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During last night's new NCIS, I crocheted on my plarn while watching it and compiled my notes today. As much as I love the big dramatic arcs, I also love the simpler case-of-the-week episodes like last night's. And my second plarn mat is coming along so much faster than my first one!

Notes on episode 10x14 Canary
Featuring Deputy Director Craig, last seen in Shiva

Writer: Christopher J. Waild (Shabbat Shalom)

+ Wow, how's that for a great opening? It was so different (the opening scene usually shows the body being found, and the suspect isn't caught until the end) and I loved the whole team working together to catch Kahn. Highlights for me were Gibbs as a dumpster-diving hobo, Ziva cold-cocking Kahn, and McGee rushing around and asking, “Is the computer all right?”

+ Gibbs intentionally saying UP address instead of IP.

+ Sara didn't know how Deputy Director Craig was, so I told her that he was filling in for Vance, who's been on leave since Shiva. Sara: “What do you think Vance is doing? Sitting at home in his bathrobe, eating ice cream, and looking at pictures of his dead wife?” Me: “And listening to Everybody Hurts!”

- Abby getting all up in McGee's personal space while he was trying to take apart Kahn's computer. And then she tells Gibbs that she works “at the highest levels of professionalism”? After this and her whiny, childish behavior in Hit and Run last week, I disagree!

+ “You on Twitter, Agent Gibbs? Your natural speech pattern are already less than 140 characters.” I loved that line! So, so true!

- Gibbs seemed to be purposely trying to intimidate Director Craig in the elevator. He has a history of thinking that he knows better than the directors and doesn't need to get their permission on stuff. But it's not your agency, Gibbs!

+ “Compared to a smack-addict who's just binged on Beltway Burgers, this is nothing.” Didn't you love how Tony was both funny and competent in this episode? I also loved how he and Ziva worked together to intimidate Kahn on the flight. They're mean and snarky to each other way too often for my taste. But throughout this episode, they were comfortable working together and did it so well! Why can't they interact like this all the time, writers?

+ “This bad end will have!” - “Thanks, Yoda.” Lol! For most of the camp scenes, I wondering how real they were and how much of it Tony and Ziva knew about beforehand. I think one reason why I couldn't tell is that Tony is always this calm and witty in dangerous situations.

+/- “It was a team effort.” I loved this line. It definitely was a team effort, and again, I loved the way the whole team worked together in this episode. Although it seemed a little ridiculous that they would all go to such extreme lengths to get that canary to sing.

? “Which is why I don't think I'm the man for it. Yet.” I'm not sure if this is going to go anywhere. The writers could just be setting Craig up to make his exit after Vance comes back. A lot of fans like Vance (not me, but other fans) so I don't think they'll get rid of him.

I literally just volunteered to be a pinch-hit writer over at [ profile] purimgifts. I don't know how I missed signing up for this, as I think it's an exchange I would've enjoyed. Oh, well, maybe next year. I hope I get an assignment to do a pinch-hit!

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