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The mall is not my favorite place to go, but by tomorrow, I'll have been there three times in four days. I went back there this morning to get service transferred onto my new phone. My old one had gotten into the habit of dying inexplicably in the middle of calls -- so frustrating -- so I switched over to a new (to me) iPhone! I'm still as poor as ever, but I was lucky to get this one used for free from a friend.

It's a first-generation iPhone, which was released in 2007, and the guys at the AT&T reacted like they were looking at a dinosaur, but it so by far the swankiest piece of technology I've ever owned. I'm still getting used to just how much features it has (a full Internet browser, weather forecasts, maps, and more) and it's kinda intimidating having so much information right at my fingertips. I hope I don't become too dependent on it.

And now, onto tonight's new NCIS! It was a great episode, but my notes run a little short this week because I need to go to bed!

Notes on episode 10x12 Shiva
Featuring SecNav Jarvis, last seen in Extreme Prejudice, and Shmiel Pinkhas, last seen in Gone. First appearance of Deputy Director Craig.

Writers: Gary Glasberg (Extreme Prejudice) & Scott Williams (Gone)

- I wish they hadn't replayed the clip of Ziva wailing over Eli's body in the recap of Shabbat Shalom. I love Ziva, but the screaming and crying felt very out-of-character to me (much like her reaction to Mike's death back in Swan Song).

+/- I liked the cut from teenage Ziva saying the blessing over the Shabbat candles (something that seemed left out from the Shabbat dinner last week) to adult Ziva holding her hands over her face and talking to HaShem. But the predictability of Tony walking in after she asked for a sign bothered me, I guess because I don't ship Tiva. I did like how sincerely he tried to comfort her, though.

+ I was never a fan of Jackie, but I did love how Ducky said “rest in peace” to her body after he autopsied her. Oh, that duck. Didn't you just want to hug him? I also loved Gibbs's concern for him.

- Vance seemed irked with Deputy Director Craig for sitting behind his desk, but come on, Leon, of course the guy is going to step in for you while you make arrangements, and don't forget, you and your toothpick got awfully comfy behind that desk when it still belonged to Director Shepherd. Still, the man is grieving, so I should cut him a break.

- Gibbs and Craig talking outside Vance's office was an odd scene. We've never seen Craig before, but he and Gibbs have some history of butting heads? Where did that come from?

+ I loved McGee's “You actually used that?” reaction when Gibbs mentioned the GPS device he gave him. So cute. The whole scene of Gibbs and the guys in the bullpen was very good.

+ “She's caught the McFever.” I loved Tony encouraging McGee to pursue a relationship with Gavrielle. But again, it was weird to hear them referring to new characters as if we'd met them before.

+ I wasn't crazy about Ziva staying at Tony's place, but it did have its moments. I liked that he's still uncomfortable with the fact that his father slept with his neighbor in his bed (because he seemed to forgive Sr. awfully fast in You Better Watch Out) and that he arranged for Shmeil to come visit Ziva.

+ Didn't you love Ducky and McGee ganging up on Mossad Deputy Director Bodnar? “Who's your grandmother?” Oh my gosh, what a sassy Scottish grandfather! God loves that duck!

- Ziva spends the night at Tony's place, sleeps in his bed, and has a nightmare that he wakes her up from? Geez, what fanfiction writer wrote that scene? But I did like how Tony said “Come on” to Ziva; it was the same thing he said to her back in Masquerade (when he was trying to get her to talk about Somalia), and once again, she didn't open up to him.

- The scene between Gibbs and Vance was well-done. He understands now why Gibbs tracked down and killed Hernandez (which he's known about since at least the end of Season 7, even though he acts like he doesn't) because he wants the same kind of justice. “Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some kind of relief.” He also wants revenge, like Ziva, but he's more willing to sit it out and let the team go after it for him – which is understandable, since he has young kinds to tend to.

+ I loved Abby gushing to Gibbs about McGee and Ducky. “They were total bad-asses!” Yes, Abby, I totally agree!

? I got a bad feeling when Kazmi declined the escort to the airport, but I didn't see him dying in such a huge explosion. The abruptness of his death and the way they left Bodnar in the wind bothered me. It made that storyline feel incomplete. I'm not sure it will be resolved next week, because this has been promoted as a strictly two-episode arc, so maybe Bodnar will resurface for the Season 10 finale arc and Vance or Ziva will go after him. We'll see.

+ The ending was abrupt, but I really loved the closing montage showing us the different ways Vance and Ziva were mourning and moving on. This episode gave us such a wealth of information on how Ziva feels about her family, her faith, and her homeland. Just compare the opening scene of her being angry and asking HaShem for a sign in the synagogue with the closing scene of her looking grateful and praying at the Western Wall. just beautiful. Fanfiction writers will be writing tags to this episode from now until... well, there's no end in sight.

Hard to believe Season 10 is already halfway over!


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