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I'm grateful to have been off work for the last weekend before Christmas. I know all the stores were madhouses this weekend. It was still a pretty busy weekend for me, though. On Saturday, I went to the bookstore and browsed through Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. As much as I love the musical (ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!), I'd never read the novel before, and it's so massive that I'm amazed anyone anywhere ever actually read the whole thing. I was glad to see that the musical made some much-needed changes and improvements. The book is packed with confusing subplots, pointless extra characters, even more unrealistic coincidences than the musical, and worst of all, a showdown between Valjean and Marius (who despise each other in the book!) fighting for "ownership" of Cosette. Ugh!

This afternoon, "Briana" and I went ice-skating at a very swanky local hotel who turned their swimming pool into an ice-skating rink for the winter (Big Brothers Big Sisters had given us a coupon to the place). I had fun, but once again, I'm not sure Briana did. She was excited on the way there, but once on the ice, she got very hesitant and nervous. She probably spent more time sitting and watching everyone else than she did skating. She's not very eager to try new things or go new places, and I don't know what to do about that. She literally only ever wants to do the same thing (walk the mall). We've now been matched for six months, half of the year that BBBS asks of you. I feel bad saying this, but I'm glad we're halfway done. God help me get through the next six months.

In other news, a few years ago, as part of a French project, I recorded an interview with Grandma talking about her early life and speaking Cajun French. Over the past week, I converted the cassette tape into a digital music file, spliced it into tracks in iTunes, and burned them onto CDs to give out as Christmas gifts. After ice-skating, I drove out to my cousin's place to give one to him, then to CJ & Company's, then to Aunt Carla's. I had wrapped Aunt Carla's in paper and ribbon and asked her to wait until Christmas to open it, but Adam opened his big mouth and told her what it was, and she started bawling. I just about socked him. It was exhausting to run all those errands, but I'm glad I could give my relatives a preservation of Grandma talking, laughing, and describing her life in her own words. It's a lot more meaningful than most Christmas gifts. And I got junk food and fresh, home-grown lemons out of it -- yum!

P.S. Just pre-ordered our tickets to Les Miserables on December 25th!
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Our non-Christmas tree has been a bit sparsely-decorated since I upgraded from a 4' to a 6'. Last year, I bought a glittery red key from the antique store as a new ornament. This year, I made an ornament out my mom's old skate key. Grandma held onto it for all these years, and I found it at my aunt's house when I went over there to do my laundry this morning. God only knows why Grandma kept it, but then, she could never throw anything away.

Skate keys were used to put on old metal roller skates. (If you've ever read The Catcher in the Rye, there's a scene where Phoebe uses a skate key to put on her roller skates.) This one is at least 45 years old. My Grandma and Aunt Carla told me Mom used to spend hours skating up and down the sidewalk. It's almost impossible for me to imagine her that young.

Happy second night of Hanukkah! PBS is broadcasting the (several hours long) 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables tonight, and I'm watching it right now. SQUEE! I love this version of Les Mis. It stars my very favorite Valjean and Fantine, Alfie Boe and Lea Salonga -- and, unfortunately, one of the Jonas Brothers as Marius. :\

Ni Hao Yall
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This is me and Grandma, on my birthday three years ago (which I posted about back here). It's not the best photo of Grandma because she's looking at the cake instead of the camera, but I still love it. I love the glow of the candles, and how you can see Grandma's old kitchen behind us. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

If someone said three years from now,
you'd be long gone,
I'd stand up and punch them out
'Cause they're all wrong.
When someone said count your blessings now,
before they're long gone,
I guess I just didn't know how.
I was all wrong.
{Lyrics from "Who Knew?" by Pink.}
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The weather here has been so nice and cool lately (finally!). From work today, I biked downtown to the Sept. 11 memorial. This day last year was, obviously, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks; it was also my Grandma's 82nd birthday. We didn't have the faintest clue then that it would be her last birthday in this world. Far from it. She wasn't even sick yet. Heck, she cooked her own birthday cake! And today, one year later, she's gone. She's been gone for eight months already. When you think about it, it's kinda scary, isn't it?

I bought a few tiny, cheap American flags and stuck them in the ground at the memorial. Last year, our city hosted a beautiful, elaborate ceremony there; this year, there were just two families -- both of them with loud, bratty kids who wanted to climb on the beams from the World Trade Center and splash in the reflecting pool. Ugh! I politely didn't strangle them to death, even though their parents probably would've thanked me for it. I did manage to take a few pictures. Some of them are kinda repetitive of my photos from the ceremony last year, but I had a much better camera this time.

Beams from the World Trade Center rising up from the reflecting pool.

An American flag and candle that someone left at the memorial. The card on the front reads: 2,819 People Lost. [This is number is incorrect.] Please take a moment to remember all the victims of 911 and NEVER forget.

Flowers in bloom outside the memorial, with the beams and flag in the background.

And you know, something just occurred to me as I was typing this entry. Sept. 11 is a day of mourning of our country -- and it should be, because terrible things happened that day and thousands of innocent people were killed. But for me, it's a day of gratitude and celebration, because it was the birthday of one damn amazing lady. Grandma was one of the kindest, patientest, most understanding, generous people I will ever know, and when I think about how blessed I was to have her in my life, there is no room in my heart for sadness. So for me, this day isn't about death (no offense to those who died on 9/11 and their families) but a celebration of life.

You have turned my mourning into dancing. You have clothed me in joy, that my heart may sing and not be silent. ~ Psalm 30

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Well, I didn't cry at the visitation, the rosary, the funeral, or the graveside service for Grandma. I just got home from Shabbat services at the temple, changed into my PJs, and now I'm sitting here crying. I know even if I live to be as old as Methuselah, I will never meet a nicer lady, a better cook, or a person who loves our family so much, in spite of all our bitchiness and dysfunctionality. She was the only grandparent I ever knew. And I might just waste away without her food! Some random thoughts:

~ At the rosary service, a relative asked me why I wasn't praying the rosary. I wasn't offended at all, just puzzled, because said relative knows I converted to Judaism, and I really don't think she's so ignorant about Judaism as to expect a Jew to pray Catholic prayers. Oh, well.

~ Athena had the great idea for us to both wear
purple, Grandma favorite color, to her funeral. I guess the silver lining in this situation was all the food and getting to see Athena. I miss her so much when she's away. Today she even came to services at the temple with me.

~ We tried to cut back on the number of cars in our funeral procession (I hate stopping for funeral processions, especially long ones), so a bunch of us piled into Aunt Connie's car. Seriously, it was as packed as a clown car, and Olivia said, "We're like Mexicans making a run for the border!" One car didn't stop for us, and Athena yelled, "If you don't stop, our grandma will haunt you!" Me: "Yeah, for the rest of your life, whenever you throw anything away, you'll hear a voice saying, 'Don't throw that out, it's still good!'"

~ I'm so cheap, it took Grandma's death for me to buy new batteries for my cameras! (I haven't had new ones since 2008, and those were a gift. I just kept recharing them.) I like taking photos at inappropriate times, so I bought my camera to the graveside service. I got a few good photos, including one of Eva looking at Grandma's urn that's really pretty.

~ We took Grandma's urn right up to the cemetery plot, put it in the ground, and then we all filed by and dropped in a handful of dirt. It was kinda neat - I'd never done that before.

~ No one could deny that Grandma was the glue that held our family together. My biggest fear is that with her dead, I'll become a stranger to my own relatives, like one member of my already family is.

On the bright side, 2012 can only get better from here on out, right? I mean, it HAS to!
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Hallelujah, Rebecca survived Black Friday weekend! Friday and Saturday were both looong, hectic days, one of my coworkers quit, we didn't get pizza for lunch (like I thought we would), I forgot to buy the one sale item I'd wanted, the weather was wet and cold, and Sable pissed on the floor! Ugh!

To unwind from it all, I've been writing fanfiction and even broke out my old keyboard again. (I haven't done that in a while.) I had wanted to learn the T'Filah, a line we sing at services, but I couldn't find any music for it, so I tried to piece it together by ear. The Hebrew is complicated, but the melody is so pretty, and it's only one line, so I think I came up with something semi-recognizeable.

Today I did my laundry, and I just got home from visiting Grandma, which I've haven't done since she got out of the hospital. (And I didn't even see her on Thanksgiving. I know, I'm a terrible granddaughter.) She's lost weight and isn't doing too well. It was more than a little depressing to see. In some ways, my fifteen-year-old dog is in better health than she is. Sable can at least move around and usually get up and down the stairs by himself. Grandma can't even stand up without help.

My aunt: [about my cousin losing her job] "Well, they say when God closes a door, He opens a window." [Bitchy sarcastic aside: Thank you, Fraulein Maria.]
Me: "Yeah, so we can have something to jump out of."
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My Sassy Jewish Grandparents treated me and another friend of theirs to dinner after services tonight. We had a pizza and "Kentucky Derby pie" for dessert. The pie turned out to be delicious, but none of us had ever heard of it before, and we had a time trying to figure out what kind of pie it was. Our waiter tried to explain it to us, but he was Hispanic, and every time he said "pecan," his accent made it sound just like "bacon!" (The sad thing is that I actually would've been willing to try a pie that had bacon in it!) We all cracked up when we finally realized that he was trying to say "pecan" - it was a lot of fun.

My Sassy Cajun Grandma has been released from the hospital and is walking with a cane again. We visited her in the hospital on Wednesday (Bikur Cholim: the mitzvah of visiting the sick, one of the most important mitzvot), and she was very weak, but fortunately, she has kept all her wits about her. There's an old lady Grandma's age at temple who is prone to forget her husband's name, where she lives, and what year it is. It's a mitzvot, but I still hate going to hospitals, and having out-of-town relatives come in to visit her was generating its own drama, so I'm glad she's back home.

And now that she's out of the hospital, I can get back to what I'm best at - whining about superficial, unimportant stuff! Has anyone else seen the new trailer for The Hunger Games? It just came out this week, and Sara and I are not thrilled. Apparently Jennifer Lawrence doesn't realize that Katniss is supposed to come off as kinda cold and mean, not sweet and soft-hearted. The "I just can't afford to think that way" is especially bad. Ugh.

Me: Sneezes three times in a row. (I sneeze a lot at night.)
Sara: "Stop it! You're out of control!"
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After work today, Sara and I went for a walk in the cemetery, then I rode my bike over to Grandma's to pick tomatoes for her. (That's what I love about summer. The days are long enough to pack a lot into them.) Grandma seems to have given up on watering and/or picking from her garden since she's about to move, so I spent about five minutes just sitting on the grass picking all the cherry tomatoes in reach. The bellpepper and cucumber plants both looked so withered and sad, and as I was watering them, it occurred to me that by this time next month, Grandma will probably be completely moved out of that house. She's lived there for 47 years! It doesn't seem possible.

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while. They're not great, because I used the GE rather than the Kodak. (The Kodak has better picture quality, but the GE has way more storage space and its batteries last longer.) I took them over the last month or so. They make me think of the June words of my Emily Dickinson calendar:

A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer's morn -
A flask of Dew - a Bee or two -
A Breeze - a caper in the trees -
And I'm a Rose!

Louisiana Flowers and Fresh Produce of Rebecca's Neighborhood (Lots of Photos) )

I took a few good photos in the cemetery today, but I will share those later. (Update: Well, I only ever got around to posting one, but you can see it here.)
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Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and I had considered watching a scary movie - we have two of my favorites, The Others and The Sixth Sense - but instead I rode my bike to the Redbox after shabbat services and checked out The King's Speech. It was damn good, and it had two child actresses. It also made me feel damn guilty for making fun of Athena's stutter when we were kids. Even though I didn't tease her too much, and she usually laughed about it.

At services, by the way, Maggie brought a pencil pouch packed with shaped rubber bands. (Also known as rubber bandz or silly bands or a variety of other names - they're all the rage for kids these days, or at least they were until this loser started wearing them!) They were all pink and all sparkly, and she spent the whole service putting them on me like bracelets. This is what my wrist looked like by the time the service was over:

(And you'll all be happy to know that it's very difficult to take a picture of your own wrist.)

My aunt put a bid on a house this week. I still haven't really accepted that she and Grandma are moving. Ugh. Grandma has lived in her house since 1964. That house is my childhood. But the house that they're considering moving into has central air-conditioning and a dishwasher and bathtubs with showers! Would you believe that my 81-year-old Cajun grandma has never before lived in a house with all three of those things? (Of course, she grew up sleeping a moss-stuffed mattress and using an outhouse for a bathroom.)

Today I finally screwed up my courage and did two things that I have been putting off for well over a month. Blegh. I cannot tell yet how/if either of them will pan out, and no, you can't ask me what they were. Tomorrow, I hope to get a third such thing done and give Sable a bath. (Although that isn't something that I've been putting off. His fleas are getting worse, so I've been bathing him more often.) I saw my first TV trailer for X-Men: First Class today. Less than a month until it comes out! Keep your fingers crossed that it'll live up.

Grandma gave me some cucumbers when I was at her house today, and I rode my bike through a sprinkler on my way to services yesterday. I think summer is here.

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I went over to Grandma's last weekend to do my laundry. (Which, as an aside, raises the question of who I'm going to mooch off after she moves!) For some reason, my aunt who lives with her went into a long monologue about how she's proud to have me as her niece and she thinks I bring a lot to the family. Nice, I guess, but it had me nodding and smiling like an idiot while I tried to figure out where in heck this was coming from.

She also accused me of never telling them anything (them being her and Grandma) and said that they wouldn't know what was going on with me at all if it weren't for other relatives who read this blog and report back to them on it. (They don't have a computer, so they know this blog exists but have no access to it.) I already knew that was happening, but I'm not quite 100% comfortable with it. First of all, I don't know what news she thinks I'm not sharing, since I have no life, and secondly, while I love Grandma, she can be the queen of overreacting. A few months ago, when I mentioned to her that I wasn't getting many hours at work, she went on and on and on about it as if it were the worst thing that had ever happened to anyone. It really got on my last nerve. Bottom line, there are some things written on this blog that I don't want getting back to her.

I suppose this is all part of having a gossippy southern family. It reminds me of a few days ago, when I made the mistake of talking to Sara about one of the steps to convert to Judaism, she said in a perfect imitation of The Parent Trap, "Wait until your grandmother finds out what you're going to do." Haha. [/very sarcastic laugh]

FOUR ... MORE ... DAYS until Rebecca attends her first Passover seder! I'll actually be going to two this year, one at my Jewish grandparents' house and one at our temple. I'm a little nervous (like I was for my first Purim and women's group meeting) but I'm also looking forward to it.

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Sable seems to be spending more time than ever in his many beds -- not sleeping, but just lying there with his head on his paws, raising his eyes when someone walks by. It's the most pathetic-looking thing you can imagine. Poor old pup.

Last Sunday, April 11, was Holocaust Remembrance Day. I looked up more information on it, and found out that every year on that day in Israel (where it's known as Yom Ha'Shoah), sirens are sounded are sounded across the country at ten in the morning, and people are expected to stop whatever they're doing and stand at attention for two minutes, in remembrance of Holocaust victims. People who are driving stop their cars and get out of their vehicles. I looked up videos of this on YouTube, and they were incredible. In a crowded neighborhood in Jerusalem, everyone stood so still that the only movement was the birds and the Israeli flag flapping in the wind. On a major highway, all the cars stopped and the drivers got out. I can't imagine how powerful it must feel to pay tribute like that, knowing that you're doing together with people all across your contry. That's an appopriate way to pay tribute. It makes me wish we did something similar here, instead of having Memorial Day Sales at the mall. But then, I don't think any nation in the world has an event in its past that's comparable to Israel and the Holocaust.

Hahahas, courtesy of me and my grandma:
Grandma: Do you need any vitamins? I have three bottles in here. Course some of them are probably out of date by now.
Me: Why'd you buy three bottles?
Grandma: Well, they were on sale, and I had a buy one, get one free coupon.
Me: You and your sales and your coupons. You end up buying all this stuff you don't even need.
Grandma: I know. [pause] But I'm gonna stop.
Me: Yeah, you'll stop when you're dead.
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Sable and I went over to Mom's house yesterday and dyed eggs and watched The Princess and the Frog with Adam. The movie was cute and enjoyable, and while I was there, Ben gave me some DVDs he got for free from a movie rental place that's going out of business. He gave me Casablanca, A Very Long Engagement, Chocolat (which we already have on VHS, but a VHS sure doesn't have a French language track! I wonder if the French actresses did their own dubbing), and La Vie en Rose, which I've never seen but totally want to because I have the biggest girl-crush on Marion Cotillard. Every time I see her, I'm amazed at how beautiful she is. If she and Cote de Pablo were in the same place at once, the world would probably explode from too much hotness. My world would, at least. Anyway, now I feel bad for just getting Ben some pens for Christmas (even though they were nice pens).

This afternoon, Sara and I watched that disaster-porn movie 2012, and during the scene where the Vatican City is destroyed and the dome of St. Peter's collapses and crushes the faithful, I literally jumped up and screamed, "Yeah, that's what you get for covering up sex abuse by your priests! Take that!" When I went by Mom's house afterwards to drop it off, she literally started yelling at me as soon as I walked in the door (for stuff that I hadn't even done!). Sometimes I almost feel sorry for my brothers for living with her, but not really.

Then I biked over to Grandma's house and helped her cook for Easter tomorrow. I rode my bike to the grocery for some ingredients she needed, because we both agreed that I bike faster than Grandma drives. But to her credit, Grandma is so bad-ass that I don't think she even requires the use of pot-holders: those are for lesser mortals. We frosted a cake and cupcakes and made Green Glop while watching The Ten Commandments on TV. Which reminds me, the coolest thing ever was when Charlton Heston died and they broadcast that movie dubbed in French on French TV and I watched it from a hotel room in Paris. It was awesome!

I'm determined to get up early enough to help Grandma set things up before everyone arrives at her house for Easter tomorrow, so I should probably stay up late watching NCIS clips on YouTube log off the computer and go to bed now.

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Last night Sara and I watched Now, Voyager, this Bette Davis movie I checked out from the library. I was pissed at Sable when I had to pause it halfway-through to take him for a walk -- he always seems to need to be walked at the most inopportune times -- but as soon as I stepped outside, I didn't mind so much. My mind boggled that I could possibly be seeing snow (!) in Louisiana (!!) in March (!!!), and I'm still not sure that's what it was, but it was drifting to the ground in such a lazy, back-and-forth motion that I'm sure it wasn't plain old rain. It was so fine that I could barely feel it, and I could only see it when I looked at the super-bright light over the back of our apartment building. It was damn hypnotic, and beautiful. I should be grateful to Sable for that. Sometimes I worry that we petty humans will eventually get so caught up in our screens, appliances, possessions, etc. that we'll completely lose touch with the world around us, and each other. (And I guess I'm more guilty of this than anybody, since I'm the one whose life is being taken over by a TV show.)

The message that I took from Now, Voyager is that there are as many different ways to be happy as there are people in this world. Most people in the movie assumed that the only way for Charlotte to be happy was for her to marry well; even Jerry seemed to think this. But in the end, that wasn't what she needed to be happy at all. The other message, of course, is that Bette Davis is Just. Too. Much. (Her words, by the way.)

Today I deep-cleaned my room so thoroughly that I suspect Sable didn't know where he was when he woke up. I actually got into the zone and enjoyed it, even though kicking up all those clouds of dust made me wheeze. I also went over to Grandma's house and hung up her bird-feeder for her: "I'm old, so it's safer for me if you do it." Yesterday I actually heard myself using the word "ta-tie," which I can't spell and is some sort of Cajun word for boogey-man. Sara was freaked because it's strictly an old-Cajun-people word.

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We got a 15% employee discount at work this weekend (rather than our normal 10%) so today I bought presents for Mom, Ben, Eva, and myself. That's right, myself! It was the Emily Dickinson calendar that I wanted so much last year, but we quit carrying it before I got around to buying it. I resisted taking the shrink-wrap off it because I plan to wrap it, put it under our tree, and label it To Rebecca, from Rebecca. Heh heh.

We had a store meeting this morning, so I had to be there bright and early at 8 a.m. It sucked because I closed last night and we didn't get out until almost 10 (which is really late for our store). Not surprisingly, I was closing with the one manager who has no idea how to budget time and who let a customer in after we'd closed. No other manager would have ever done that. Ever. But tomorrow is Sara's birthday and we're both off to celebrate it! And no human force is dragging me out of my bed tomorrow before I'm good and ready. Tonight we ate spaghetti and brownies and Grandma's and watched Up. "I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

Grandma had a lemon tree planted in her yard some years ago (she insists that it was only two years ago, but I think her memory's going, because it really seems longer that) and for a long time its lemons were so hard and shriveled that I didn't think it would produce edible fruit in Grandma's lifetime. So you can imagine how surprised I was when Grandma gave me and Sara four big, juicy, delicious lemons a few weeks ago. They were so good, as good as store-bought lemons, and usually homegrown ones taste distinctly different. I wish we had asked her for more when we were over there today.

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I had a terrible stomachache almost all evening yesterday. I think it might have been some pre-packaged pork meat that I had at Grandma's house, because I started feeling nauseous within five minutes of eating it. It got so bad that I had to make myself throw up sometime in the a.m. of this morning. But I did feel a lot better afterwards.

Things at work might be coming to a head regarding the only manager (the only one out of six) that I really hate. Yesterday a girl who works in her department told me that she and another co-worker are considering quitting, because the manager is just that much of a bitch. Said manager also made a bitchy comment to me yesterday morning -- which is not news, because she says rude things to me (and other workers too, although she really seems to hate me especially) -- but this time I fired one right back at her. She has not tried to give me any of her crap since, but it's probably just a matter of time.

I'm off tomorrow! I really need to clean my room, organize my various piles of crap, give Sable a bath, and vaccuum, so let's hope I'll be able to get all those things done. Maybe watch a good movie too. I borrowed The Philadelphia Story from Grandma. Grandma: "Isn't it about gay people?" I think incredulously, OMG, an old movie about gay people? With Cary Grant in it? Really? No way and start reading the back cover before I realize (duh!), "Oh, no, you're thinking of Philadelphia, Grandma." And Mom is supposed to be taking Sara and me out to dinner tomorrow tonight, but we'll see if that actually happens.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: No one on God's green earth can cook like my grandma. Today she served up barbecqued pork ribs, macaroni & cheese, pork & beans, green beans, and brownies for dessert. I helped her cook the beans and wash the dishes afterwards, while she told me how old everything in her kitchen is. Her trashcan dates back to 1964, at least.

There's one song I have on my iPod, a remix of "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" (which was originated by a fat, ugly Hawaiian guy and has since been covered by dozens of artists; the version I have is by Aselin Debison), that I listen to almost everytime I'm at Grandma's house. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world: that's how I feel on the porch swing or in the garden. And speaking of my iPod, in another window I'm currently converting that awesome literal video of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to mp3 so I can add it to Holly Boulon.

I'm drinking Kool-Aid again, for the first real time since I was a little kid, and in that time they've come out with enough new flavors to fire your imagination. (Why did I ever leave this stuff?) I remember drinking boring staples like grape and strawberry as a kid; now there's pink lemonade and berry blue twist and watermelon cherry and blasting berry cherry. I also bought a set of popsicle molds from eBay to make Kool-Aid pops. (They are so cute! Maybe I'll post pictures.) I've found that Kool-Aid pops aren't as good as normal popsicles, not nearly as flavorful, but they're cold and perfect after walking Sable or bike-riding. Six molds came in the pack, which I really don't need, so I might give half to Eva.

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Our air conditioner got fixed on Friday. It is so wonderful to finally be cool again! If I ever take air-conditioning for granted again in my life, I hope I remember last week and how hard it is to live without it.

Yesterday I went to Grandma's house and she taught me how to cook green beans. She makes them with onions and sugar and they are the best green beans on the planet. I made a meal out of them and licked the bowl and everything. Yum. Grandma said that the Cajun name for the juice that's leftover after you cook vegetables is "pot likker" (she even spelt it for me) and that Cajuns eat it on bread until it's gone. I haven't tried making the green beans myself yet, but I'm sure that when I do, they won't be as good as Grandma's. She's got the magic touch.

I had a dream the other night about Marlene and Chinese Sara. They had come to visit me here in Louisiana, and I was taking them places and showing them around. It made me kind of sad when I woke up. I like to think that they had dreams that I was visiting them in Hamburg and Beijing and they were showing me around.
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We kept the pilot light in our heater on all winter (my uncle had to show me how to light it three times before I finally got the hang of it), and a few days ago, I blew it out, thinking the cold weather was over for good. Of course that very night, the temperature suddenly dropped, and the next morning our apartment was chilly and I had to turn the pilot light back on. Anyway...

Shit That Went Well Today:

I was the employee of the month for February, which means I got a bonus of $75 in my paycheck today! I'm working on a list of things to spend it on, so I won't end up blowing it on boring stuff. I've also gotten very good at getting sign-ups. On Tuesday I set a new personal best with eleven, and today I got seven -- both are a lot, since we're supposed to make an overall daily total of ten. It only slightly bust my bubble when my manager told me that yesterday I'd made a big (but honest) mistake that cost us a lot of time and money. She was nice about it, and nobody made a big deal over it, but it still made me feel pretty crappy.

Grandma made spaghetti today, so I went to her house on my lunch break. She also had a devil's food cake hot out of the oven, but it wasn't until I got home from work tonight that I found out why she had made it (Sara asked her later). Grandma: "It's your dad's birthday today." I still don't know whether to find that funny or crazy or sad. It's certainly a very Grandma thing to do. She's the only one who would bake a birthday cake for a man who's been dead +4 years. And then just for overkill, she gave me a candy bar, just like she's done every year on Dad's birthday and death day (or, as the people at Find-a-Grave ridiculously call it, "angel day"). Which is nice, I guess, but how long is she going to keep that up? Until she dies? Until old-age senility sinks in and she forgets who Dad was? We'll see.

big Mardi Gras parade rolled right by where I work this evening. It was noisy, but at least we didn't get any drunk people wandering in and acting crazy, which is what my manager said happened last year. It was a geeky, comforting feeling to be inside working and straightening things, while the revelry carried on right outside. It's weird that when I was a kid, I looked forward to Mardi Gras, but now, it's lost most of its appeal to me. They don't throw nearly as much candy at parades now, and after years of keeping a basketful of Mardi Gras beads in my closet, I realize what pointless, worthless things they really are.

And HOORAY for me being OFF all this weekend! Tomorrow I'm attending a program at the geneology library that I've been looking forward to, and Sunday is the Oscars!

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I used part of my Christmas money to buy myself a flash drive. (But ironically, I didn't buy it at my own store, where we have an entire endcap of flash drives in all colors and styles.) I don't know why I didn't get one sooner, because it is so hella convenient.

We just hired two new people at work, and that means my hours are getting cut back. I'm worried about my money (especially after my foodstamps expire), so I'll have to start looking for temporary work I could do on my days off. It's frustrating, because otherwise I like my job, except for one manager who I'm certain has some sort of personal vendetta against me. I still have four other managers that I like, so it isn't that bad, but I'm going to try to arrive earlier, smile and talk more (I'm really quiet at work) in an effort to impress him. I guess that's one of my new year resolutions.

I have a few other resolutions for 2009, but I probably won't be posting them here. Last year I made so many resolutions and followed through on so few of them that it was embarrassing. But yesterday I followed through on something that I had almost backed out of doing, so I'm proud of myself for that.

Sometimes I think my grandma is getting crazier with age. Yesterday she said she wanted the recipe to my pecan pie muffins and said, I quote, "Do you have any paper at your apartment? Do you need me to give you some paper to write it down on?" And no one who knows my grandma should even be surprised.

Must go do laundry now.

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A lot cooler.

The other day, as Aunt Carla was flipping around channels after we watched Jeopardy...
Aunt Carla: Oh, I think this is Wife Swap.
Grandma, in the most horrified voice you can imagine: Wife Swap?!
Aunt Carla: Mama, it's not what you think.

Other Grandma one-liners include "Why, that can't cost more than two dollars," after seeing Adam's iPod Nano, and "What fool does he pity?" after seeing Sara's old shirt with Mr. T. But my favorite is a conversation between her and Aunt Carla that I refer to as "classic Grandma." It was over an old shirt that Aunt Carla had finally thrown away. Grandma doesn't believe in throwing anything away, ever.

Grandma: We could've saved the buttons.
Aunt Carla: Mama, the buttons on that shirt were so old they had turned yellow.
Grandma: People might've thought they were gold.
(I can't even type it without laughing.)

Something else funny, although Grandma didn't say it, was between Adam and one of his Internet friends speculating about X-Men 3 before it was released.
Random Guy: I hope Gambit is in this one. Cajuns are so bad-ass.
Adam: Yeah, my grandma's Cajun. I'm sure she goes out and does a lot of bad-ass stuff when we're not looking.


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