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I tried something a little different with my NCIS notes this week. Usually, I scribble them furiously while watching the episode on TV, but last night, I just sat back and really watched the episode. Tonight I watched it again online and wrote my notes. I might start doing this all the time.

Anyway, onto my notes for the new episode. Abby-centric stuff isn't really my thing, but I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would.

Notes on episode 10x13 Hit and Run
(AKA the young Abby episode)

Writer: Gina Lucita Monreal (Shell Shock: Part 2)

+ I loved Tony and McGee talking about Deputy Director Craig at the crime scene, and being concerned for Ziva.

+ Abby telling McGee that he was "the most helpful person" with clipboard situations. I'm not quite sure what she meant by that, but it was a sweet thing to say.

+ Abby has never been my favorite character, and I expected the flashbacks of young Abby to annoy the living daylights out of me, but as it turned out, she was pretty cute and likable. Brighton Sharbino, the young actress playing her, did a great job at imitating Pauley Perrette's voice and mannerisms. Luca was cute, too; he seemed very much her sidekick, kinda like her McGee before she met McGee. Too bad they apparently grew apart as adults. (Remember when she didn't reach out to him after the bombing in Recovery?)

- Unfortunately, adult Abby is still her usually annoying self. Sorry, but her being so "off" in the lab scene with Gibbs really got on my nerves. I know she's his favorite, but Gibbs always handles her with such kid gloves. If any of his field agents were acting like that, he'd head-smack them and tell them to get it together.

+ Little Abby is still cute, though. I like how determined she was to give Ricki's bear back to her.

- Damn, Dunn is such an obnoxious asshole.

+ Gibbs called Ziva "Ziver." :)

+ Tony describing Dunn and Cutwright's fight like he was announcing a boxing match made me lol. Of course Gibbs didn't find it funny, though.

- "I made a mistake, Gibbs. I'm not perfect like you." Geez, Abby, that was really uncalled-for. Her behavior is starting to remind me of Cracked, and that's definitely not a good thing.

- Ricki's dad was a pretty over-the-top bad guy to me. What kind of grown man holds that kind of grudge against his daughter's teddy bear, especially after her mother has just died?

+ Tony found "a little inner peace" in the woods.

- Abby called in sick, so Gibbs makes the Three Musketeers do her job? How does that make sense? They're not trained lab technicians, so how are they supposed to process evidence? It would make as much sense to have Abby work as a field agent.

+ McGee talking about Major Mass Spec the same way Abby does. Hahaha.

+ McGee: "Abby keeps an Abby's Lab for Dummies somewhere around here." Gibbs: "Is that you on the cover?" McGee: "Yeah, I always get the cover." That exchange made me lol, but why does McGee sound like he's about to cry when he talks about Abby? She called in sick -- she's not died! Geez, McGee.

- Ugh, more annoying adult Abby wailing about how "the bad outweighs the good" and she's not "enough good." Does she think she can solve all the evil in the world or something?

+ "I found an aluminum friend in your dumpster that begs to differ." Haha, Tony was so funny in this episode.

+ Abby was kinda mean in this episode, but I do like how she wrote an apology letter to McGee at the end.

+ "You gave her your rabbit. She won't forget that." Luca was a very perceptive kid.


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