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I've recently discovered that my swanky new smartphone comes with unexpected drawbacks. It's making me lazier than ever before! (Which, I know, no one thought possible.) But when I can read fanfiction, browse Facebook, watch Youtube, and more videos in bed... well, what motivation do I have for ever getting out of bed? This phone has made me late for work more than once, so I'm trying to learn some self-control.

I woke up early enough to go bike-riding today (which I haven't done in too long) but it was too darn cold! Ugh! So, instead, I'm posting my notes on this week's new NCIS! I couldn't find one thing not to like about this one! It was such a nice change to have an episode focused on Ducky and Palmer.

Notes on episode 10x16 Detour
Writer: Steven D. Binder (The Devil's Trifecta)

+ The opening scene was very memorable and unique, even if it did make me wince. Swallowing drain-cleaner – ugh, what an awful way to die. I also lol'ed at the plumber's reaction when his client screamed.

+ The bullpen scene was good; I lol'ed at poor McGee and how Palmer couldn't keep his mouth shut.

- Who gives a nine-month anniversary present, though? Does anyone actually celebrate their nine-month anniversary?

+ Tony: “Tried to pull him over and give him – what are those things called again?” Gibbs: “Ticket.” I loved this exchange. Tony could still be funny and mad at McGee at the crime scene, without distracting from the case.

+ I loved seeing Ducky and Palmer in the autopsy van. It was so fun seeing the little nuances of how they work together, like how they decided who would drive (by flipping a bone fragment, instead of a coin) and choose the radio station (coordinated by weekday).

+ McGee: “I just figured because it was science-related – ” Tony: “You'd insult the Boss's intelligence?” Hahaha!!! I loved McGee and Tony squabbling in the bullpen, and Gibbs telling them to shut up.

+ What a great look on McGee's face when Gibbs started to assign Ziva to go with Tony to talk to Roth's CO, then stopped and turned to McGee instead. I could almost hear him thinking, “No, don't do it, don't you do it...”

- Geez, could the product placement with Palmer's Window 8 system be any more obvious? Ugh!

+ “But please, don't let me interrupt.” Commander Cleveland coming in during Tony and McGee's argument made me lol.

+ Such a good, dramatic moment when Ducky found the bullet in the van's blown-out tire just as the bad guys drove up.

+ The silence after Gibbs stepped into autopsy and said, “Duck, talk to me.” It really showed how much he depends on Ducky being there, and how much it threw him off when he wasn't.

+ There are no words for how much I loved every scene of Ducky and the bad guys in their evil lair. Even when he was chained to the floor and had a gun pointed at him, he was still so characteristically calm and nonchalant, even sassy (“I was kidnapped before I could perform my autopsy”). God loves a duck!

+ Abby kept interrupting Gibbs when he was trying to ask her if she knew where Ducky was – so her.

+ I loved how the team sprung into action after they realized Ducky and Palmer were missing, but the sweeping camera angles between them in the bullpen were a little exhausting.

+ Didn't you love the look on Palmer's face when Ducky said, “We have something better than a weapons department. We have him.” Oh, that duck!

+ Tony's presentation to the team on how Roth's identity was stolen had a lot of good lines in it; he was so “on” there.

+ I was so impressed with how Ducky and Palmer found a way to escape the bad guys by jerry-rigging weapons out of Roth's dead body. What MacGyers! They might not be field agents, but they sure would be good guys to be stuck with in a bad situation.

+ The scene between Abby, Gibbs, and Tony in the lab was so cute and suspenseful at the same time. It was good to see Tony in the lab again; he and Abby don't get to interact much anymore, which makes me sad because I love the friendship between them.

+ I aww'ed out loud at Ducky and Palmer shaking hands and addressing each other as Ducky and Jimmy (they usually call each other Dr. Mallard and Mr. Palmer) before they put their escape plan into action.

+ Dunkle's obvious fake lying in interrogation, when he was so beaten-up. Hahaha.

+ Palmer: “Have you been hitting the gym or something?” Ducky: “Cardio rehab.” What a great exchange!

+ I loved Ziva's explanation on why Roth killed himself rather than get captured. Ziva has evolved a lot over the duration of the show, and I liked seeing that she could still get inside a spy's head so well.

+ “Twenty-three thousand people sprain their ankle everyday without walking in the forest in the pitch-dark!” I have to say it again – God loves Ducky! Only he could quote a statistic like this in these circumstances! I loved Ducky pushing Palmer to go on without him, and of course, Palmer refusing. It reminded me of their scenes in the hospital in Extreme Prejudice.

+ Ducky and Palmer squabbling over who should get the gun. Hahaha!

- Did anyone believe for one second that Palmer had really left Ducky? I don't think so.

+ “I thought I'd feel relieved, but this... this is much worse.” I liked Jimmy's reaction to thinking he's killed someone.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow, we'll already be in March! Especially when we're hoping to move at the end of April! Yikes.
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