we turned the kids loose in the social hall, where we had pinatas, face-painting, horseshoe throws, balloon animals, cookie-decorating, pin-the-crown-on-Esther, and more! It was so much fun, it should've been illegal. I think these smiling faces speak for themselves. (I took a ton of photos.)

Me and Sarah in our cowgirl costumes. I almost said to her mom, "Hurry up and take the photo so we can eat these hamantashen!"

Maggie the Cat. Those two girls are always so much fun.

And Sunday evening, of course, was the Oscars! I missed the pre-shows and first hour or so because I had to attend a long boring meeting at work, but after that, I went over to Mom's house and watched them there with Sara. I was most excited about two child actresses attending (and one of them with a nomination!!) and all the nominations for Les Miserables. Even though the medley was a rather odd mash-up of Suddenly, I Dreamed a Dream, and One Day More, it was so exciting to see it performed onstage! Samantha Barks (Eponine) looked so sexy in that black dress, and I love her voice. I think she's definitely the best singer out of the entire cast. Seth McFarland's spoof of The Sound of Music when he was introducing Christopher Plummer just killed me! Especially since we just saw it on the big screen! The only two Oscar movies I saw this year were Les Mis and Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I want to see Lincoln and Django Unchained once they're released.

Samantha's posing was kinda odd, yeah, but she's a relatively new star, so it's understandable.

Ahhh, good times. But I was up very late for three nights in a row, and I was so busy that I never got around to washing my hair. It's getting kinda gross.
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Can you believe Rebecca went to two Mardi Gras parades this weekend? I hadn't been to one since 2007! I actually almost went to three, but I got the time wrong on the dog parade on Saturday and most of it was over when I arrived. The atmosphere there was kinda crazy, and I also made the huge mistake of driving instead of biking, and parking was a nightmare. After that, I headed over to CJ & Company's and just crocheted the night away. They had good food and a ton of plastic bags for me to crochet with -- what more could you want?

Today, I woke up early (UGH) to visit Aunt Carla, and this afternoon, Briana and I hit the two parades. It rained (pretty darn hard at times, too!) during most of the first one, and we got drenched, but we both genuinely had fun. It made me feel like a kid again -- remember stepping off the curb and looking down to see what was coming next, and dashing into the street between floats to grab candy before it got smooshed? Briana made a haul: two stuffed animals, two plastic cups, and more candy and beads than she could hold! I never in my life caught that much at a parade. But I did end up with a few beads, some candy, and the cutest little plush dog, so I was happy.

After that, there was a lighted boat parade on the lake. Neither of us had been to a boat parade before, and it was pretty cool. The boats and their reflections on the water was so pretty. It was a fun day that made me glad I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, but it was also long, very exhausting, and kinda stressful. Briana was excited and wanted to do/see so much, and while it was GREAT to see her enthusiastic instead of bored, by the end of the day, my energy was flagging and she was still on the go. I was thinking about taking her to the last big blow-out parade on Tuesday evening, but after today, I think I might stay at home, rest, write fanfiction, and listen to the parade from here.

Geez, where did that weekend go?
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I had a pretty busy (and mostly fun) weekend here. On Friday night, our temple enjoyed the most wonderful Shabbat service with Marshall Klaven, our guest rabbi from the Institute of Southern Jewish Life. We also used him as an excuse to host the most delicious Shabbat dinner. There was brisket, kugel, challah, brownies, and Rebecca ate almost the entire saucer full of lemon slices that people were supposed to put in their ice water! I biked to services for the first time since last fall (I think it was the first time I'd biked all year, period -- it's been so darn cold!) and I can't wait until the weather is warm enough that I can do it regularly again.

Jacob (Sassy Jewish Grandfather #3) had set up a large screen in the social hall, and during dinner, we watched a compilation of clips of local news coverage of our temple from the '90s and early '00s. There were segments about our annual corn-beef sandwich sale and Hannukah latke dinner, among other things. I almost died laughing when I saw the hairstyle that one Sassy Jewish Grandmother wore during the '90s, and I saw the same hat stand and silverware holder in our social hall that we still have today! I wonder how old those things are? Also, right before services, one couple in our temple got officially engaged! He proposed to her right there in the temple, and every old Jewish lady in the place started bawling. It was a very special evening.

On Saturday, my mom and I saw Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1's latest play in a theater downtown. He's playing Morrie in Tuesdays with Morrie, and he was so good. The play was a bit too sappy for my taste, though. Mom read the book and liked it, which I think was the only reason she agreed to go (she's not keen on meeting anyone from the temple). Practically the whole congregation was there, because none of us wanted to miss Rabbi Klaven's service and come on premiere night. I tried to hang around and talk to them after the play, but Mom was practically shoving me out the door.

And on Sunday, I got together with Briana again. Can you guess what we did? That's right, we walked the mall again. *sigh* She did seem less bored out of her skull than usual, though. I was just irked that every store seemed to be playing the Rihanna song "Diamonds." Ugh, I got so sick of it. Anyway, I'm hoping that later this month or next month, we can go to one of the Mardi Gras events around town. I just don't know.

From the mall, I went straight to the hospital (yeah, that was a change of scene) to spend the night with Mrs. S again. It was very stressful and exhausting. I collapsed into bed as soon as I got home, and stayed there until it was time to go to work. I hope she gets better soon, because I really don't want to spend the night there again, but I also don't think I could say no. I keep thinking that as hard as it is for me to spend the night in that recliner, it has to be way worse for her elderly husband. Ugh.

But there is good stuff to look forward to this week -- tomorrow, another new episode of NCIS, and on Wednesday, going to the movies with Sara!!!
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Yesterday was Grandma's deathiversary. At services this evening, the lay leader read her name from the bema as part of the yahrzeit list. That was hard. In recent years, the start of a new year always depresses me, and this didn't help. I have to remind myself that there are still good times to be had. NCIS will be back with new episodes next week, and that's just what I need to distract me from all this funk. (Also at services this evening, I sat in the back and crocheted plarn through the whole thing.)

Below the cut is another list for 2012, of young actress movies that I saw that year. (Last year's list is here.) Once again, I kinda dropped the ball on watching one a month.

Young Actress Movies of 2012 )

And finally, my 2012 in a nutshell: Grandma died. Sable died. We moved. I learned how to crochet with plastic bags. I discovered and became scarily obsessed with the musical Les Miserables. We got Tovah. I spent a week at a wonderful Jewish summer camp. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, which I'm proud of myself for, even if the experience hasn't been exactly what I'd expected. I served as a lay leader at my temple. Just think, at this time last year, I had never crocheted with or even heard of “plarn,” and the only song I knew from Les Miserables was “I Dreamed a Dream!” CRAZY!

Also, I probably ate more peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and bananas in 2012 than I did over the rest of my life combined. And I have no idea why I felt that was noteworthy.

Right now I'm trying to think up something to do with Briana soon. I'm almost starting to feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. Literally all she ever wants to do is go to the mall. I don't know how much more I can take of that place! *grinds teeth*
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I'm grateful to have been off work for the last weekend before Christmas. I know all the stores were madhouses this weekend. It was still a pretty busy weekend for me, though. On Saturday, I went to the bookstore and browsed through Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. As much as I love the musical (ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!), I'd never read the novel before, and it's so massive that I'm amazed anyone anywhere ever actually read the whole thing. I was glad to see that the musical made some much-needed changes and improvements. The book is packed with confusing subplots, pointless extra characters, even more unrealistic coincidences than the musical, and worst of all, a showdown between Valjean and Marius (who despise each other in the book!) fighting for "ownership" of Cosette. Ugh!

This afternoon, "Briana" and I went ice-skating at a very swanky local hotel who turned their swimming pool into an ice-skating rink for the winter (Big Brothers Big Sisters had given us a coupon to the place). I had fun, but once again, I'm not sure Briana did. She was excited on the way there, but once on the ice, she got very hesitant and nervous. She probably spent more time sitting and watching everyone else than she did skating. She's not very eager to try new things or go new places, and I don't know what to do about that. She literally only ever wants to do the same thing (walk the mall). We've now been matched for six months, half of the year that BBBS asks of you. I feel bad saying this, but I'm glad we're halfway done. God help me get through the next six months.

In other news, a few years ago, as part of a French project, I recorded an interview with Grandma talking about her early life and speaking Cajun French. Over the past week, I converted the cassette tape into a digital music file, spliced it into tracks in iTunes, and burned them onto CDs to give out as Christmas gifts. After ice-skating, I drove out to my cousin's place to give one to him, then to CJ & Company's, then to Aunt Carla's. I had wrapped Aunt Carla's in paper and ribbon and asked her to wait until Christmas to open it, but Adam opened his big mouth and told her what it was, and she started bawling. I just about socked him. It was exhausting to run all those errands, but I'm glad I could give my relatives a preservation of Grandma talking, laughing, and describing her life in her own words. It's a lot more meaningful than most Christmas gifts. And I got junk food and fresh, home-grown lemons out of it -- yum!

P.S. Just pre-ordered our tickets to Les Miserables on December 25th!
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Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted a free pizza party at Mr. Gatti's yesterday evening, and y'all know I can't say no to free food, so I took Briana. We actually both had a fun time. We each got a free buffet and drinks; I ate all the pizza, dessert pizza, breadsticks, mac and cheese, and cucumber slices I could hold, and I tried a new kind of pizza with barbecue sauce, chicken, and onions (it was yummy).

BBBS was also giving all the kids five dollars worth of tokens to play in Gatti-Land. I thought Briana might not want to do it, because she's older than a lot of kids in the program, but she said, "You're never too old for Gatti-Land!" so we went there after we stuffed ourselves. We played basketball and a few other games with another really nice Big & Little Sister; the girl to Briana's school, and she and her sister had been matched together for four years -- wow. Briana won way more tickets than I ever did and spent them on candy and a heart-shaped tube of glittery lip-gloss.

So I missed seeing yesterday's new NCIS episode "live," but I stayed too late and watched it online as soon as I got home from Gatti's. My notes run a little long because I honestly don't think I could find one thing to dislike about this episode! It was priceless!

A list of things to love about 10x09 "The Devil's Trifecta" )

Happy 5th night of Hanukkah! Sara has been trying to direct my present-opening so that I get open one present a night. So far I've gotten new ponytail-holders and new lights for my bike (both things I needed) and a CD of Hanukkah songs!

P.S. I think I finally finished the mat of plarn I've been crocheting! Which is hard to believe after working on it for six months. I do most of my crocheting while watching movies/TV, and Sara just said: "God forbid you sit here for one minute without eating or plarning or eating your plarn or plarning your food!" Ha!
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That's right, Rebecca is having three Thanksgiving dinners this year. The first one was at work last Friday. One of my managers bought a ham, another one fried a turkey, and the rest of us brought side dishes, drinks, and desserts. I made crescent rolls, and they were a little slice of heaven when you cut them in half and put some turkey in them. Everything was so good, and the leftovers lasted for a few days. My next two Thanksgiving dinners will be at Mom's house (on Wednesday, because Sara has to work on Thursday) and at CJ & Company's on Thanksgiving. I am just trying NOT to think about what time I have to be at work on Black Friday morning. Ugh.

After work today, "Briana" and I went to the rec center in the town where she lives. She's out of school all week for the Thanksgiving holidays (damn, there's one thing Rebecca misses about being in school!) and we played basketball, ping-pong, and video games with each other and other kids there. Things are still kinda hard -- we went to the rec center only after I suggested a number of other things for us to do and she turned them down -- but they seem to be getting better now, although that might just be because I've lowered my expectations. :\

Anyway, from the rec center, we walked to the library (she lives in a very small town) where I found a CD called The Real and Complete Jewish Holidays and Festivals. It has so many great songs, and I'll probably burn a copy or two to donate to temple. I hope I can use it for some of my religious school lessons, too. The weather today was so beautiful and autumn-y, I sure hope it lasts. Briana and I even saw a few fall-colored leaves while we were walking, which we don't get much of this far south.

Only 17 DAYS LEFT until Rebecca serves as a lay leader at temple! And I'm still so nervous. God help me -- literally.
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I was off from work this weekend, and man, it was a pretty packed one. It kicked off on Friday evening, when our temple was treated to services by an amazing guest cantor, David Mintz. He's from New York, so afterwards, we took him out for a taste of traditional Louisiana cuisine... at the nearest Chinese restaurant. There have been group dinners at Chinese places after services before, but I always skipped them because I really don't like Chinese food. I only tagged along this time because Sassy Jewish Grandparents #1 literally blocked the door and wouldn't let me leave until I agreed to go (also because they gave me a ride and paid for my food). You know that cliche about how Jewish people love Chinese food? Yeah, it's real.

On Saturday, our city was holding two events downtown, an arts festival and a culture festival. Our temple had signed up to run tables at both! We've been planning and working on this for a long time, and I honestly thought the temple president and secretary must've lost their minds to sign us up. I was like, "We're a small congregation! We can't pull off something like this!" But I was wrong. We might be a small group, but our booth on Israel at the culture fest was by far the biggest one there. We had activities where visitors (we had about 300!) could see Israeli currency, listen to HaTikva (the Israeli national anthem), make a Haman hat, learn to write shalom in Hebrew or play dreidel, and we gave away little mini Israeli flags. The whole thing went so well, and I am so beyond proud of us for pulling it off.

I was working the booths for most of the day, but I managed to break away for part of the afternoon. I took Sarah (a girl in my congregation) around to all the other booths while her mom worked at ours. We each picked up a little pretend passport and got them signed or stamped at each country's table. So many countries were represented -- the local geneology library had a table on Germany and German immigrants to Louisiana, the French Club of a high school had two tables on France and Belgium, the martial arts school had one on China. We saw Chinese dragon dancers, Spanish flamenco dancers, and more! Sarah and I had so much fun.

Me and Sarah in the HUGE Haman hats we made out of newspaper

Today, Briana and I browsed in a Halloween store, then hit the mall -- the third time we've done this, but it's hard finding stuff that doesn't seem to bore her. It went pretty well, mostly because we bumped into a friend of Briana's family, who shopped with us (he was pretty fun and knew way more about fashion and shopping than I do) and bought us each a cookie from the Great American Cookie Company. Any situation that involves free food can be considered a win, right?

A stray cat showed up at our apartment tonight, and she immediately scarfed down an entire bowl of food, poor thing. The newcomer has been very calm and gentle -- there are some feral cats in our area, but she must be domestic, since she let me pet and hold her -- but Tovah and my sister are freakin' the hell out. Tovah's reaction I can understand, but not "You are so HATEFUL, Rebecca! [I'm also stupid, selfish, and don't care about Tovah at all.] How could you DO this to Tovah?! My poor baby is TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE!"
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My rolling birthday lasted a little longer than I'd thought. Athena made a surprise visit this week, and Sara and I spent Thursday evening at their place. Aunt Connie served a bag of Cheetos, a jar of pickles, hot dogs, and Milano cookies. (YUM! There were no leftovers.) She also gave me a bag full of hair-care products as a birthday present, and because she literally begged, I let her shampoo and blow-dry my hair. She and Athena were hoping they could fluff it up and make it BIG, but it didn't really work out -- my hair is just too flat and thin, which is fine by me. They honestly ooh'ed and ahh'ed over how quickly it dried. Looking back now, I wonder if they were trying to send me some message?

Saturday was a busy day. That morning, we had a class of religious school at temple, and it went well. The kids watched this movie about Noah and the flood (it was a little dated and hokey, but not too bad) and learned to write Noah's name in Hebrew. Jewish Grandmother #1 even brought sugar cookies she'd made in the shape of a nun and chet -- SO cute!

I had to snap a picture with my phone :)

That evening, "Briana" and I went to the local college football game and a pre-game tailgate party hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters. They had free food and different activities and games to play. Briana and I played basketball for a while, then a game of doubles pool with a really nice Big & Little Brother. It felt like a big relief for me (and probably for Briana too) to have other people around to interact with. I hope we can go to more of Big Brother Big Sisters' match events. I was kinda bored during the football game -- I never go to sporting events; in fact, this was my first time at a college game! -- but Briana seemed to enjoy it, although we were both bummed that her cousin, who's a local celebrity, wasn't able to sing the National Anthem before the game.

And on Sunday morning, I woke up early again to visit my aunt. I feel kinda bad that I've seen so little of her since Grandma died, and I hope I can make it over to her house more often from now on.

Random news: Sara and I went to the movies and saw Sinister today. How scary was it? Sara grabbed my hand so hard, she left a bruise! Random good news: A new fanfiction idea came to me out of the blue today, and I'm already +800 words into the story! Why can't this happen more often? Random bad news: Because of the presidential debate, no new episode of NCIS this week! Boo!
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The High Holy Days can be stressful (especially when the Season 10 premiere of NCIS falls on Yom Kippur -- ugh!) but they can also make Rebecca very thankful to be Jewish. Rosh Hashanah meant a lot to me this year. In a way, it makes more sense to have a new year now, instead of in January, which I think is leftover from being a kid and always starting a new school year in the fall. And it doesn't hurt that the weather is infinitely nicer now than it ever is in January. Anyway, I'm thankful to have an opportunity to celebrate another new year and another fresh start, and I'm trying to make the most of it. So far, I've stuck to my goal to ride my bike more, and it's making a great difference in my mood. I hope to get in as much bike-riding as I can before winter.

And now, a recap of the last few days. )

Two little things: I got my hands on a big orange plastic bag at work, and I immediately cut it down into plarn! I can't wait to crochet it into my blanket. And on the suggestion of a new coworker, I tried cooking Velveeta Cheese Hamburger Helper instead of regular Hamburger Helper (which I eat for dinner about once a week) and it was so good.

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The last few days have felt pretty crappy. After school on Friday, I took "Briana" to the lakefront and we fed the ducks and splashed around in the fountain. That sounds like fun in theory, doesn't it? So why did she seem bored to death, yet again? Too often I feel like I'm forcing her to do stuff she doesn't want to. I need to call our caseworker at Big Brothers Big Sisters and discuss this.

However, in my defense, as much as I might suck at doing stuff with her, at least when we make plans, I stick to them. Props to me for that. Woo-hoo.

After work on Saturday, I went straight to the temple for Havdalah and Selichot services. We took the regular bima and Torah covers off and put up the special white-and-gold ones for the High Holy Days. There was also a little oneg with cheese, fruit, cookies, and of course, apples and honey. Yum! After that, I drove over to Mom's house because Adam and I had made plans to go to the movies that evening. I was looking forward to it -- which was my first mistake, children. When I got there, this was our conversation:

Adam: Well, maybe next time, when they're showing something better. [I know where he gets this from.]
Me: I thought you said you wanted to see it.
Adam: Well, I don't really like that movie.
Me: Then why did you say yes when I asked you if you wanted to go?
Adam: Uh...

Ordinarily, I don't think this would've upset me that much, but it came at a bad time. My family has a habit of cancelling on me like this, and I'm starting to suspect that they actually don't care about me at all or that I'm incredibly repulsive and no one ever wants to spend time with me (which would also explain why no one ever hires me and why Briana is always so bored with me). I know, I know, I'm whining now, but it really does bother me because I have few no friends and there are things I'd like to get out and do, but going it solo is hard for me. (Guess I better get used to that, since I'll be doing it for the rest of my life.) That's one reason why I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Speaking of which, the #1 rule they give you when you join that agency is this: "Be consistent and dependable. Do not oversleep, be late, reschedule dates, or make promises that you cannot keep." Why didn't anybody ever give this to my family?

And when I got home from work today, our power was out! Again! (It's back on now, obviously.) Sigh... I hope I snap out of this funk. The High Holy Days are coming, and I can't make atonement in a pissy mood like this. But I also can't get over the irony that I'm going to be saying the Kol Nidre, the Yom Kippur prayer whose specific purpose is to remind Jews not to make rash promises, and certain people I know won't.

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Today, August 27, is the two-year anniversary of my first time attending services at the temple. In some ways, this day is more important to me than the anniversary of my conversion. I can't believe it's been two years already! For the first several services I attended there, I wrote detailed journal entries describing each one. Well, I reread those over the weekend, and I just about sat there with my mouth hanging open. I was amazed at how strange and unfamiliar so many parts of the services felt to me then, that have become comforting and familiar now.

After two years, I feel like the honeymoon is over, and what happened over the weekend kinda contributed to that. On Saturday morning, we had the first session of religious school for this school year, and it is not off to a great start. Rabbi W is a nice guy, but he can be so boring. I really think he has no memory of what it's like to be a kid, and no concept of what kids today find entertaining. I felt so bad for the kids, to the point that I'm thinking about e-mailing Rabbi W with more exciting lesson suggestions. I'm kinda paranoid about their faith becoming boring or burdensome to them. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously.

But after religious school, the grown-ups had Torah study, and that went even worse. We didn't talk about the torah portion for the week at all! Instead, Rabbi W passed out copies of an article about Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons, the threat it poses to Israel, and what America should do about it. I do think that's a topic we should care about, but I'm not sure Torah study is the right place to bring it up. We stayed off-topic from there, and things got very political and divisive. A sample of what was said:
  • "Well, Romney is very pro-Israel. Israel will have a friend in Romney." UGH! Don't even get me started on the whole idea of voting for an American president based on Israeli interests! Wtf?
  • "Obama has always been very pro-Muslim. I mean, just look at his middle name." Well, of course, if you're pro-Muslim, then you must hate Israel! The two are completely exclusive!
  • "But it says in Torah that all Jews are supposed to live in Israel." I was seriously tempted to get up in this woman's face and yell, "Well, I don't see you there!"
It got so bad I actually had to get up and leave. Ugh.

On Sunday afternoon, I played basketball with "Briana." (Sara said when I told her after, "But you don't play basketball!" Me: "Yes, we definitely established that.") During all of the previous stuff we've done together, Briana has been kinda shy and quiet, but I definitely saw another side of her come out playing basket ball. She was very competitive and even a little aggressive and braggy. She scored about 30 hoops to my 5. I couldn't have cared less about getting my butt kicked, but I could've done without her showing-off attitude. But she's just a kid, so I'm trying not to let it annoy me. We played basketball until we were sweaty and hot, then it stated raining right in time. The basketball court was covered, so we just got cool breezes and a little mist on our faces. It felt so good. Then we drove down the street to Burger King and got two 50-cent ice cream cones (yum!) and listened to the two girls behind the counter argue about the right way to dress a hamburger. They got so into it that we both cracked up. For the most part, it was a fun afternoon.

I guess I should a lesson about this from temple. It took several services there before it stopped feeling weird to me. And hopefully, I'll get better at religious school and doing stuff with Briana with time and practice, too. Fake it till you make it, Rebecca.

I wasn't planning on doing anything to celebrate this day, but, almost as if he knew it was my two-year templeversary, Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1 took me out for a drink at the coffee shop. (Cheryl & Maggie took me out on this day last year, which is back here.) He's also burning me a CD of songs our choir does at services. :) I might complain a lot, but deep down, I know I'm very blessed.

28 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SEASON 10 OF NCIS! Less than month to go, people!
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For unknown reasons, I got a bad stomachache right as I was going to bed on Friday night. I never threw up or had diarrhea, just a lot of sour-tasting burps. Ugh! Pepto-Bismal didn't help, and a hot bath only did a little. I didn't get to bed that night until after 3 am! And I had to wake up at eight the next morning to go to work. After working a long shift (and we were busy, of course - next week will only be worse) I came home, change, rested for a little bit, and left again to take "Briana," the girl I was matched with through Big Brothers Big Sisters, to the movies.

We watched Rango for free in the town square. I really liked the atmosphere -- a big screen under a big, starry summer sky, little kids playing on the grass, Girl Scouts selling concessions (I got a Nerds Rope, which is my crack, and a pickle; Briana got two bags of spicy Cheetos) -- but wow, was the movie boring. It was long, slow, and not funny at all; I really wonder who chose it and why. The weirdest thing of all was that it a close parody of Chinatown, only animated and told with desert creatures, and with all the sex and murder taken out. It was so weird. Some scenes were taken directly from Chinatown, and the villain was an exact caricature of John Huston's Noah Cross. I could appreciate it because I've seen and love Chinatown, but Rango is a kids movie (and a bad one, at that) where references to such an old, adult film really make no sense.

Briana seemed pretty bored during the movie. I don't blame her, but it made things feel awkward and painful, like I'm failing her. But, to my surprise, we actually talked most of the way home. Hallelujah! During previous things we've done, she's been so quiet, and trying to make conversation with her was like pulling teeth! But I know I was the same worse at that age, and I'm still hoping things will get better. Right now, I'll admit, thinking up stuff to do with her and finding time to do it still feels like a chore. I have this nagging feeling that I may suck at being a big sister.

Anyway, I didn't get home from the movie until after ten! I still can't quite believe that I pulled off such a long day on so little sleep. Today I'm off and slept in until two -- hallelujah! Now I'm just lazing around in my PJs, watching old NCIS episodes with Tovah. :)

Sara is reading some book (I forget the title) right now that's set in Germany during World War II. She was telling me about it last night, and this was our conversation:
Sara: "She keeps talking about something called the Anschluss, and I don't know what that is, but I remember they talked about it in The Sound of Music, and --"
Me: "Perhaps those who would remind you that the Anschluss is coming..."
Me and Sara, in perfect unison: "And it is coming, Captain!"


On Sara's page-a-day calendar of art at the Met, I'm looking at Nocturne: The Thames at Battersea, an 1878 lithotint scraping by James McNeill Whistler. I really like the somber tone of it.

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I've felt so busy lately. I'm working a lot this week -- almost 40 hours! -- and in my spare time, I've been getting ready for my vacation to summer camp next week. I needed to refill my asthma medication, order more contacts, inflate Muse Watson's tires, get a pair of khakis (the camp doesn't have a dress code, but they do ask that everyone wear a white shirt and khakis on Shabbat) buy some things in travel size before I left, and predictably, I left it all to the last minute! Ugh. Today I bought an emergency flat-tire repair kit, because I'm paranoid that Muse Watson will give me some sort of problem on the way. This will be the longest trip I've ever taken in him.

Today was my day off, but I woke up early to run some errands this morning. This afternoon, I took Briana to the roller rink. Things are still kinda bumpy and awkward between us, but I'm hoping it'll smooth out after we've known each other longer. Roller-skating was fun. I hadn't been to that rink in about 5 years, but I used to go all the time when I was kid, and a lot like Blue Bayou, it was just almost just like I remembered. Oh, the fun skinny 9-year-old Rebecca had flying around on her pink-and-green skates. Out-of-shape adult Rebecca was wheezing, panting, sweaty, and red-faced in no time, but I still enjoyed it.

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Can anybody guess what Rebecca woke up to this morning? A strange tapping sound at my window. For a second, I thought that someone was trying to break in. Then I got up, pulled back the curtain, and saw this:

That's Miss Tovah sitting on my bay window, staring down a little bird on the windowsill outside. I'm guessing that the bird couldn't see Tovah, or maybe just wasn't scared of her. They stayed like this for the longest time! Right now, though, it's pouring down rain -- again! -- and Tovah is in my lap. And now, a recap of the past few days:

On Friday, I was so sick that I had to call in to work (something I almost never do). I woke up very early that morning with a stomachache, so I took so Pepto-Bismal, only to barf it up. A few hours later, I tried some crackers, but I barfed those up, too. A few hours later, I tried some food that I actually kept down. Then I decided to bike to temple on a near-empty stomach. I didn't feel faint at all, just so tired that I almost fell asleep during services and while bike-riding home. Ugh!

On Saturday afternoon, I visited the mall with the girl I was matched with through Big Brothers Big Sisters. We just walked, talked, and browsed around in all the stores. We've only just met, so things are still kinda awkward between us, but I think "Briana" (not her real name) is starting to come out of her shell, and I hope for good things. We made plans to go to the skating rink this week, and we're both looking forward to it.

On Saturday evening, I did my laundry and watched a child actress movie at Mom's house. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane was the only child-actress movie available through NetFlix Instant that I hadn't already seen. It left me wondering what people smoked in the 70's.

Today, I hope to get some cleaning done. I'll be working a lot this week (ugh!) but next week is my vacation! I leave for summer camp one week from today! I'm kinda nervous because I've never been there before, but I know several people who have and they all say great things about it.

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I haven't blogged in a while because I've been so busy working. We did inventory over the weekend, and the only good thing I can say about that is we all got free pizza and cookies. I had to close on Saturday night and come in early on Sunday morning to do recounts behind the inventory crew. Ugh! I even climbed up into topstock, which I'd never done before. It was kinda cool and scary (topstock is high and the ladder is wobbly) but man, were my legs sore afterward!

In my spare time, I've been writing fanfiction and doing a little genealogy research. I finally added Grandma's death date to my family trees for her and Grandpa Charlie's families -- which was very depressing. I also added some relatives to Find a Grave and updated pages for some who were already on the site.

It's been pouring down rain here this week. We had such a heavy thunderstorm a few days ago that our power went out for a little while, and the thunder claps were perfectly timed on Friday evening, when we were reading a line from our siddur at services, "At Mount Sinai, amid peals of thunder..." Sassy Jewish Grandfather #2 was the lay leader and I was so proud of him. One lady in our congregation brought latkes for all of us to eat afterwards, and we ran out to our cars in groups huddled under shared umbrellas. I love lying in my bed with Tovah, listening to her purr and the rain fall. It's the coziest feeling in the world.

In other news, I finally did something I've been thinking about (As an aside, why does Rebecca have to think about things for ages before she does them? Is anyone else like this?) and applied with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I will post more about that later, since it deserves its own post. I'm going to meet my new little sister ... tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll admit, I'm kinda nervous about it; I figure it will be bumpy at first, then rewarding, kinda like teaching Sunday School was.

P.S. CBS just released the premiere date for Season 10 of NCIS! I had expected it to be September 18, based on previous premiere dates, but it's actually going to be September 25. So, let the countdown begin: 76 DAYS UNTIL SEASON 10 OF NCIS!


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